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Vuzix Intelligent Glasses Win CES "BEST OF INNOVATIONS" 2013 Style and Technological Engineering Award

Vuzix Organization (TSX-V: VZX, OTC:BB: VUZI, FMB: V7X) announced these days that its new Vuzix Intelligent Glasses M100 was chosen as an Enhancements 2013 Style and Engineering BEST OF INNOVATIONS honoree and chosen as the best new technological Engineering in the Wi-fi Handset Accessories item classification. Moreover, Vuzix Intelligent Glasses also obtained the honoree difference in the Personal Gadgets classification as well, making it two prizes for this awesome new item.
Vuzix Intelligent Glasses M100 is the first improved "Hands Free" show and gadgets system for on-the-go information accessibility from your smart phone and the Online. The Vuzix M100 contains a exclusive show with integrated photographic camera and highly effective handling motor, operating an Android operating system OS, to easily link via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your smart phone (iOS or Android) or other suitable system. Powerful enough to get connected to the Internet, run programs and activities on its own, the M100 works in balance with your smart phone to start up a variety of current and upcoming programs such as written text information, movie, e-mail, applying, and sound.

As a Arms No cost equipment with AR camera/display performance, Vuzix Intelligent Glasses not only let you response the phone with a graphic deal with book, they allow programs from studying sms information and e-mail to visual navigation along with more innovative features like primary improved truth programs. Vuzix Intelligent Glasses, M100 consist of a head monitoring system and GPS for spacial and positional attention and an integrated camera allows videos and still picture catch. The entertaining monitoring and incorporated camera combined with programs on the M100 and a smart phone connected to the Reasoning, allow for the consolidating of virtual information with the real life.

Paul J. Travers, Primary Professional Official, said, "We are recognized to win this Innovation Prize, our first BEST OF INNOVATIONS among a aggressive area of excellent technology. While we have continually provided new technology each year to our clients, the Vuzix M100 symbolizes our most considerable break through yet in design and ability. We believe Vuzix Intelligent Glasses will have wide attaining effect on the way we use mobile devices."

Mr. Travers ongoing, "Running the Android operating system OS allows program downloading straight into Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. This versatility is going to start up many awesome new alternatives for our clients from innovative HUD navigation programs to game playing. Not only are Vuzix Intelligent Glasses M100 an excellent hands free remedy, but finally there is a foundation that is developed particularly for the increasing improved truth marketplaces. Enabling hands-free entry to programs from graphic search to types of applying road opinions – all will lastly be available in a couple of Vuzix Intelligent Glasses."

Vuzix Intelligent Glasses M100 will be presented at the 2013 Worldwide Customer Gadgets Show, Jan 8th to 11t.h Vuzix will be indicating a number of innovative hands-free programs with them. Visit Vuzix at the Las Nevada Meeting Center's Main Area, Unit #14046.

Follow Vuzix on Tweets @Vuzix and facebook /Vuzix for the newest information on Vuzix Intelligent Glasses and the company's whole line of top rated movie sunglasses. If you're a designer, please indication up to be a part of Vuzix

Vuzix Corporation

growing group of program designers at Be one of the first to back up this amazing new step in the progress of cellular technological Engineering.
Source : Vuzix

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