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Iphone for GIANTS!

Forget the iPhone 5S! We’re so thrilled about this style (and the point that it’s almost available) that we can hardly breathe! TableConnect basically creates your iPhone or iPad about the dimension a adult man. With complete multi touch ability, you can accessibility all your applications, images, video clips, films and more with the swipe of a finger (or even a complete hand). you can see it in video here .

GIFs of Remarkable In-Camera Projection Mapping

Box is a creatively exciting video clip by San Francisco-based design and technological innovation studio room Bot & Dolly that indicates the optically major power of current projection mapping technology. With the use of a few automatic hands, moving panels around, the field is set for a live concert mixing human connections with the imaginary pictures estimated onto the shifting things.

The Extraordinary Life of Germany's Doublefaced Girl

Doublefaced is an fascinating sequence by Berlin-based In german specialist Sebastian Bieniek that features pictures of a lady with the impression of two encounters. By simply drawing on each part of his model's head with common makeup products like eye liner and lip stick, Bieniek converts the young lady into a spooky set of twin babies. He smartly uses one of her own eyes and another attracted eye, used further towards her temple, to imitate a forward-facing women on the part of her real experience.


HEX3 is pushing smart phone game playing to a whole new level with their newest reveal- AppTag! Just set up the app and video your cellphone to the peripheral gun to help cellphone into an amazing head-up show with laser effects and objectives. Through the app, the experience server will keep ratings and monitor ammo/health/kills to evaluate with other gamers. Observe the intro after the jump!

Spectacular Aerial Illusion of an Underwater Waterfall

Approximately 1,200 miles off the south east shore of Africa can be found an isle country known as Mauritius that gives off the illusion of an underwater waterfall at the south west tip of the isle. The creatively misleading impression, created in the normal water due to the run-off of sand and silt deposits, is especially efficient and spectacular in aerial photos. Actually, the illusion can even be seen on Google Maps.

Intricate Sand Sculpture Scenes by Susanne Ruseler

While studying Biology in higher education, Susanne Ruseler found that her real interest was not in learning living organisms but in developing statues from components such as snow, ice, and sand. After finishing, she began her own sculpture company and has been making amazing, at the same time short-term, art ever since. Her work now requires her all over the world, to locations like St. Petersburg and Madrid to Tel Aviv and South korea, where she makes intricate sand sculpture scenes at personal activities, celebrations and contests.

Macro Photos of Bees Showcase Stunning Natural Detail

Bees are amazing animals, humming busily around to generate sweetie and beeswax in an extremely methodical fashion. However, as they quickly fly past, it's difficult to appreciate their wonderful, physical details, particularly when there is a worry of being stung! This extensive selection of macro photography, managed by the USGS Local Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program, provides audiences with an opportunity to appreciate and examine the stunning natural colors, luminescent wings, and exciting forms that form each unique animal.

Camera Strapped to Soaring Eagle Provides Captivating POV

If you ever considered what it might be like to beautifully slide through the air like an eagle, here is your opportunity to stay your dream! This movie basically functions a bird's eye perspective of the world as an eagle increases across the Mer de Glace, a glacier in the Chamonix Area in France, with a camera strapped by its back.

Unusual Pictures of Migaloo the Albino Humpback Whale

For whale viewing lovers, sighting a large underwater mammal as it steps out of the sea and recedes returning to its underwater environment is a fantastic encounter. However, few can say that they've identified one whose body is entirely white-colored. For those fortunate enough, they may have knowledgeable a moving albino humpback whale along the Queensland coast in Australia. Actually, the recorded whale has been given the name Migaloo (an Aboriginal word meaning "white fella") and is secured under Australia law.

Specific Electronic Flowers Portray with a Wonderful Glow

Russian specialist Tatiana Kondratova makes amazing depictions of vibrant, radiant flowers using digital art techniques. Kondratova's amazing skills result in genuine mild that shines along the surface of the petals and leaves, which are often set against a dark background. Light glowing out from a main point indicates an otherworldly existence of lifestyle within the vibrant vegetation and the wonderful shine originating from each structure makes the feeling that we have been taken off to another place.

More Invisible Road Art on Railings by Zebrating

Mannheim, Germany-based street art duo known as Zebrating have been making their mark across the world, particularly on railings in community areas. Their challenging graffiti perform provides an interesting surprise for audiences from specific angles. Their art depends on viewpoint as each item of only one picture is spread out and only cohesively noticeable from a fixed viewpoint, showing to be a hidden treasure for those with eager eyes.

Amazing Hyperrealistic Sketches of Daily Objects

Milan-based Italian photo shop and graphic designer Marcello Barenghi makes hyperrealistic drawings of common things that boggle the mind. It's hard to believe that the specialist uses a conventional set of art provides to recreate the similarity everyday items, such as anything from a bag of snacks or bottle of whiskey to a crumpled up  banknote.

Hilarious Twitter Feed Highlights First World Problems

London-based Benjamin Lee is the brilliant thoughts behind the Twitter posts consideration Center Category Issue, an rss feed through which he retweets all types of "problems" that individuals grumble about through public media. Each impressive statement is created by a individual being affected by what Lee calling "Real problems but not real actual problems, just middle class ones."

Stunning Rural Landscapes Blur Reality with Abstraction

In these impressive landscapes, photographer Lisa Wood completely blurs the line between reality and abstraction. The sequence, entitled Art of Farmland, records the stunning landscapes of the artists home town in Sun Valley, Idaho. However, as audiences look upon the creatively stunning pictures, it becomes obvious that these aren't your common farmland moments.