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No cables, no hassle, no compromise – Libratone presents a truly convenient AirPlay® speaker

Libratone today declares the first ever truly no-compromise and hassle-free wifi presenter, the Libratone Zipp.
An attractive and compact convenient presenter, the Libratone Zipp is the first and only system to provide the performance and comfort of AirPlay without the need for a Wi-Fi system and complicated installation thanks to Libratone's all-new PlayDirectTM technological advancement.
With the battery-powered Libratone Zipp, you are able to take wifi high-end sound to the outside world, removing the need to be close to a wifi system. A full charge provides up to eight time of fun time wired and up to four time using the wifi relationship.

The stylish Libratone Zipp not only gives anyone the independence of songs anywhere, at any time, it also functions adjustable fleece coat protects in eight stunning colors to suit all preferences and events. As with the rest of the Libratone item close relatives, the Libratone Zipp performs easily with iPad, iPhone, iPod contact and Mac, as well as PC.

"We wanted to style a presenter that creates high-end sound convenient and truly wifi," says Tommy Andersen, CEO of Libratone. "Similar to a pair of headsets, Libratone Zipp follows you wherever you go – around the house, to work, in the park or on holiday. PlayDirect technological advancement creates Libratone Zipp a wifi, out of the box item - setting your songs no cost has never been this easy!"
AirPlay, evolved!

An interesting advancement developed especially for Libratone Zipp; PlayDirectTM technological advancement creates it possible to flow songs with or without the need for an in-home Wi-Fi system. This Libratone-only function is an easy-to-use, ideal solution for a picnic, camping visits and other outdoor activities.

PlayDirectTM performs together with AirPlay technological advancement, creating a direct Wi-Fi relationship between the Libratone Zipp and any suitable system, such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or computer. Whether connected through Airplay or using PlayDirectTM, Libratone Zipp is instantly ready to provide a high-quality sound encounter.

Contemporary style and color

The smooth Libratone Zipp offers a modern style with a Scandinavian history and a spectrum shade selection, such as Great sodium Dull, Spice up Dark, Blueberry Yellow-colored, Strawberry Red, Interest White, Plum Green, Fuel Azure and Icy Azure. Libratone's attribute fine German fleece coat protects are traded independently and are simple and fast to modify. Additionally, the simple presenter functions a natural leather handle for simple mobility.

A 360° sound experience

FullRoomTM technological advancement is a 360-degree songs created by specially engineered individuals inside the Libratone Zipp. As opposed to traditional sound system, which have a "sweet spot" directly at the front side of the presenter, FullRoomTM technological advancement disperses sound in all guidelines for an unequalled encounter – no matter where the audience happens to be.

Contrary to regular sound system, Libratone Zipp doesn't have a back or front side significance that everyone around it is enclosed by songs. To further improve the songs encounter, you can obtain the Libratone app that allows for personalization of the sound.

"The round form of Libratone Zipp is an example of how they can go side in side. The cyndrical tube form along with the FullRoom technological advancement creates Libratone Zipp a social presenter, such as everyone in the songs encounter," says Kristian Krøyer, creative home at Libratone. "The cover modify function also creates Libratone Zipp a long-lasting style item."

Libratone Zipp wearing Great sodium Dull or Strawberry Red is marketed specifically at The apple company Stores and The apple company On the internet from Oct 2012 and sells for $399

Libratone Zipp also comes in 3-pack-color bins with two extra fleece coat zip-on protects included. The stylish Traditional Color Selection functions Libratone Zipp in Spice up Dark, Fuel Azure & Strawberry Red and the fresh Trendy Color Selection includes Spice up Dark, Interest White & Blueberry Yellow-colored protects. The Libratone collection bins are traded generally in retail an internet-based from Oct 2012 and sells for $449

Also available in the Libratone AirPlay close relatives is Libratone Living room, a true hi-fi replacement for your living room area, and Libratone Live a flexible AirPlay presenter and champion of the CES Enhancements 2012 Design and Technological advancement Prize.

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