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Brilliant Paper Ad Makes Visual Impression of a 3D Kitchen

An average, smooth print out marketing wasn't good enough for Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar. Instead, he wanted to produce an extremely eye-catching design that really separated itself as visitors turned through the pages of a newspaper.

His clever idea, designed for Corona Kitchen, looks just like a web page from the classifieds section. Upon first look, it's apparent that something is unique about the agreement of elements in evaluation to the surrounding black and white text. Audiences will find themselves immediately fascinated by the odd development of angled and manipulated lines amongst the otherwise smooth structure.

Upon further examination, the extremely impressive optical illusion shows itself as a small kitchen with everything from countertops to a oven placed straight in the center of the site. With nothing but typography, Salazar designed a fascinating idea that has certainly attracted the recognition that he intended.

Felipe Salazar Cocinas Corona

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