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Carbonite Cellular App Launches to Help Safeguard Cellular Material and Devices

Carbonite, Inc. leading provider of online back-up solutions for clients and minor businesses, these days announced a new mobile app that extends Carbonite's signature details security capabilities to cell mobile phone gadgets. Carbonite Cellular allows clients to returning up the pics and vids on their cell mobile phone gadgets to the reasoning, and also contains functions that secure a customer's cell mobile phone and private details in the occasion of reduction or fraud.
A recent study from Wakefield Research and Carbonite* reveals that 57 % of Americans have missing cell mobile phone details and 51 % have accidentally removed images from their mobile phone. Carbonite Cellular was designed to help solve these common problems while offering increased security for the private details on cell mobile phone gadgets, which is vulnerable to fraud, reduction and damage to it or accidental removal.

"Carbonite is a brand clients trust to secure their useful, often-irreplaceable digital data files. With the Carbonite Cellular app, we are using our back-up and security expertise to ensure cell mobile phone clients can also secure their essential pics and vids – no matter where they are created or stored," said Swami Kumaresan, EVP of New Ventures, Carbonite. "Each day, more and more of us are storing our priceless photographs and once-in-a-lifetime movie moments on our cell mobile phone gadgets, and now Carbonite makes it very easy to secure the details as well."

The new Carbonite Cellular app contains three distinct functions to make it simple and easy for cell mobile phone clients to maintain and secure their mobile devices:
Backup - This function lets clients returning up the full resolution pics and vids located on their iOS or Android operating system system securely to the reasoning. Carbonite Cellular also archives any pics and vids accidently removed from the cell mobile phone so the individual can download it returning to their mobile phone through the app.

Device Protection - This function - available exclusively for Android operating system - allows clients to secure their cell mobile phone and private details in the occasion of fraud or being misplaced by locating, locking, ringing or "destroying" it.

  • Locate: Uses the Android operating system lamps built-in location services to track its approximate position
  • Ring: This "scream" function causes the Android operating system system to emit a sound, even when set to silent or vibrate, so a individual can find it when it's within earshot
  • Lock: Adds a passcode to the Android operating system system for extra security
  • Destroy: Remotely wipes a customer's private details (include SD card) from an Android operating system system, restoring it to factory settings

Access - This function enables clients to perspective the data files supported up from each of the gadgets (mobile, PCs and Macs) that Carbonite protects. For example, a individual could accessibility movie clips on their iPhone from their iPad or Android operating system tablet using the Access function. Carbonite Home online back-up clients can perspective and share their supported up computer data files from their cell mobile phone as previously, but now can accessibility their mobile photo and movie back-up as well.
"For years, our clients have enjoyed satisfaction knowing the material of their computers are protected. Now they can feel the same way about their cell mobile phone gadgets, which is especially essential due to the individual nature of smart phone content. Carbonite Cellular clients can take extra comfort in the point that we can help them easily identify, secure or wipe their gadgets," continued Kumaresan.

Surprisingly, the study from Carbonite also exposed that many cell mobile phone clients (33%) mentioned they are not backing up their mobile images because they "don't know how to or it's too complicated" and 20% mentioned they "don't have time." The study further exposed how useful mobile submissions are to today's smart phone users:
Mobile Cameras Create More Precious Memories: Nowadays, 56% of smart phone owners use their phone's digital camera more than their actual digital camera, yet 62% with digital camera mobile phones don't returning up their images to another system, leaving them at risk to reduction from removal, system malfunction or even fraud.

Mobile Material is Worth Safeguarding: Twenty-five % of those surveyed would be willing to pay more than $100 to find their cell mobile phone and get returning all of its material – from images to private details, noting that contacts (58%) and pics and vids (34%) would be more upsetting to lose than downloaded content such as apps and music (8%). Additionally, 23% would be embarrassed if their mother were to look through their lamps images or text messages.
Device Users will go to Extremes: Users indicated it's not about the mobile phone itself; it's what's on the mobile phone that they care most about. Actually, 3 in 5 adults with digital camera mobile phones (60%) are willing to give up at least one thing to obvious their mobile phone of individual images, text messages and details if their mobile phone was missing or stolen – those under 40 are most willing to give up Facebook for monthly (32%) or alcohol for monthly (31%) to obvious their mobile phone of individual items.


Carbonite Mobile is available now for free for iOS and Android devices and can easily be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play Store. For current Carbonite Home online backup customers, the App will also allow them to access their protected Carbonite files.

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*Study conducted by Carbonite and Wakefield Research in Q2 2012.

SOURCE : App Store . Google Play

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