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Courageous Outdoorsmen Discover an Active Volcanic Complex

Livejournal user Lusika33 trekked to the active volcano complicated of Tolbachik on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russian federation with a few friends and handled to catch the spectacular melted stone moves following its eruption. The thrill-seeking photographer and other team of fearless adventurers got remarkably near to the action, setting up their tripods just a few feet away from the actual flow of boiling lava.

The group of risk-taking travel lovers were able to both snap shots of the great smoky and leading to eruption of the volcano and catch the enchanting fantastic storm of melted stone moves as they trailed their way down the range on movie. In it clip, which is included below, the bold travellers can even be seen putting at the chilling lava around them without so much as flinching. Their taken pictures and video present a rarely seen point of view of this natural and extremely dangerous incident that results in one baffled by their tranquility.

Lusika33 Tolbachik Volcano Photos

Lusika33 Tolbachik Volcano Video

Source : Lusika33 blog

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