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Ooyala Provides In-Stream Movie Viewing on Twitter

Twitter Movie Cards remedy creates new ways to discover, discuss and profit video; ESPN first to adopt

Ooyala, the leading video streaming and money making platform provider, these days declared that it has developed a Tweets Movie Cards remedy, in near cooperation with Tweets, that allows Ooyala clients a complete remedy to include video clips straight into their Tweets sources for instant playback. Previously, customers were only able to consist of a link to video clips in Tweets. This remedy inserts a thumbnail of it straight into the flow so followers can click and play straight without leaving Tweets.

"Consumers today are at the intersection of social and mobile, and demanding easy and fast access to video content. Our ability to deliver video directly into the Twitter stream is a major step forward for publishers who want to drive viewer engagement in real-time."

First implemented by sports broadcaster ESPN to better serve its 24 million movie viewers, Ooyala's Tweets Cards remedy provides press organizations, tv stations and brands a new way to spread and profit video material delivered via Tweets across desktop computers and cellular phone devices. Moreover, the remedy can improve the development and discussing of video material and improve involvement through public and cellular by eliminating the limitations to see material straight on Tweets.

"Twitter is a growing source of inbound referral traffic and outbound content distribution for online media publishers and broadcasters," said Jonathan Wilner, senior director, business product management at Ooyala. "Consumers today are at the intersection of social and mobile, and demanding easy and fast access to video content. Our ability to deliver video directly into the Twitter stream is a major step forward for publishers who want to drive viewer engagement in real-time."

As a result of the near cooperation with Tweets, the Ooyala remedy has been certified by Tweets, meaning clients can quickly include and spread video material straight into their sources across all platforms -- including desktop, cellular web and native smartphone and tablet applications for both iOS and Android -- and trust that the gamer will work easily within Tweets. The remedy performs via an Ooyala Tweets SDK and automatic hosting for Tweets Cards. The complete API from Ooyala automatically generates the necessary Tweets tags so that video clips can be placed onto video clips web page to enable Tweets Cards.

Powerful Solution when paired with Discovery

The technological innovation performs easily with Ooyala Discovery, which allows video material providers to improve view-related income by algorithmically suggesting highly relevant material within the Ooyala Player. For example, if a customer watches a highlight from a football activity within the ESPN Tweets flow, they could get a recommendation to also watch highlights from the post-game press conference. Customized material recommendations can further generate customer involvement and monetization for each video share in Twitter.

Opening Revenue Streams

In inclusion to benefiting customers, this technological innovation reveals up new income sources for Ooyala clients. It allows the submission of ad-supported video material across client-owned and consumer Tweets properties, amplified by discussing propensities of Tweets customers. It also paves the way for video integration into Marketed Twitter promotional initiatives across Tweets.

Customers that take advantage of Ooyala statistics will also have extensive information on the performance of their video clips through Tweets Movie Cards, along with the information they already get on their websites and/or applications, allowing them to further improve their video material.

About Ooyala

Ooyala delivers personalized video experiences across all screens and is the leader in online video management, publishing, analytics and monetization. Our integrated suite of technologies and services give content owners the power to expand audiences through deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video.

Companies using Ooyala technology include Telstra, ESPN, Pac-12 Enterprises, Miramax, Bloomberg, Telegraph Media Group, Telefonica, The North Face, Rolling Stone, Dell, Sephora and Yahoo! Japan. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Ooyala has offices in New York City, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Guadalajara, Mexico. The company works with premier reseller and technology partners throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information visit
Source : techcrunch

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