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World's First Carbon-Positive Pre-Fabribated House

This astounding model, took off by green building and assembling firm ArchiBlox, is charged as the first pre-assembled, carbon-positive house. The one room, one washroom unit brilliantly produces more vitality than it employments. The principal model was as of late introduced as a display in an open square in Melbourne, Australia, yet the organization arrangements to make more for resale.

The Hidden Town of Monemvasia

Monemvasia is a Gibraltar-like rough island off the east bank of the Peloponnese, in Greece, and connected to the territory by a short thoroughfare. The island is around 300 meters wide and a kilometer long, and climbs in a level, a hundred meters above ocean level. On the slant of this level, on the offshore side and avoided the territory, lies a residential area. This surprisingly sentimental walled town, settled under the shadow of the towering rock is a living gallery of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Venetian history going over to the thirteenth century.