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Suitable Technology Presents Beam Remote Existence System

Suitable Technology today presented Beam Remote Existence Program (RPS). Suitable designed Gleam to allow people to journey immediately to remote places using video conference meetings on a mobile foundation. Gleam helps people to be more effective and efficient, all while removing journey costs.

The Beam Remote Existence System

The Beam Remote Existence Program includes three components: the Beam Remote Existence Device (RPD), the Gleam Customer and the Gleam Connect.

The Gleam RPD is your actual presence in the world. Battery power abilities the Gleam for up to eight hours of active use and has the automotive abilities at individual walking rate – with a top rate of 1.5 measures per second. Gleam appears 62" high, is 95 pounds, and has a 17" screen, allowing the pilot's experience to be seen at individual size. Smooth connection is provided by 4 Wi-Fi receivers (2.4/5 GHz) and exclusive methods to easily handle changes between access points. Gleam has two HD cameras to provide a wide field of view, both top to bottom and horizontally; a six-microphone array for spatialized sound, background disturbance reduction, and replicate cancellation; a innovative speakers in order to be heard in loud environments; and LED lights to allow operation in low light.

The Gleam Customer joins to the Gleam RPD and provides incorporated manages for driving, movie, and sound. The consumer is available for download as an installation software on both Windows and Mac OS X.

The third component is the Gleam Connect, which charges the RPD's battery power. The car owner techniques the RPD directly into the boat docking station without any regional involvement to get connected to the automobiles.

"Technology has developed to the point where business no longer has to determine the use of a person," according to Scott Hassan, CEO of Suitable Technology. "Audio and interactive movie have made good progress here, but our goal is to develop something where an individual can journey immediately. With Gleam, career doesn't have to determine place."

With the growth in spread workforces, Suitable anticipates early adopters to come from those businesses with remote technicians or knowledge workers. These people can then choose their company based not on the address of the organization head office, but on the business of their preference. Expertly, people want the best, most interesting job possible, but professional objectives and individual objectives are often at odds when it comes to place. With the release of Gleam, features that are more personally attractive such as close relatives, regional educational institutions, real estate prices, or outdoor interests can be equally calculated against the features of a particular career.

Suitable Technology is a spinoff from the individual robotics organization Willow Garage area. Gleam began as a DIY effort called Project Texai that was initially developed to improve the experience and efficiency of Facilities Goecker, an online worker of Willow Garage area.

Dallas, now a Mature Electrical Professional at Suitable, lives in In where he wants residing costs, school system, and close relatives support without having to compromise the face-to-face interaction and ad hoc interaction with his co-workers in Rubber Area.

According to Facilities, "Living in In and working in Rubber Area via Gleam isn't just the best of both planets, it is both planets."

Suitable Executive Team

The Suitable Executive team is comprised of Scott Hassan, CEO; Milan Bhalala, Director of Operations; Bo Preising, VP of Engineering; and Josh Tyler, Director of Software Engineering.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the Beam Remote Presence System begins at $16,000 for the Beam RPD and $950 for the Beam Dock. The Beam Remote Presence System is available immediately for pre-order at and will begin shipping in November.

About Suitable Technologies
The Beam Remote Presence System is manufactured at Suitable headquarters in Palo Alto, California. For more information on Suitable, please visit and follow us on Twitter @suitabletech

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