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AT&T to Spend $14 Billion dollars to Considerably Improve Wi-fi and Wireline Great amount online Techniques, Assistance Upcoming IP Information Development and New Services

Improved Financial commitment Framework is Foundation for Financial commitment and Multiplied Growth

  • 4G LTE system development predicted to protect 300 thousand individuals by year-end 2014 Wired IP broadband system predicted to flourish to 75 % of client places in
  • AT&T's 22-state wireline support place by year-end 2015 Fiber implementation predicted to arrive at 1 thousand extra company client places, covering
  • 50 % of multi-tenant offices in AT&T's wireline support place by year-end 2015
  • 99 % of client places in wireline support place predicted to have high-speed IP Internet accessibility via IP wireline and/or 4G LTE
  • Investment predicted to be roughly $14 billion over three decades - $8 billion for wireless projects, $6 billion for wireline initiatives; Finish capital investing predicted to be roughly $22 billion for each of next three years
  • Revenue mix following investment interval predicted to be 90 % from high-growth places – wireless, wireline data and handled IT services
  • Consolidated income growth improves to GDP-growth-rate-plus 100 foundation factors, supposing constant economy
  • EPS predicted to develop mid-single numbers next 3 years; chance of more powerful growth going forward
  • AT&T improves every quarter results 2.3 percent; 29th successive annual increase Note:
  • AT&T's specialist conference will be webcast live via the Internet at 9 a.m. ET on Wed, Nov 7, 2012, at
AT&T* these days declared programs to get $14 billion over the next three decades to significantly expand and enhance its wireless and wireline IP broadband networks to returning up increasing client demand for high-speed Internet accessibility and new cellular, app and reasoning alternatives. Your time and money strategy – Venture Speed IP (VIP) – improves AT&T's high-potential growth systems, helping drive continued improves in income from existing and new goods and alternatives, and income per discuss.

"This is a major commitment to purchase Twenty-first Century devices facilities for the U. s. Declares and bring high-speed Internet connection - 4G LTE cellular and wireline IP broadband - to millions more People in america," said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chair and boss. "We have to be able to increase AT&T's income growth and price structure for decades to come, and create substantial value for shareowners.

"Revenues in our key growth places - wireless data, U-verse and ideal company alternatives - are all increasing at a powerful double-digit amount. Venture VIP improves our prospective in these key systems and makes them available to many more clients," Stephenson said. "With our powerful stability piece, these capital investments are controllable. We are very assured in our capability to perform this strategy. These are things we've done before – sensible additions of proven technologies and already successful businesses.

"Given our confidence in our market and in our future, these days we improved our every quarter results for the 29th straight season. I'm assured we can keep provide for our owners as we invest to position AT&T for more powerful boost the decades ahead," Stephenson said.

AT&T's Venture VIP includes several individual wireless and wireline projects, which are defined below.

Investing in Mobile Internet Growth

4G LTE Expansion. AT&T programs to flourish its 4G LTE system to protect 300 thousand individuals in the U. s. Declares by year-end 2014, up from its current programs to set up 4G LTE to about 250 thousand individuals by year-end 2013. In AT&T's 22-state wireline support place, the organization desires its 4G LTE system will protect 99 % of all client places.

Spectrum. AT&T has acquired variety through more than 40 variety offers this season (some awaiting regulating review) and has programs to buy extra wireless variety to returning up its 4G LTE system. Much of the extra variety came from an innovative solution in which AT&T obtained FCC acceptance to use WCS variety for special broadband. Between what the organization already operates and dealings awaiting regulating acceptance, AT&T desires to have about 118Mhz of variety national. The organization will keep recommend with the FCC for release of extra variety for the sector's long-term needs.

Densification & Little Mobile Technological innovation. As part of Venture VIP, AT&T desires to set up small cell technology, macro cells and extra allocated aerial systems to boost the density of its wireless system, which is predicted to boost system quality and increase variety performance.

Investing in Wireline IP Network Growth

AT&T programs to flourish and enhance its wireline IP system to 57 thousand client places (consumer and small business) or 75 % of all client places in its wireline support place by year-end 2015. This system development will include of:

U-verse. AT&T programs to flourish U-verse (TV, Internet, Speech over IP) by more than one-third or about 8.5 thousand extra client places, for an overall prospective U-verse market of 33 thousand client locations¹. The development is predicted to be essentially complete by year-end 2015.

U-verse IPDSLAM. The organization programs to provide U-verse IPDSLAM support (high-speed IP Internet accessibility and VoIP) to 24 thousand client places in its wireline support place by year-end 2013.

Speed Improvements. The Venture VIP strategy includes an update for U-verse to prices of speed of up to 75Mbps and for U-verse IPDSLAM to prices of speed of up to 45Mbps, with a path to provide even greater prices of speed later on.

In the 25 % of AT&T's wireline client places where it's currently not financially feasible to build a aggressive IP wireline system, the organization said it will utilize its increasing 4G LTE wireless system -- as it becomes available -- to provide voice and high-speed IP Internet alternatives. The organization's 4G LTE system will protect 99 % of all in-region client places. AT&T's 4G LTE system offers prices of speed aggressive with, if not greater than, what is available on wired broadband networks these days. And in many places, AT&T's 4G LTE support will be the first top amount IP broadband support available to many clients.

Fiber to Multi-Tenant Business Structures. AT&T programs to proactively expand its linens system to arrive at an extra one thousand company client places – 50 % of the multi-tenant company buildings² in its wireline support place. AT&T desires the practical linens implementation to boost company income growth, speed up provisioning and assist in the installation of allocated antennas systems and small cell technology to help offload wireless system visitors.

Project VIP Supports New Development Initiatives

Expanding AT&T's 4G LTE system to 300 thousand individuals, combined with its leadership in mobile phones and data accessibility, provides a large foundation for the next wave of increase flexibility, including:

AT&T Digital Life. A national all IP-based house protection systems and automated support set to launch in 2013 that will let consumers manage their house from virtually any device - smart phone, tablet or PC.

Mobile Assumption Solutions. This new national support, available these days, is an alternative for wireline voice support and later on will include high-speed IP Internet data alternatives.

Mobile Pockets. AT&T is doing the ISIS cellular wallet partnership. Market tests are ongoing in Austin, tx, Tex. and Salt Pond City these days.

Connected Car. More than half of new vehicles are required to be easily linked by 2016. AT&T is placed to lead the market as the organization's abilities expand from vehicle diagnostics and real-time visitors up-dates to consumer-facing applications that tie into retail wireless subscriber data programs. AT&T already has offers with leading manufacturers such as Honda, Car and BMW.

With company clients, AT&T desires Venture VIP will enhance its capability to engage in multiple new billion-dollar businesses in four key growth areas: ideal system alternatives, reasoning, protection and flexibility alternatives.

Investment for Growth

Driven by Venture VIP and supposing a constant economic system, AT&T desires that during the investment period:

Earnings per share³ will develop in the mid-single-digit or better variety, with an chance of more powerful growth going ahead.

Consolidated income will develop to GDP plus 100 foundation factors. AT&T desires its growth motorists - wireless, wireline data and handled IT alternatives - will consist of 90 % of total income by 2016, up from about 80 % these days.

Consolidated edges will expand.

AT&T has taken significant steps to boost its capital structure and enhance its stability piece, which provides a financial ground to get for growth. Over the last three decades, the organization has decreased its financial debt by roughly $9 billion, has taken benefits of traditionally low prices to re-finance $20 billion in financial debt, and has decreased its price of financial debt by 60 foundation factors. AT&T recently registered a offer with the U.S. Department of Labor to play a role a preferred equity attention in its wireless company, appreciated at $9.5 billion, to the organization's retirement living trust, which will substantially boost the financed status of the strategy.

AT&T desires to boost its capital intensity to the top end of the mid-teens as a percentage of income in the next two decades, coming normal again stages in 2015. AT&T desires capital investing to be roughly $22 billion for each of the next three decades, then return to pre-Project VIP stages.

AT&T desires to finish this year its Dec 2010 discuss repurchase permission of 300 thousand stocks and to keep buy returning stocks as market conditions allow under its September 2012 300 thousand discuss repurchase permission. Through Oct 19, 2012, AT&T had repurchased 271 thousand stocks.

Over the next two decades, AT&T desires its net-debt-to-EBITDA amount to move from 1.42 at the end of third-quarter 2012, up to the 1.8 variety, aiming with lower attention costs and financial debt capacity. The organization desires this amount to trend returning down in 2015. The organization anticipates hitting the financial debt markets to take benefits of traditionally low prices, with a long-term goal of maintaining its credit score in the "A" variety or greater.

And AT&T remains dedicated to coming returning value to investors. Year to date the organization has came back more than $19.6 billion to investors through benefits and discuss repurchases. And these days, AT&T declared it boosts its every quarter results for the 29th successive season. The AT&T board of administrators improved the every quarter results amount from $0.44 to $0.45 a discuss on a every quarter foundation, which would be a rise from $1.76 to $1.80 a discuss on an annualized foundation. The results will be due on Feb. 1, 2013, to common stockholders of record on Jan. 10, 2013.
Source : AT&T

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