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Wahoo Debuts and fitness Debuts the RFLKT Bicycle Pc, the Globe's first iPhone Operated Riding a Powered Cycling Computer

Using Wireless 4.0 bikers can easily send cycling App information, pictures and employ details from their iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 to the handlebar installed RFLKT Bicycle Computer

Wahoo Debuts and fitness debuts the first iPhone powered cycling computer, the RFLKT Bicycle Pc. Using Wireless 4.0 motorcyclist can now transmit information from their iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 easily to the handlebar installed RFLKT. Wahoo Fitness' RFLKT is being demoed for the first time today at Interbike 2012 in Las Vegas, NV and will be available in the U.S this Dec.
Wahoo Fitness' RFLKT Bicycle Pc shows all the fitness tracking information and public networking abilities of the iPhone's top cycling Applications, making it available in a sleek, lightweight designated cycling computer. Cyclists consistently carry their iPhone in their returning shirt wallet for protection, as well as fitness App and GPS purposes. The handlebar installed RFLKT, easily gets all App information, pictures, and drive details from the iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 via Wireless 4.0. Equipped with management control buttons, bikers can operate their preferred cycling App, toggle between screens, start/stop clock and even management iPhone functionality such as music play-back, all from the RFLKT while the iPhone remains safely in a shirt wallet or bike installed pocket.

"Cyclists told us that they wanted their iPhone and cycling Applications at the center of their cycling experience, while still having a dedicated bike computer that could remain on the bike at all times. The RFLKT gives bikers the best of both planets," says Scott Stashak, head of marketing and sales for Wahoo Debuts and fitness. "Cyclists are carrying their iPhone in their returning shirt wallet for protection and tracking their drive using their preferred App anyway, why not use the iPhone to observe the exercise in real-time as well? The RFLKT uses the iPhone's powerful GPS, App information and public networking, switching it easily to a classic handlebar installed bike computer consistent with today's high-end street and bikes."

Wahoo Debuts and fitness has fully incorporated the iPhone into all aspects of cycling fitness. With Wahoo's amount & pedal rotation indicator for iPhone, hrm for iPhone, the recently revealed KICKR Energy Instructor and now the RFLKT iPhone Bicycle Pc, Wahoo customers can track and power their cycling with their iPhone on the street, the pathway and the trainer. Wahoo Fitness' iPhone cycling system allows customers to observe all the vitals including power, amount, pedal rotation, pulse amount, pace, distance, location, course and more.

RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer features include:

  • Wirelessly receives data, images and cycling App features from the iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 via low-energy Bluetooth 4.0
  • From the RFLKT cyclists can navigate screens, start/stop timer, control music playback and additional App features, while the iPhone remains securely in your jersey pocket or bike mounted compartment
  • Coin cell operated, requires no recharging with a battery life of 1 year.
  • Weighs 2 ounces and measures 2.4" L x 1.6" W x 0.5" H, making it lightweight and compact like the top bike computers on the market.
The Wahoo Fitness RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer will be available in December 2012 at a price TBD.

Cycling App Compatibility:

At launch, RFLKT will be compatible with top rated cycling App, Cyclemeter, as well as the Wahoo Fitness App, with more scheduled to roll out in the future. The RFLKT provides an always-on display and buttons that are intelligently integrated with Cyclemeter's features. RFLKT's pages can be configured to display more than 150 statistics that Cyclemeter captures in real-time, such as current heart rate, remaining interval time, or previous split average cadence. For more information on Cyclemeter visit

To request additional information on the RFLKT, please contact PR Representative Brad Hobbs at (305) 374-4404 x119 or by email at For more information on Wahoo Fitness, please visit and for a complete list of compatible Apps, please visit

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