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Top Windows Phone 8 Games you need to play

1. Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope to nourish sweets to little beast Om Nom®! 250 million downloading around the world of this incredible challenge activity. 300 stages and more to come!

A strange program has came, and the little beast inside has only one request…CANDY! Help get the sweets to Om Nom, the delightful celebrity of the experience, in this extremely impressive and addictive challenge activity. Mixing excellent science, devilishly challenging stages, and shiny vibrant High Meaning graphics, Cut the Rope is one of the most unique and fun-filled activities in the Windows Phone Marketplace!
Price: £0.79 | Download Here

2. Robotek

Think Software Conflicts but without the dreadlocked Todd Charles, fight your crawlers in strategy and multi-player method with optionally available improvements like laser treatment and microwave ovens to increase your possibilities of success. The turn-based action also facilitates in-app buys to obtain new fight matches plus a DUEL method to discover so you can salary automatic combat against other Microsoft windows Phone-owning friends.
Price: Free | Download Here

3. Contre Jour

Blurring the collections between activities and entertaining art, Contre Jour embraces you to a hauntingly wonderful globe formed by the interaction of light and darkness.

Use your finger to transform the scenery, moving the strange monster Petit to protection. Pull, swipe, and tap devices such as tendrils, air geysers, and pulleys to finish brilliant questions. Set to a emotional orchestrated soundtrack from musician David Ari Leon, Contre Jour both pleasures and bedevils from beginning to end.
Price: £2.29 | Download Here

4. Fling

Considered by many the best puzzle game ever made!
Featuring 10,000s of exclusive puzzles, such that no two questions you experience are ever the same, and divided into 30 stages of improving problems, Affair assures you many extended time of confusing fun!
Price: £2.29 | Download Here

5. Mars Runner

The 3D area speed set in the year 2323 where people must start the procedure of colonizing other planet's uses your cell phone's accelerometer as the manages to swerve and point around the lavish interplanetary atmosphere. There is unique tasks to finish with the famous compensate of becoming the next chief executive of Mars awaiting you on realization your objective.
Price: Free | Download Here

6. MonsterUp

The pretty platformer is designed to get you bouncing high in the sky gathering monster stars and new creatures with challenges like going and vanishing systems expecting to quit you in your bouncing paths. In the newest upgrade, designers Karios Games have included in-app buys to pick up new products and purchase all the creatures from the off if you do not want to work for it. In addition, there's a follow up (MonsterUp Adventures) but it is value looking at the first game as well.
Price: £0.79 | Download Here

7. The Oregon Trail HD

The Modifies name Pathway HD is a unique strategy and academic activity pertaining the first pioneers' trip to Western America. It is based on a source management system already proven in the U.S., where the experience is an actual symbol for kids and grownups.

Just like the real leaders, get over the dangerous trip to Oregon in America's Wild West. Believe the part of a cart innovator in a side-view trip where your ideal choices must ensure the safety of your party along the dangerous Modifies Oregon Trail. You're making your track on a critical historical event for America!
Price: £3.99 | Download Here

8. Touchdown Pro

An incredibly easy and habit forming football game.
Your job is to take the soccer and sprint between defenders until you ranking a landing. Create sure you study where the gaps in the protection are and keep the your pedal to the metal! 
Enjoy excellent sounds and additional development difficulties with this Pro edition.
Price: £0.79 | Download Here

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