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Huawei CFO Declares 2012 Economical Results

Achieves Efficient Growth, Says ICT Sector Opportunity Is Growing

Huawei, a major international details and devices technology (ICT) solutions provider, these days launched its 2012 financial performance outcomes.

Cathy Meng, Huawei Chief Financial Officer, said the organization obtained effective growth this season by concentrating on clients, optimizing control and improving performance. Ms. Meng is positive about the sector's upcoming growth prospects.
Huawei desires its 2012 international revenue earnings to reach CNY 220.2 billion dollars, an 8% year-on-year improve, with a net profit of CNY 15.4 billion dollars, a 33% improve from the season before. The earnings disclosure these days is part of Huawei's continuous commitment as a private employee-owned organization to be more open and clear with stakeholders. The 2012 outcomes audited by KPMG will be defined in the organization's annual report, which will be launched in Apr.

Ms. Meng explained that Huawei's achievements this season can be linked to increasing value for the client.

"We insist on strictly controlling G&A expenses and allocate more resources to bolster the front line and ensure continuous improvements on customer delivery and service quality," said Ms. Meng. "In addition, Huawei continued its ongoing management transformation, raising combined operating efficiency with an integrated financial services program."

Continuous advancement concentrating on client needs is also an important power for Huawei's growth. The organization has cumulatively spent CNY 120 billion dollars in R&D over the past 10 years, along with a CNY 29.9 billion dollars investment this season, accounting for more than 13% of the seasons income.

Huawei has tactically focused on developing sophisticated devices system facilities, or "pipe." Huawei has spent in and designed its Company Network, Business and Customer businesses in order to provide faster, wider and wiser details solutions to its clients, while dealing with the difficulties and possibilities in the era of big details. About 70% of Huawei's income was generated from providing major telecoms providers, including 45 of the world's top 50.

One of the key factors for Huawei's achievements is that the individual interests of Huawei employees are along with the organization's sustainable growth – meaning everyone works hard to make sure Huawei's long-term development. Huawei's control group highly values reliability and self-discipline. The personal income of each member of the control group, from selected board members to middle-level managers, is limited to their salary, motivation bonus and stock benefits provided by the organization, with policies to make sure that no one in the company abuses their power for self-serving purposes.

Huawei's three company groups continuous their steady growth and obtained performance in range with objectives. Huawei's Company Network company group, a typically strong company group, stayed a leader in the market, with revenue earnings of CNY 160.3 billion dollars. Huawei's Customer company group documented robust revenue income of CNY 48.4 billion dollars, with revenue continuing to develop in designed markets such as European countries and Japan. Huawei's Business company group further designed its profile and won contracts, generating revenue income of CNY 11.5 billion dollars.

66% of Huawei's overall income came from outside Chinese suppliers. Among the offshore income, the Asia-Pacific region saw income of CNY 37.4 billion dollars, while European countries, Center East and African-american documented CNY 77.4 billion dollars and the The nation's contributed CNY 31.8 billion dollars. The domestic market Chinese suppliers documented CNY 73.6 billion dollars.

The convergence of mobile internet, smartphones, the digital and physical world is likely to generate hundreds of times more data in the coming years, which presents tremendous challenges as well as unprecedented opportunities for development of the ICT industry. Huawei believes that pipes with large bandwidth that can transmit and process massive data flow are the key to addressing these challenges and also Huawei's key growth driver in the future.

Ms. Meng concluded with a projection that Huawei expects its overall revenue to grow 10-12% in 2013.

Source : Huawei

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