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Sony models Cellular Devices Delivers Its Water-Resistant Android operating system Smart phone, Xperia™ enhance, to the U.S.

  • The highest level of dirt and waterproof available on any Android operating system smartphone*
  • Fashionable, smooth and resilient smartphone made to hold up against whatever life punches at it without limiting on style or functionality
  • Reality Show for blade distinct clearness and quick catch camera to go from sleep to breeze in just over a second
What: Sony models Cellular Devices brings the Xperia enhance to US customers looking for a full-featured Android operating system smartphone and beautiful style with extra strength and waterproof. Xperia enhance has a scratch-resistant display with wet finger monitoring to offer performance and security against dirt and water engagement.

As Sony's most resilient, water-resistant smartphone, the Xperia enhance is built to handle the world's surprising minutes. It has a scratch-resistant nutrient glass display and satisfies the IP67 scores for security against dirt and water immersion** in absolute depths between zero to 39 inches wide for up to Half an hour. Xperia enhance is a fit for Xperia lovers who don't want to worry about defending their mobile phones when captured in the rainfall.

With Xperia enhance, customers can watch the latest movies and TV shows in blade distinct quality and with quick performance.

This powerful system covers its strong nature in a thin and attractive style, and, at only .4 inches wide dense at its slimest point, users can appreciate its compact feel and easily carry it in a pocket or bag among important factors, change and other items with reduced vulnerability to represents or scrapes. The Xperia advance's smooth style indicates resilient and water-resistant mobile mobile phones no longer have to look heavy and strong.

Xperia enhance features easy connection through DLNA® technology to share and appreciate content on a TV. It also comes pre installed with Music Endless and Video Endless from Sony models Enjoyment Network***, giving access to an incredible number of music, The show biz industry blockbusters, and TV sequence.

*Based on mobile mobile phones available in the US as of Oct 29, 2012.
** An IP (Ingress Protection) ranking of 67 indicates the product is dirt tight and is secured against the effects of engagement in water in absolute depths between 0 to 39 inches wide for up to Half an hour. Despite your lamps level of resistance features, you should avoid revealing it to surroundings with extreme dirt or wetness. Harm to your system, (even if through common use) can limit or reduce level of ability to resist dirt or wetness. You should not immerse the cell phone in water. The waterproof of the small USB port and the ear mobile phones plug is not assured in all environment or circumstances. All suitable accessories such as battery power, rechargers, hands-free devices, small USB cords, microSD™ cards, and so on are not dirt and waterproof on their own. Assurance does not cover damage or problems brought on by misuse or inappropriate use of your system.

***For Sony models Endless services, a registration is required and additional requirements, terms, and circumstances, may implement. All applications require suitable wireless service connection and utilization rates implement.

Pricing & availability:

The Xperia advance is available now at Newegg and other online retailers. For additional availability and pricing, please check with each retailer.

  • MSRP $299.99 (unlocked), in tactile black, pure white, or warm yellow

Network compatibility:

Xperia advance is compatible with the network bands below.

  • UMTS HSPA 850, 1900, 2100
  • GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900


Source : Sony

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