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Hauntingly Unique Pictures Motivated by Fairy Tales

Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova makes a haunting atmosphere in nature that draws motivation from favorite anecdotes. Her profile of work features wonderful young ladies lifted by spirits, sailing in air, and caught in the divisions of plants.

Plotnikova's topics appear as simple as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, caught in a strange globe of oddities. In one frame, a top to bottom removed woman partakes in tea time as a drag of light red smoke covers her. There's something both unusually threatening and beautiful about the picture that performs easily due to the photographer's brilliant color scheme and keen eye for detail—right down to the identified tea set that reflects the styles in the model's dress.

The females presented throughout Plotnikova's growing collection of performs replicate this wonderful abnormality of gently sitting females in non-traditional arrangements. There is even the persistent picture of chairs, whose sizes in regards to the topic constantly changes, once again referencing Alice's adventures. The photographer's globe is filled with fascinating eccentricities that include surreal, elongated gowns and Rapunzel-like hair that constantly curtains alongside massive trees.

Katerina Plotnikova Photo

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