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Thousands of Matchsticks Organized Into Combustible Globe Map

Barcelona-based performers Javier Jabalera and Mon Castel proved helpful together with 3D Others who live nearby to create this entertaining venture eligible Everything is Ending. The pair proved helpful together to build the flammable design because, Jabalera describes, "We were thinking of the best way to say good bye to the earth if finally this 2012 is the last year before the apocalypse."

The two graphic designers placed matchsticks into equally spread gaps that they hand-drilled across a large, flat working area. The agreement of many matchsticks with black and light red tips established a three-dimensional map of the world that achieved out towards the viewers. The phrase "Everything is Ending" ran directly through the center and showed the idea that the whole world might be quickly coming to an end.

With measures in place, the group lit the item on fire in a representational discovery of how the whole world could end in just the flicker of an eye. In common matchstick art fashion, the group let the item burn until a dark smokey cloud emanated from the outer lining area and the suits were just a charred bunch of ashy remnants.

Jabalera Castel Everything Is Ending

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