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Stunning Frozen Bubbles Look Like Elegant Glass Ornaments

Each one winter, when the temperature dunks into the negatives, Washington-based picture taker Angela Kelly exploits the freezing climate and blows bubbles that stop and structure excellent patches of ice precious stones. The stunning results, which she photos for her arrangement Life in a Bubble, look like fragile snow globes and Christmas tree adornments made of glass.

New Year's Snowfall Turns Grand Canyon into Winter Wonderland

A whirlwind of snow on New Year's Eve transformed the Grand Canyon into a winter wonderland overnight, covering the whole scene in an eminent cover of white. Staggering photographs imparted by the Grand Canyon National Park Service show amazing perspectives of the notable point of interest secured start to finish with snow, the mark colors of the gorch's layered shake somewhat clouded. Mists hang low in the gorge, adding to the glorious excellence of the sight.