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700,000 Sheets of Paper Form Amazing 3D Style Space

Swedish designer Gert Wingårdh and Finnish photo shop Kustaa Saksi have worked with on an structural design venture developed to provide as a short-term occasion area for the Hello! panelists at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. Made up of 700,000 sheets of A4 paper, the location features a remarkably developed establishing for some of the most impressive thoughts to talk about modern design lifestyle. This seasons subject for the yearly occasion is "communication" and Wingårdh and Saksi's framework conveys its own concept about elegance in design through its development, content cosmetics, and and elaborate color scheme.

The architectural set up moves around the use of paper, a common content that Marketing Devices Administrator at Stora Enso represents as "the most commonly used means of interaction there is." Loads of paper are revoked to make the structure of the space, all at once seeming to be a strong framework of walls and a transparent facade. Inside the space, the innovative duo have further used the method as high angles for workstations by controlling tabletops over them.

For innovative sparkle, the the roof is loaded with a cornucopia of illustrative shades that are magnificently shown off the areas of said platforms. This reflection impact converts throughout the room, switching it into a relaxing church of shade loaded with light of illusionary stain-glassed windows. The area is, in a way, re-imagined as an area of design praise amongst a members of art lovers.

Events in this wonderful area are currently happening at the Stockholm Furniture and Mild Reasonable going on through Feb 9th.

2013 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair Photo

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