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Drift Advancement Debuts the Drift HD Ghosting – the First‐Ever Activity Electronic camera Equipped with Two‐Way LED Distant and Ongoing Cycle Video video – Fixing the Age Old Question: "Am I On?"

The Drift HD Ghosting packs industry‐leading functions including wearable on/off handheld remote management with LEDs showing method in use, continuous loop videos, built‐in Wi‐Fi and a 2‐inch Gorilla Glass® LCD display for immediate play-back and sharing
Drift Advancement, the award‐winning action activities engineering company specializing in the catch and discussing of digital visuals, launched the most feature‐rich and user-friendly action camera yet – the Drift HD Ghosting. Building upon a unique feature set, such as an industry‐ first two‐way LED handheld remote management with on/off signal light, video recording/tagging abilities in continuous loop method, and a 2‐inch Gorilla Glass® LCD display, the Drift HD Ghosting is the best all‐in‐one remedy available on the industry.

Unlike other perspective digital cameras that require aftermarket accessories and peripheral devices for performance, the Drift HD Ghosting contains everything action activities lovers need to catch top drawer video immediately. Plus, the user-friendly interface is simple to use, simple to navigate and simple to set up, so customers everywhere can begin producing moments after opening the box.

Drift Effective StatusTM Two‐Way Distant with LED Lights

The Drift HD Ghosting is the only action camera packaged conventional with a wearable on/off handheld remote management with LEDs and wrist band. The tactically placed LED lighting on the remote immediately connect the method currently in use showing a color‐coded program showing Video video, Picture, Timelapse or Photoburst ways. The remote also simplifies performance by enabling customers to take images and modify function ways from up to 30 legs (10m) away, as well as to stop and start producing. This saves precious storage and lifestyle cycle of power supply so you can catch a full day of activities without putting things off.

"For years, the experience activities crowd has looked for a remedy to the query lovers hate to utter: 'Am I on?'" said John Rounds, Managing Director of Drift Our country's. "Finally, Drift resolves the problem with a two‐way handheld remote management. The wearable remote functions the Drift Effective StatusTM LED signal which lets you know if you is producing or not. Sometimes you only get one taken, and it's harmful when you skip it."

Drift FlashbackTM Video video Tag/Loop

Action activities lovers can preserve a documented event up to five minutes after it happens while in Video video Tag/Loop method, which records video in a consistent loop style. The movie is stored in the digital camera's storage, and will preserve the video only if the individual selects to "tag" it.
Built‐In 2‐Inch LCD Screen with Gorilla Glass®

The display allows quick, real‐time viewing of camera perspectives before you even press record. It also supports immediate video play-back of documented video, making it simpler than ever to modify, remove and re‐ live your preferred actions whenever, and where ever, you want. Plus, its display is protected with Gorilla Glass® to ensure scratch‐proof performance even in the most rugged landscapes.

Drift DataLinkTM Wi‐Fi Allowed & Drift App

The Drift HD Ghosting comes Wi‐Fi‐enabled to connect immediately with mobile phones. Combined with the Drift Cellular App (coming soon for both IOS and Android) you can review and line up a taken slightly from your phone, modify camera configurations, taken producing, photo catch and play-back, directly through your cell phone. You can even download material from you to your smart phone immediately and share material easily across your preferred social networking platforms.
Drift PowerStationTM

The Drift HD Ghosting has the longest conventional lifestyle cycle of power supply available on the industry, offering 3 hours of producing time per charge, courtesy of the included 1700 mAh rechargeable lithium‐ion power supply. The Drift PowerStationTM also exclusively places power supply in the center of you increasing lifestyle cycle of power supply and offering an anti‐vibrational program.

Advanced Drift PureTM Sound Technology

The mic functions digital and mechanical powerful modulation engineering which provides the latest enhancements in digital signal processing and wind‐noise reduction to provide superior audio. Standard in all Drift digital cameras are multiple understanding configurations and an external 3.5mm mic plug to further enhance the taken audio.

Enhanced 7 Element Contacts Design

The Drift HD Ghosting boasts an upgraded lens style made up of seven elements, ensuring optically pure performance whether shooting in the Gobi wasteland or on top a higher mountain peak. This assures the individual great clearness, vividly colored, stunning HD video. While producing superior HD video in a variety of solutions (ranging from 1080p, 960p, 720p to WVGA), you can at the same time shoot still images without disturbing shooting, so you never skip a moment.
Nine legs (3m) water resistant without any housing

The Drift HD Ghosting functions an improved style enabling you to be nine legs (3m) water resistant out of the box. So whether surfing in Philippines or kiteboarding on the Bonnet River, Drift has you protected. For deep water lovers Drift provides a exclusively designed water resistant real estate which allows you to catch marine adventures up to 180 legs (60m) depth.

The Drift HD Ghost is available for purchase for US $399 on‐hd‐ghost. Learn more about Drift HD Ghost specifications and features at, as well as Drift Innovation's full line of accessories and high‐ definition cameras, including the predecessor Drift HD awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2012 for superlative packaging design. Follow Drift Innovation on and on Twitter, @DriftInnovation.

Drift HD Ghost Press Photo

Source : Drift Innovation

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