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Astounding Room's Glass Floor Reveals Underwater Wonders

This room may be a standout amongst the most novel dozing quarters ever. Some piece of the Udang House (or Shrimp House) at the Bambu Indah lodging in Ubud, Bali, the unique room has treated glass floor boards that uncover a shocking underwater panorama of the crisp shrimp pond that the house is arranged previously. From the solace of their own bunk, visitors can use hours looking at the dynamic blue waters of the pond, getting a charge out of the uncommon chance to see various shellfish swimming around in a whirlwind of underwater activity.

Os Gêmeos Designs Brazil's Airplane for the World Cup

To commend the energy of the approaching 2014 World Cup, indistinguishable twin siblings and graffiti specialists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, otherwise known as Os Gêmeos, as of late wrapped up the outside of Brazil national team's airplane. The soccer group will move on board the versatile centerpiece and go around the nation in style this summer of year as Brazil hosts the annual competition.

11-Year-Old Artist Creates Amazingly Detailed Drawings of Wildlife

Meet Dušan Krtolica, a standout amongst the most skilled 11-year-olds ever. The Serbian youngster wonder is an expert craftsman who makes stunningly itemized, nature-enlivened drawings with an ability level that is far past his years. Utilizing simply pen or pencil, Krtolica draws anatomically correct flora and fauna, heaping together sea-going life, dinosaurs, creepy crawlies, birds, and different animals in thick representations that blast with life.

Dramatic Landscapes of Iceland through an Infrared Lens

Blue Iceland is a spellbinding arrangement loaded with dull skies and testy environments over the shocking scene of Iceland. Made by UK-based photographer Andy Lee, the arrangement is a remarkable presentation of a place that is ordinarily spoken to as vibrant green rolling hills and the crystal stone spring waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Vertigo Inducing Selfies by Russian Photographer

Nineteen year old Russian daredevil Alexander Remnev and his group of thrill-seekers like to hang out from the top of tall buildings, quite literally. Once they are at the top, Remnew will whisk out a camera attached to a long pole and take selfies of their accomplishments. Remnev’s stomach beating photographs show him and his friends dangling precariously at astonishing heights, sometimes holding on to the ledge or some structure with a single hand.

San Francisco Cityscapes Reflected in Divided Puddles

From the get go, these incredible photos are a bit surreal. For the series, photographer Angela Might Chen flips around everything-so as to depict the city of San Francisco from novel plot every cityscape is taken as an appearance in a puddle.

Trolltunga: Crazy Rock in Norwegian Horizontally Hangs Out of Mountain

From mid-June to mid-September, take a journey to Norwegian to check out Trolltunga, a massive part of rock that hangs horizontally out of a hill over 50 percent a distance off the floor. The roundtrip increase will take you between 8 to 10 hours but it's well value the journey because the perspective is nothing brief of amazing. One of the most amazing picturesque cliffs in Norwegian, Trolltunga results in "The Troll's Tongue" because of its unusual, jutting form.

Very crazy Little Kiosks Sell Mini Coca-Cola Cans

To enhance the release of Coca-Cola Mini, marketing organization Ogilvy & Mather Germany smartly set up small kiosks in five significant cities in Germany. Promoting a wide range of pint-sized products like magazines, candy bars, and treats, and even tiny cans of Coke from mini selling devices, the small-scale kiosks playfully embodied the campaign motto: "It's the little items in life that make us happy."

MMM Exclusive: The East Side Collection on the Berlin Wall

Located on a 1.3 km long area (0.8 miles) of the Berlin Wall in Germany, the Southern Part Collection is the biggest and longest-lasting open air gallery on the globe. It is also one of the most historically significant.

Lee Bul's Confusing Set up is the Next "Infinity Room"

Could this be the next Infinity Room? From now until July 21, come to Lehmann Maupin collection in New York to encounter a mind-bending installation. South Korean specialist Lee Bul provides Via Negativa II, a network of passages with replicated areas. Protected with lighted infinity mirrors, uncomplicated will create you wonder which part is up and which part is down. Then, you'll ask yourself (hopefully, not in a panic), "How do I get out?"

Brilliant Scenery Show the Constant Decay of Brighton's West Pier

For the past two years, Brighton-based photographer Finn Hopson has recorded the slowly decay of Brighton's Western Pier, set against a amazing scenery. The sequence, eligible The End of the Connect, is an continuous venture that Hopson says will end once the framework lastly vanishes into the sea.

Skradinski buk in Croatia

Skradinski buk is the lengthiest and the most well-known fountain on the Krka River and is one of Croatia’s best known natural wonders. It is a large, obvious, natural pool with high falls at one end and flows at the other.

More Tremendous Sand Paintings Designed with a rake by Andres Amador

Since we last examined in with specialist Andres Amador, he's been busy creating more wonderful sand paintings all over the globe such as San Francisco, Bermuda and Mexico. He is constantly on the create empty places of the seaside his fabric, as he uses only a rake to create each mesmerizing work.

France Pavilion for Milan Expo Developed to Grow Fresh Food

For the future Expo Milan 2015, the country of France imagined their pavilion as a protected market. A competitors was organised to style the space with the successful access coming from X-TU designers. They based the 3,600 square meter building around the idea of “producing and looking after in another way,” which pertains to the Expo’s tag line of “Feeding the World, Energy for Life.”

Amazing Macro Pictures of Water Drops by Shawn Knol

When he's not watching the kids or stumbling over his cat, stay-at-home dad and photographer Shawn Knol takes absolutely stunning, close-up photos water drops. His macro images are brilliant, sharp, and stunning, showing every last detail of the shoreline's lustrous surface and reflections.

BMW Debuts Amazing Idea for a Solar-Powered Carport

The first of the BMW i3 electric cars recently came in the United States, and the company noticeable the occasion by debuting an idea for a solar-panel carport to charge the luxury automobile. This eco-friendly structure provides their electric cars with a 100% alternative energy source, and it allows for motorists to energy their automobile separate of the current electricity grid.

The Bloodwood Tree

Pterocarpus angolensis is a kind of teak wood native to southern African, known by various titles such as Kiaat, Mukwa, and Muninga. It is also called the Bloodwood shrub, so named for the tree’s amazing black red colored sap. A sliced trunk or or a broken division of the shrub starts leaking deep red liquid, almost like a cut division of an animal. The difficult, reddish-brown sap closes the injure to promote healing.

Unique Artwork Blur the Line Between Reality and Fantasy

London-born specialist Neil Simone makes fascinating paintings that are loaded with part upon part of unusual facts. With a surreal strategy, the specialist shows fragmented moments inside of moments to blur the difference between fact and desire.

Amazing Tree Home Restaurant Suspended 130-Feet Above Ground

These days, a tree house design is much more than just a playhouse in the backyard. We've seen innovative ideas from HemLoft, an egg-shaped tree house, to TreeHouse Point, a wonderful bed and morning meal situated in the trees. Another incredibly exclusive development is this Yellow-colored Treehouse Restaurant, developed by New Zealand based Pacific Environment Designers together with Yellow Pages.

Brilliant and Lively Paintings Lighten up Up the Roads of Tehran

Iranian specialist and designer Mehdi Ghadyanloo is whitening up the town of Tehran one surfaces at a time. With the blessing of the municipality, Ghadyanloo and his mural-painting company Blue Sky Artists convert empty gray walls into awesome large-scale works of art.

Got Drunk, Dropped Down: Lampposts Acting Badly

It is actions seen across the globe on a Saturday night – actually on every nights the 7 days which happens to have an a in it.  There are always a few who have just that little bit too much and end up creating a scene, a spectacle and often a blunder in to the deal.  Yet in Halifax, Canada, moments of a intoxicated characteristics are not limited to its human denizens: the lampposts are at it too.

Wasteland Images Interrupted by the Human Type and Real Landscapes

Us Through This is a contemplative sequence in which British-born, San Francisco-based specialist Richard T. Walker makes a powerful juxtaposition between human and nature. Within each structure, a relaxed desert field is interrupted by a person determine, and that determine is then interrupted by a picture of a section of the surrounding landscape.

Wadi Al-Hitan, the Place of Whales in Egypt

The deserts of The red sea contains some of the best maintained paleontological sites on the world one of which is Wadi al-Hitan or the Place of whales. This distant valley in the Western Desert, some 150 km southern west of Cairo, contains useful selection of past and bone fragments of a now extinct, suborder of whales, known as the archaeoceti. These past describes one of the biggest secrets of the progress of whales: the appearance of the whale as an ocean-going mammal from a past lifestyle as a land-based creature.