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Triggertrap shows new Android operating system app

Triggertrap releases its Android operating system app, bringing the ability to induce SLR digital cameras from their mobile phones to an amazing number of Android operating system customers. Following the amazing achievements of the Triggertrap Cellular for iOS, flourishing digital photography lovers can now take their impressive digital photography skills to the next level, whatever their smart phone of choice.
By mixing the achievements from its previous items - the Kickstarter-funded Triggertrap v1, Triggertrap Protect for Arduino and Triggertrap Cellular for iOS - the team is increasing its current profile and is constantly on the innovator the digital camera leading to promote with items as opposed to any others. Triggertrap provides customers with impressive leading to solutions by providing an array of different methods to induce their digital SLR digital cameras from their Android operating system allowed mobile phones.

Haje Jan Kamps, CEO of Triggertrap feedback, "As soon as we released Triggertrap for iOS, we started perform on the Android operating system app. Triggertrap for Android operating system is the sensible next step in our plans to bring our impressive product to more cell phone devices. Following the huge achievements of Triggertrap for iOS, we're thrilled about the next stage, providing an amazing number of Android operating system customers the opportunity to take amazing pictures in never-before-seen methods."

Triggertrap Cellular for Android

Aimed at the popular digital photography industry, the Android operating system software is combined with a Triggertrap Cellular Dongle, a components system allowing digital photography lovers to hook up their mobile phones to SLR digital cameras. At the primary of the Android operating system app, indicates you will have a portable system which you can carry in your pocket and catch action as it happens.

Not content with just being a wire release, the Triggertrap Cellular for Android operating system app comes with eight different methods, giving customers the opportunity to easily take a wide range of pictures, such as five different timelapse methods, long-exposure HDR methods and 'star trail' digital photography method. The timelapse methods consist of Reduced Timelapse, which enables digital photography lovers to take timelapse places which consist of speeding, and Light Ramping timelapses; perfect for shooting ultra-smooth timelapse places of sunrises and florida sunsets.

Triggertrap Cellular Dongle v2

Photokina 2012 will see the release of the Triggertrap Cellular Dongle v2. This new edition of the mobile device works with both iOS and Android operating system. Offering a total of nine different digital camera connections indicates that the Cellular Dongle v2 works more than 280 different digital cameras, while a new slimline hook up will help you to use together with smart phone cases. Faster than the unique Cellular Dongle v1, the new v2 will cost £19.00 (US$29.99), which includes a digital camera connection wire. Triggertrap Cellular Dongle v2 will deliver towards the end of Sept.

Triggertrap Mobile for iOS

Triggertrap Mobile for iOS* has proved to be a huge success, with over 50,000 downloads from the App Store, and thousands of Mobile Dongles have been sold to date. Triggertrap Mobile for iOS is available as a free version (available from, with three of the modes from the full version of the app. The paid-for version costs £6.99 ($9.99 – and includes thirteen different modes. From version 1.4, launching at the end of September, Triggertrap Mobile for iOS will be available in a number of languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian and Dutch. Soon after, it will be available in Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

The Android* app costs £2.99 (US$4.99). Users will need a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle (£15.80 / US$24.99) and a matching cable (£6.30 / US$9.99). A dongle and cable bundle costs just £19.00 (US$29.99).

For more detailed information, please visit The Android app will be available to download from Amazon Appstore for Android and from Google Play from 14th September 2012.

*Requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher

SOURCE : Triggertrap

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