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intelligent forstars: An amazing drive-in movies experience

smart is reaching for the celebrities. With the concept automobile intelligent forstars the urban global product is hitting the sensors of a target group that is at home in the places around the globe. The electronically driven intelligent forstars is an SUC (Sports Utility Coupé) with room for two individuals and plenty of stowage place. Its name is a tongue-in-cheek referrals to the cup ceiling above the travelers that gives a clear perspective of the starry sky. Simultaneously it hints at the amusing concept of developing videos clip projector in the top part hood. This allows the work of film celebrities to be in an instant shared with buddies whenever they want.
The intelligent forstars will be was released at the London Engine Display 2012. The show in the fashionable People from france capital is a regional event for intelligent as the brand's development facility is located in Hambach, Lorraine. Huge of the significant coupé is also a referrals to the location around the globe elite. It is coloured in the luxurious color "alubeam rouge" that makes an attractive comparison to the he metal titanium color of the tridion safety mobile. And thanks to the 60 kW magneto-electric motor from the new intelligent BRABUS power generate, the zero-emission intelligent forstars is nimble and vibrant.

smart boss Dr Annette Winkler says: "The intelligent is Europe's most inexpensive series-produced power car. Not only is it emission-free and fast, it is also possible to ideally set the perfect internal temperature in advance with a smart phone, and it is simple to charge at a domestic plug. What's more, with its highly effective power supply and incorporated projector the intelligent forstars can transform any dull backyard into an cartoon open-air movies."

The lightweight intelligent forstars (length/width/height: 3550/1710/1505 mm) is therefore not only a flexibility concept with ample place for two individuals and a nice freight box under the cup end gate, it is also a interaction concept that needs no more than a no cost house wall for a natural movie encounter. The press player of the projector incorporated in the top part hood is operated via Bluetooth® from an iPhone®. A high-quality stereo audio with extra speakers in the air flow opportunities behind the doors allows the drive-in movies encounter to be mastered for buddies as well.

The external design: vibrant and helpful with incredibly brief overhangs

The intelligent forstars is immediately recognisable as a member of the intelligent family, yet it also functions stunning new functions – and not only its outline offers a look at smart's future style idiom. It meets the audience with a cheap london escorts grin on its helpful yet confident face.
The rhombic style of the top part and back lights is very stunning. External rings light up the signs and day time running lights with a huge number of LEDs. The lights seem to push in an outward direction like arrows – like drains on the cabin window of an airplane as it requires off.
The "eyebrows" above the top part headlamps are just one of many of the adoringly created new details. They give the headlamps a new U-shaped look. The clear red sun peak above the windshield requires up this concept and gives the coupé an even more go street position. The end lights can even be started out. The asking for plug for the high-voltage power supply is found inside the right-hand end light, whilst the left-hand one has place for a drink can.

The study has a longer wheelbase than the current intelligent fortwo (2470 mm/plus 603 mm) and a broader track (front 1475 mm/plus 193 mm, back 1475 mm/plus 90 mm) and these also emphasize the confident look. Simultaneously the incredibly brief overhangs at the top part and back make it extremely lightweight. All four tires have been placed at the outer sides of our bodies – a typical intelligent feature.
The intelligent forstars stocks the main functions of its body system with the intelligent for-us, which caused quite a mix at the Detroit Engine Display at the beginning of the year. The intelligent forstars, too, functions convex and sensuously formed body system areas. The big product symbol is happily carried on the grill, and the top part has a noticeable three-dimensional style. Where move cars have an air information on the hood, on the intelligent forstars videos clip projector is incorporated here as an interesting emphasize.

There is a convex cup coupé ceiling above the passengers' heads. It connects easily with the cup protect over the freight box which reveals up-wards. Like the intelligent for-us, the lower tailboard at the back can also be started out electronically. To start with, the end gate glides down in a similar position, then the freight floor including tailboard creases by 280 mm. The freight on the 900 mm freight box is then incredibly accessible.

Shiny black cuts that continue below the part dresses emphasize the rim cutouts. The intelligent forstars comes on Michelin activities tires calculating 245/35 ZR 21. The side nut protects of the three-spoke tires are an attractive detail.
The fantastic, vibrant character of the intelligent forstars is also stressed by a stunning and officially very complex red alubeam finish. "Alubeam rouge" has a wet look that provides an exciting and very modern comparison to the he and remarkably metal appearance of the titanium-coloured tridion mobile.

The interior: fashionable, straightforward and individual

Sleek, firm areas in mother-of-pearl bright combined with precisely designed technical efficient components in applied aluminum – the internal is classified by differences. Huge "alubeam rouge" that is also used as an feature color in the internal makes a link to the external. Stylish, straightforward, highly efficient and simple to individualise – the two chairs in the concept car are typically intelligent. The chair seashells, which are start in the middle, are covered with a soft fabric throw providing them a hammock-like sitting feel. The graphic components and different red shades of the protects indicate a development and thus underline the anticipating the waves and the very fashionable aspect of the automobile.

As the protects can be eliminated in next to little time, simple individualisation with other tosses is possible. Practical: when the chair protect on the traveler part is eliminated, long items can be loaded through the chair of the intelligent forstars. The chairs are reduce with high-quality bright bag set with beautiful bright pipes. Pierced set in the door panelling forms a further sophisticated comparison and emphasises the top excellent of the materials used.

Like the intelligent forvision and the intelligent for-us, the whole cabin functions streamlined design for internal air flow. The control and display components are focused to the car owner. Just as the cabin component separates the device panel, the two-spoke rim is start at the top.
In place of a conventional rear-view reflection the intelligent forstars functions a smart phone covered in a holder at the top of the windshield. The car owner can see what is happening on the street behind with the help of a camera. The smart phone also works as a press source and manages the projector. Stowage spaces to the remaining and right of the high-quality freight box fitted with aluminum rails offer extra stowage place.

Electric generate – driving fun with zero regional emissions

The power generate of the intelligent forstars is based on the innovative generate concept of the intelligent fortwo BRABUS power generate. Compared to the model of the intelligent power generate the outcome of the magneto-electric motor has been increased to 60 kW, providing the intelligent forstars nimble and vibrant performance. With 135 Newton meters of twisting it functions highly effective, lag-free speeding and can surpass other vehicles with the greatest of ease. The automobile has a top speed of more than 130 km/h and the lithium-ion power supply has a capacity of 17.6 kWh.

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