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LG Declares Cinematic 100-inch Category Laser system TV

'HECTO' Laser-based Lighting Program Provides Complete HD Image, Makes Amazing, Space-Saving House Theater Experience

LG Gadgets (LG) declared the release of its 100-Inch class (100 inches wide diagonal) Laser system TV presenting both Intelligent TV and Electronic TV abilities.
An amazing home theatre system, the 100-inch class LG "HECTO" Laser system TV consists of a special display and an exterior Super Short Throw (UST) screening machine system. The unique system, which will be confirmed for the first time next month at the 2013 International CES®, provides Complete HD 1080p quality and incredible comparison as a result of LG's advanced laser-based illumination system.

"LG's 100-inch class Laser system TV takes screening machine technology and helps to create it perfectly appropriate for both the boardroom and the living room area," said Havis Kwon , Chief executive and CEO of the LG Gadgets House Enjoyment Company. "In buy, LG will continue to present impressive TV products to provide an excellent efficiency and entertainment encounter for our customers."

Brilliant House Theater Experience

Between its picture and huge display, LG's 100-inch class Laser system TV provides an unusual theater-like encounter in your house, but without the difficult set up required by previous projector-based systems. A standard projector system requires a considerable distance from the display to create a huge image and typically needs to be installed on the roof. However, LG's Laser system TV creates set up and watching easier by allowing users to place the contacts a simple 22 inches wide (approximately 56 centimeters) from the display, while having the versatility to position it near the floor or secure it to the roof. LG's Laser system TV provides 1080p Complete HD quality and 1,000,000:1 powerful comparison rate, making stunning and sharp pictures that pop out in dark as well as lighter surroundings.

LG's Laser system TV has searching for receiver and two 10W built-in sound system included in the screening machine system to support virtual encompass for a more genuine theatre encounter in your house. A complete supplement of information, including 3 HDMIs, allow for connection of other source gadgets. An visual audio outcome, as well as RS-232 interface, will allow for incorporation into virtually any home theater environment. The product itself functions LG's moderate yet stylish Dynamic Arc Style, creating slightly rounded areas that reach a simple 5.7 inches wide in height. The 100-inch class display assumes LG's CINEMA SCREEN Style visual which boundaries the frame and helps to create it appropriate for any decorations in your home.

Smart TV Capabilities

The Laser system TV facilitates LG's Intelligent TV foundation, which includes a host of amazing functions, from built-in Wi-Fi, premium material providers, like Blockbuster online or YouTube, Intelligent World app store, to the easy-to-use Miracle Remote*. It also allows consumers to manage personal material, such as pictures, home videos and music collections via USB or LG Reasoning.

LG's Intelligent TV foundation provides a personalized dash panel and smart connection functions that improve access to material from appropriate mobile phones, notebooks, storage gadgets and the Internet. With built-in WiDi and Wi-Fi direct (Miracast), material from any appropriate exterior system can be easily shared with the TV. Routing of services and exterior gadgets via the dash panel is made simple with the Miracle Distant which uses four ways of control – voice, action, point and wheel.

Better Reliability

The laser-based illumination system uses specialized lamps embedded in the projection unit, delivering superior picture quality. This system can run for up to 25,000 hours without replacement, roughly five times longer than mercury-based lamps.
  • Smart TV devices include HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc Players and Network Home Theater Systems. Internet connection and certain subscriptions required and sold separately. Content and services vary by product and are subject to change without notice.
  • Designs, features and specification subject to change without notice

Source : HD GURU

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