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Powerful Acrobatic Images of Parkour in Motion

New York-based photographer and videographer Ben Franke catches the beautiful, acrobatic activity of parkour. The photographer followed New York City free athletes, known as tracers, for a few years, saving their fitness expertise as they easily roamed about the city roads with a energy for life. Finally, he decided to take his personal venture to the next level by producing a collection of considerably fascinating portraits of these sportsmen for his sequence named Parkour Movement.

With a Cannon 5D Mark II in hand, equipped with a 24-70mm lens, the photographer took some amazing photos of these city sportsmen interesting in gravity-defying tricks across the concrete forest. To further emphasize their agile skill, the photographer used flour to creatively track their vivid motion. Franke's purpose with the venture was to existing a sequence of portraits similar to those that compliment performers for their physical achievements and existing the beauty in their action. The photographer says :
"It’s a challenge for any photographer to convey authentic movement in a photograph — as it’s a 2D medium — but my series Parkour Motion attempts to translate motion by displaying the energy and power of these athletes."

Ben Franke Parkour Motion

Source : Ben Franke website

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