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12 Amazing Images of Godafoss, Waterfall of the Gods

If you think waterfalls are a penny a number of, food your sight on Godafoss or the Waterfall of the Gods. One of the most amazing drops in all of Iceland, it's located in the island's main northern. Turquoise water drops over the horseshoe-shaped drops that actions 12 metres in height and 30 metres in width.

Though it's worth a countless numbers photos, excessive climate creates it challenging to catch even one. As Erez Marom of DP Evaluation mentioned :
"The first time we visited, apart from the sky being bleak, the winds brought unending spray from the waterfall. at -10 degrees centigrade, the spray immediately froze on my front polarizing filter, turning the shoot into a Sisyphean task consisting of composing, focusing, then wiping the stubborn ice off the front filter for about a minute, then checking focus and composition again, then wiping again if needed, and only then shooting one image before repeating the whole process."
Photographer Antony Spencer had a identical encounter :
"It took a marathon drive to get here and capture this incredible waterfall caked in ice. We knew it would be frozen and getting down to this viewpoint required a 30 foot downhill slide on our backsides only to be greeted by the sever spray from the cascading fall. With the temperatures at -15C you could get one frame off before having to spend 5-10 minutes cleaning the gear down of frozen spray only to try again."
Here are 12 of our preferred shots of Godafoss, the most amazing (and difficult to shoot) waterfall in Iceland.

Stunning Shots Godafoss Waterfall

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