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Frank Zhou, founder of the USB storage space key and designer of the TransPhone – see - goes from durability to durability. After promoting out shares of his proof-of-concept, entry-level TransPhone 1, Honest is now releasing his organization's TransPhone 1 Pro with March/ Apr accessibility.
For those new to the multiple landscape, the 3G GSM revealed TransPhone is the same type of system as the Asus PadFone – but at less than 50 percent the price. (In reality, TransPhone Worldwide operates the US patents – since 2002 - for this new type of device). In both situations, moving the cellphone into what TransPhone Worldwide phone calls a "TransPad" transforms the cellphone into a product.

"The whole factor of this settings," Honest informed us, "is that most individuals hardly ever need to use a product and a smart phone simultaneously and that indicates they are investing quite a lot of cash on copied handling, connection and storage space gadgets as well resulting in themselves additional stress with two gadgets to handle and synch, and - if you want the product to have 3G - two SIM cards and additional agreement complications. When you add up all the needless expenses TransPhone removes, it victories Finish Expense of Possession struggling printed by a extensive edge."

From the outside the TransPhone 1 Pro design looks similar to the unique TransPhone but within the situation fairly well everything which issues has had a significant improved.


Android 4.0 ICS has changed Android operating system 2.3.5 Gingerbread used by the unique edition and with it, TransPhone becomes hot-pluggable. In the unique TransPhone, docking or undocking the cellphone from the TransPad murdered whatever perform you were doing and you had to begin again from the begining after the docking or undocking procedure was complete. Of course, you could proceed a trip during and after the docking or undocking procedure, but that was about all. With Android operating system 4, those times are over and whatever you were doing before docking or undocking the cellphone just goes on from where you were when you began the docking or undocking procedure – much the same way at is does on the Asus PadFone.

The unique 3.5" TransPhone was using a 800 x 480 TFT display and that now goes to 960 x 540 3.5" TFT while the 7" TransPad was operating at 800 x 480 TFT and it too has had a quality update to 1024 x 600 TFT for the same 7" monitor dimension.

Better still, the 800 MHz Snapdragon processer has gone and in its position is a dual-core MTK processer operating at 1 GHz. RAM has gone from 512 MB to 1 GB and the processer update has created it possible to improve on-board storage space from 512MB (in the designs examined by the press) to 4GB on panel, while still maintaining the 32 GB SD cards assistance for a highest possible of 36 GB at any once.

"With this configuration, Frank told us, "TransPhone Pro can hold its own against mid-range products and even against some of those at the high end. But when it comes to screen area, TransPhone 1 Pro offers three to four times as much screen area as the most expensive smartphones on the market. TransPhone Pro can't be beaten on price for its spec either when you add up the cost of a similar spec smartphone with the kind of phone screen resolution we offer and a similar spec 3G tablet.


"My philosophy always has been to give the user MORE for LESS. When I invented the USB memory key the objective was to give the user a lot more portable storage for a lot less money and that plan succeeded very well. More expensive floppy storage (which was the standard way of doing things when I invented the USB memory key) is in the museum today and the USB key is the new portable storage standard.

"TransPhone is on the way to doing the same thing with connected tablets. My philosophy is that a TransPhone is always going to cost you less to buy than the comparable quality of smartphone plus the comparable quality of connected tablet. It is also going to cost you a lot less to run and give you a lot less hassle. You'll find out just how much less when you use one – as I do for most of my work.

"Generally speaking, smartphones are more powerful and have more bells and whistles than comparable tablets. Compare the specs of Google's Nexus 4 phone and their Nexus 7 tablet for example, and you will see what I am talking about and it is the same for Samsung's products too. Starting with TransPhone 1 Pro, you can be confident that TransPhones are going to give you more for less."

"TransPhone Pro will retail at $299 – the same price as the much less powerful proof-of-concept TransPhone 1. But to give everyone a taste of what we can do, we are accepting pre-orders on our website at $239.99 (including shipping direct to your door from the factory by DHL) – essentially we are handing the retailer margin over to the user to say "thank you" for pre-ordering. We expect to be shipping in late March or early April. I think $239.99 for this spec of smartphone and 3G connected tablet is going to be hard to beat. "

"At the same time we have also launched a 2.75G (Edge) TransPhone 1 model with all the same upgrades except that it has a 1 GHz single core MTK processor. This Edge model has been designed to keep the price at rock bottom for developing countries where the smartphone is often the only computer many people have. Transphone 1 Edge provides them with a pretty good smartphone and a pretty good connected tablet – a handheld connected computer in effect - at a retail price of around $190 for the pair. When the quantities get into the millions, we can probably shave that down further. Again, that is going to be hard to beat.

"I am certain that the TransPad concept is the way of the future - just as the USB key has turned out to be. TransPhone 1 Pro is the first of a several pleasant surprises our team is working on for the world's smartphone users and the first quarter of next year is going to exciting for all of us."

Source : TransPhone International

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