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Garmin® 2013 nüvi Collection Creates it Simpler Than Ever to Follow to Directions

Garmin® International Inc., a unit of Forerunner Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the world leader in sat nav, today declared its new 2013 nüvi lineup1 of Personal Routing Gadgets (PNDs) at the Customer Electronics Show (CES). Garmin's newest navigators create it simpler than ever to Follow to guidelines and stay on path. Instead of only using street titles, Forerunner Real DirectionsTM information motorists just like a friend would by telling them to convert at identifiable attractions, structures, quit symptoms and visitors lighting. To create sure motorists get in the correct street, the new Effective Lane Assistance functions speech encourages as well as a visible street movement. Garmin's real-time visitors operate also provides details on visitors occurrences by speech. nüvi designs with speech control allow customers to decide on a quicker path by basically a reaction. Furthermore, the 2013 nüvi designs operate an all-new style and bigger shows that variety from 4.3 to 7 inches wide to display driving-related details at a look. The new top of the variety nüvi 3597 LMTHD comes with a new operated attractive install, making it convenient to attach the product and keep it charged. Garmin's new navigators will be presented in the Forerunner unit (South Hall 4 #35812) at this seasons CES.
"Garmin nüvi products the defacto standard of navigation due to their ease of use, reliability and operate wealth," said Dan Bartel, Forerunner v. p. of globally sales. "Our new 2013 lineup significantly improves how navigation can help motorists find their way while keeping their eyes on the street. Larger shows offer driving-related details at a look and our new Real Directions are simpler to Follow to than ever before."

Categorized as Important, Innovative and Reputation, Garmin's new nüvi devices fulfill the lifestyle and price variety of every customer. The budget-friendly Important Sequence is the perfect kick off point for any journey with accurate turn-by-turn guidelines, spoken street titles and street assist with jct views. The new Innovative Sequence provides extra top quality functions to information motorists, such as the new Forerunner Real DirectionsTM, Effective Lane Assistance and real-time visitors with speech incorporation. The new top of the variety nüvi 3597 LMTHD (Prestige Series) brings together the best in car navigation available from Forerunner. With its elegant styling and ultra-slim profile, nüvi 3597 LMTHD shows a enhanced visual that suits the interior of any vehicle. Moreover to functions available for the Innovative Sequence, it functions a five-inch multi-touch glass screen in a brushed-metal housing as well as a operated attractive install that instantly pictures in once the customer holds the product close. This top quality gps also includes life-time map updates2, Garmin's most innovative visitors assistance, HD Electronic Traffic, 3D structures and geography and speech control. For more details about individual designs, functions and pricing, visit

Garmin Real DirectionsTM

Garmin Real DirectionsTM information motorists in a natural and user-friendly way. The new operate uses identifiable attractions, structures, visitors lighting and quit symptoms to give guidelines. For example, the new operate tells motorists to "turn right after the Starbucks®" or "turn left at the visitors light." This provides motorists assurance early on that they're going the right way and allows them focus on the street instead of trying to read street symptoms. It also causes it to be simpler to remember a path. Forerunner Real DirectionsTM is operated by the high-quality NAVTEQ® Map to ensure precision. Forerunner joined with the top international company of map material to develop a sophisticated information collection and processing program. The attractions and structures chosen for guidelines have been checked carefully for exposure, popularity and durability. Additionally, Forerunner also enhanced the navigation speech itself: Forerunner Real VoiceTM is a new human speech that sounds better than ever before.

Active Lane Guidance

The new Effective Lane Assistance operate uses a combination of speech encourages and visible hints to prepare customers to drive through an exit or switch with assurance. Using the bigger shows of the 2013 nüvi devices, Effective Lane Assistance shows an cartoon visible next to the map perspective that uses vibrant colored arrows to indicate the proper street needed to create a convert.

Improved, Voice-Activated Traffic

Garmin provides no cost life-time traffic3 on chosen nüvi designs without any fees, subscribers or ads, helping motorists to avoid setbacks. The 2013 Innovative and Reputation Sequence now create it even simpler to evaluate the visitors scenario and decide on whether an substitute path is practical or not. Voice incorporation allows motorists know if there is visitors on the path, what the predicted wait is and if there is a quicker path. nüvi devices of the Innovative and Reputation Sequence that include speech control allow motorists to choose an substitute path by basically a reaction. Garmin's new visitors customer interface also represents important visitors details next to the map perspective, such as the predicted wait as well as an cartoon visible that indicates the visitors scenario forward in real-time.

Garmin's most innovative visitors assistance, Forerunner HD Electronic Traffic®, is included with the top of the variety nüvi 3597 LMTHD and available through an equipment for nüvi models of the Innovative Sequence. Forerunner HD Electronic Traffic provides up-dates as often as every 30 seconds over the HD RadioTM program. It provides visitors details for interstates and roadways as well as detailed coverage of side roads and other additional roads in major places.

More Information at a Glance

Garmin's 2013 nüvi designs operate an all-new style and bigger shows that variety from 4.3 to 7 inches wide, showing more driving-related details at a look. The new and enhanced customer interface keeps the generating map on-screen at all times and shows details in slide-in windows, such as neat places to see along the path and real-time visitors. A new Up Ahead operate provides quick access to neat places to see close by. Up Ahead appears alongside the generating map and constantly shows of close by solutions, such as restaurants, petrol stations, medical centers and stores. Moreover to posted speed limit alerts, the new nüvi models now also offer school zone alerts.

Garmin Express

Garmin Show is a new and smooth way to keep nüvi devices up to date. Users basically obtain the no cost application application to receive no cost life-time application up-dates. Forerunner Show also provides an simple way to upgrade charts, back-up or transfer information and obtain material, such as no cost vehicles symbols, comments and dashboards.

The nüvi 3597 LMTHD and chosen designs of the Innovative Sequence are compatible with Forerunner Smart phone Link, an Android app that provides stay solutions to the PND. Among other features, the app allows nüvi customers add stay services4 such as visitors camera images, weather and petrol prices to their navigation program, with the smartphones mobile information plan.

Garmin nüvi devices use the NAVTEQ Map, which has been carefully developed over the last 30 years. The new nüvi lineup is predicted to be available in the first quarter of 2013.

The 2013 nüvi lineup is the newest from Garmin's consumer automotive section, the leading
worldwide company of portable navigation devices for vehicles, motorbikes and trucks. Garmin's user-friendly PND solutions have innovative functions that offer time- and fuel-saving benefits to fulfill the demands of everyday generating.


Source : Garmin

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