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Best tablet keyboards : bluetooth accessories for iPad, Android or Windows

BUYING GUIDE Find the best key pad for you and your tablet

A item might be amazing, but whacking away at a exclusive key pad on a touchscreen display display certainly is not. OK, so hitting out the odd concept or e-mail is excellent, but anyone after serious efficiency on an iPad or Android needs a good add-on key pad.

Capable of developing a cellular and lightweight workplace that reduces down on mess and weight, wireless bluetooth computer keyboard come both independently and in situations custom-made to suit specific tablets - most often the iPad, although iPad little items are starting to appear, too.

Or you could money the pattern and buy a netbook. No? Oh well, we tried. On with our roundup of the best computer keyboard for item PCs then...

1. Logitech K810 bluetooth Lighted Keyboard - £90/US$100 (around AU$135)

Logitech makes a perform for the best and most versatile bluetooth key pad around for any type of use - cellular or pc - with its smooth illuminated K810. The title function is a factor of wonder; as your handy techniques the important factors they slightly mild up from behind, only to reduce out a second or so after your pinkies have remaining the characters. LED-powered so using minimal energy despite this chicanery (its little USB-fed battery power is scheduled to last for over a week), the K810 nevertheless mountains not with fancy functions but strong functionality.

The important factors are smooth to contact and perfectly spread to prevent errors and mis-types, with Windows 8 important factors involved, too, though it's the trio of Bluetooth relationships that are as much of a take a place apart feature; up to three LED signs are lit as your couple up to three gadgets with the Logitech K810, which makes changing between a tablet, cellphone and pc PC a easy.

Fashioned from applied aluminum and with a weight of around 335g (11.82oz), the K810 is referrals quality in performance as well as cost.

2. Belkin Practical Keyboard Situation for iPad mini - £70/US$80 (around AU$107)

Designed particularly for Apple's micro-pad, this 276g (9.74oz) rubberised nasty case parcels around an iPad little and immediately makes a thoroughly portable workplace.

Gripping its visitor at the sides though being cautious to keep a gap for the iPad mini's headsets port and a cut-out for the 5mp photographic camera, a attractive guarantees the whole factor remains safely shut.

It couples over bluetooth very quickly, and the precise, relaxed key pad also functions primary iOS functions. The minor disadvantage - apart from the great cost - is that the laptop key pad isn't quite as durable as it could be, and if destroyed at it does posture inwards. It's said to last 155 time on only one cost.

3. Cygnett KeyPad Wi-fi Wireless bluetooth key pad - £40/US$80 (around AU$60)

One of the tiniest and best value computer keyboard around, this extremely plasticky attempt from Cygnett actions just 218 x 91mm (8.58 x 3.58 inches( and is 220g (7.76oz). In the box is a sinkable little USB wire for re-charging.

Sitting pretty great off a surface at about 17mm (0.67 inches), the Cygnett is about the same dimension as the Belkin though isn't particularly targeted at the iPad little. Best for use with any Wi-fi bluetooth system, this well created item nevertheless doesn't put quite enough area between personal control buttons.

Mistakes do find their way in, it's real, though if you use it for five moments it gets much simpler, though it's a contact difficult to use elsewhere, too. Coupling with a Wi-fi bluetooth system includes tampering with what looks like a 'reset' key on the back of the key pad, which demands discovering a pen.

4. Archos Ultrathin bluetooth Keyboard Cover for iPad - £50 (around US$77/AU$75)

At just 5mm (0.20 inches) strong, this is as thin as it gets in the little world of Wi-fi bluetooth key pad includes for iPads. Weighing a minor 240g (8.47 inches), this QWERTY key pad segments onto an iPad 2, 3 or 4 in an almost similar attractive style to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Protect, though Archos statements that it's almost as thin as the popular SmartCover.

It's different to the Logitech in other ways, too, using a fold-down kickstand to brace up an iPad instead of a canal - a procedure mastered by using the iPad's heat once again - and though it has an aluminum external to go with an iPad, the laptop key pad is white-colored. It's intended to last for over  two months between expenses.

5. MobileFun Flexible bluetooth Mini Keyboar £30/US$48/AU$40

Though not exactly executive-grade, this roll-up key pad is something of a traveller's gem. Best believed of as an periodic tool for hikers - perhaps for mailing classes or maintaining a journey publication - this is super-lightweight equipment at a simple 95g (3.35oz), and it comes up to the dimension a Coke can.

Working only with The apple company items despite being simply Bluetooth-fuelled, this roll-up is a completely presented key pad with everything from hats secure and F figures to shift on and create display (a little hopeful, that one). The control buttons are a millimetre or so too little, but mistypes - while typical - are appropriate, mainly since writing quick is possible, and there are pointer important factors and a backspace key to make modifying easy. It comes with a retractable mini USB wire for asking for, though it takes several weeks.

6. Logitech Solar energy Key pad Folio for iPad £120/US$130/AU$150

A solar-powered wrap-around keyboard situation for the iPad 2, 3 & 4, this Logitech is created to shift. With a screen on its front part able of offering enough keyboard energy for a amazing two years, the Logitech Solar energy Key pad Folio is designed to shield you as well as a practical keyboard.

It uses a magnetic to immediately change an iPad on and off when the folio is started out, and can act as an iPad take a place in two different positions; the first uses a pattern above keyboard for perform, and the second, more laid-back place uses lines either part of the area bar for films.

It's costly, and there are better keyboard available, but if you're after an periodic keyboard and a fresh encounter, this could be ideal; the solar creates this the only Wireless keyboard around that doesn't need to journey with a small USB wire in tow for periodic re-charging.

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