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Depending on New Microarchitecture, Intel® Itanium® Processer, Enhances Performance and Increases Resiliency


  • The Intel® Itanium® processor 9500 provides unmatched accessibility, mistake resiliency as well as improve over the past creation.
  • With twice the number of cores on a new structure, the Apple Itanium processor 9500 sequence will offer up to 2.4 times performance scaling1 and 33 % quicker I/O rate over the past creation, with new abilities such as the Intel® Training Replay Technology.
  • Years to come of Apple Itanium processor chips will embrace a modern "Modular Growth Model" that allows further common function between Apple Itanium and the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 close relatives, from distributed rubber components of style to full-socket interface. This will offer a more maintainable direction for Itanium development and greater style versatility for Intel's associates.
In an era of unmatched growth in information utilization, companies require highly effective processing solutions that can provide scalable and strong performance to run IT's mission-critical programs. The new Intel® Itanium® processor 9500 sequence is more than twice as highly effective as the past creation, making it ideal for modern most challenging workloads, such as company statistics, data source, and large-scale company resource planning (ERP) programs. Techniques centered on Intel's Itanium processor chips run in more than three-quarters of the Globe's International 100 companies across sectors such as aerospace, energy, life sciences and telecoms. With the Apple Itanium processor 9500 sequence, these sectors will advantage from a jump in performance and a rise in world-class stability, accessibility and serviceability (RAS) abilities.

"In a globe where companies are progressively reliant on IT for their competitive advantage, more and more company programs are truly known as "mission critical"; they must be always available, extremely sensitive and extremely efficient. It's for precisely these processing workloads that we've developed the Apple Itanium 9500 processor," said From Dez bryant, v. p. and gm of Intel's Datacenter and Connected Techniques Group. "Built on a new microarchitecture and providing cutting-edge performance, the Apple Itanium 9500 processor close relatives alerts Intel's continuous dedication to provide remarkable stability, accessibility and scalability to meet the crucial application requirements across all sectors."

Enterprise Performance with World-Class Availability

Containing 3.1 billion dollars transistors, the Apple Itanium processor 9500 sequence is Intel's most innovative typical purpose processor chips to date. It facilitates up to twice as many cores (8 instead of 4) than the previous-generation processor, features up to 54 MB of on-die storage, and allows up to 2 TB of low current DIMMs in a four-socket settings. The rate of the processor improved 40 % over the past creation in lower energy options. The new wavelengths range from 1.73 GHz and a energy of 130 h, to 2.53 GHz at a energy of 170 h.

Delivering the highest levels of Apple Itanium performance, the new processor chips enable extremely scalable deployments with world-class accessibility for data-intensive programs where recovery time is not an option. These include ERP, supply sequence control and crm (CRM) software.

Modular Growth Design Provides More Flexibility

In 2010, Apple presented its typical foundation technique that allows Apple Itanium and Intel® Xeon® processor chips to utilize typical foundation substances such as chipsets, interconnects and storage. This technique gives Apple the ability to stream the strength of Apple Itanium RAS features to advantage the Apple Xeon processor E7 close relatives, and allows Apple Itanium to further draw out the effectiveness and value of higher amount business economics. For the next-generation Apple Itanium product close relatives, code-named "Kittson," Apple will employ a modern model for Apple Itanium and Apple Xeon development known as "Modular Growth Design." The model will increase the typical foundation technique by discussing silicon-level components of style and plug interface. The result for Apple is an even more maintainable direction to bring upcoming Itanium processor chips to market. Moreover, OEMs will be able to develop one single mother board foundation for both architectures.

Industry Support

Intel Itanium processor chips continue to maintain strong market assistance among systems creators such as Bull*, Hitachi*, HP*, Inspur* and NEC*. Enterprise programs are widely available from several providers, such as, Oracle*, SAP*, SAS*, Sybase* and Temenos*, among other providers that emphasize the ISV community's initiatives to ensure the achievements of the Apple Itanium mission-critical environment.

"A mission-critical IT facilities with resiliency, scalability and high accessibility is crucial to the achievements of businesses," said Ric Lewis, v. p. and temporary gm, Business Critical Techniques, HP. "The inclusion of the Intel® Itanium® processor 9500 sequence to our recently improved HP Reliability and HP-UX profile provides cutting-edge performance, improved efficiency and provides on HP's dedication to offer our clients with investment protection."

"NEC has been working with Apple more than 15 years to build company hosts centered on Apple Itanium processor chips," said Kazuaki Iwamoto, v. p. and mature gm of IT components functions unit, NEC Organization. "We are satisfied to offer our clients with the new company hosts centered on Apple Itanium processor 9500 sequence for their extremely scalable and objective crucial systems."

Pricing and Availability

The Intel Itanium processor 9500 series is available now and is priced from $1,350 to $4,650 in quantities of 1,000 units.
Source : Intel

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