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Autographer: Presenting the first intelligent, wearable camera

OMG Lifestyle today declares the release of Autographer, a new type of dslr electronic camera that will change the way we think about digital photography.

Autographer – available to purchase in Nov 2012 – is a hands-free, automated electronic camera that can catch a large number of images a day through a customized wide-angle contacts, allowing customers to 'see the unseen'.

Autographer uses five on-board receptors and GPS ability to recognize local plumber take images, based on changes in light and color, movement, route and heat range. For example, Autographer might catch an picture when the person wearing them connections up as they run for the bus, goes from a warm pub to a cold road or changes around to introducing a friend.
All the person wearing them has to do is put it on and go, and at the end of the day, watch their 'unseen' minutes open up through organic, unforeseen images and stop-frame video clips, disclosing a amazing new take on their world.

Simon Randall, Head of OMG Lifestyle, says, "The beauty of Autographer is that you don't have to quit to take images or spend your day looking at life through a contacts. You can live your encounters to the full while Autographer in an instant records the encounters that happen all around you.

"Photos are an excellent way to papers and discuss activities, but they can sometimes be a bit foreseen with the same postcard opinions and presented happiness – directing a electronic camera contacts at individuals often changes the material of when. Photography lovers go to excellent measures to catch life in an genuine and organic way and see the Autographer as an excellent new way of quickly doing this."

Simon contributes, "We've invested lots of your energy and energy creating our wide-angle eye-view contacts which is at the heart of the Autographer's story-telling ability. It gives a exclusive first-person viewpoint that allows the person wearing them to tell their tale uninhibited as they see it.

"Imagine it – your wedding day from a new position, your kid's first wedding taken for posterity, the scene of a event in all its wonder or a amazing viewpoint on an Africa opera, even your pattern path to work planned.

"Individual images offer a amazing piece of life, while an Autographer stop-frame video lets you experience a whole daily activity in just a few minutes. It's not just a new electronic camera but a whole new photo strategy."

Autographer's receptors catch meta-data together with the images, significance customers can restore a exclusive electronic record of their day – where they were, where they went, even what the heat range was.

They can then viewpoint and discuss their Autographer images at the mobile, or quickly create story-telling mementoes such as GIFs and stop-frame video clips using the Autographer modifying software. Wireless connection also allows customers to quickly obtain their injections while on the move.

Simon contributes, "Autographer doesn't just quickly catch images, it records encounters. This offers unlimited opportunities for creatives and experts too. As the device is hands-free and wearable, it's more flexible than a traditional electronic camera in many circumstances; it's only restricted by the creativity of the person wearing them.

"It's an ideal device for the foreign reporter on task, the specialist seeking to papers their impressive trip or the art home seeking to catch the tale behind the picture capture."

Autographer is created by Oxford Analytics Group (OMG), the Academia Award®-winning company behind some of the most innovative motion-capture and picture handling technology.

Simon Randall says, "Since 2009, OMG has been accountable for creating Windows SenseCam technological innovation, a wearable electronic camera that instantly records a large number of images a day. Promoted as Vicon D ? ? ¨¬, it has proven of excellent value to individuals with memory incapacity, helping them restore 'lost' reminiscences and handle their life more successfully.

"However, we always considered this 'moment capture' technological innovation could have much broader programs, which is why we're so thrilled to release Autographer. We are greatly looking forward to seeing the impressive ways in which individuals will use Autographer to catch the hidden minutes of lifestyle and the impressive outcome this will motivate."

Autographer will be available to buy online via in Nov.

Autographer's five receptors and GPS

Accelerometer: measures how quickly or slowly the Autographer is accelerating.
Colour sensor: Autographer's 'eye', perceiving light and brightness and adjusting the image accordingly.
Magnetometer: determines which direction the camera is facing.
PIR: motion detector that uses infrared light to sense moving objects.
Temperature: inbuilt thermometer, measuring ambient temperature.
GPS: Autographer's locator pinpointing the camera's position on earth.

Technical specifications*

All glass wide-angle precision optics; 136o field of view
OLED display
8GB internal memory
5 Megapixels
Fixed focus
Weight 58g
Width 37.4mm (with side buttons); length 90mm (95.5mm with lanyard ring); thickness 22.9mm (with clip and lens)

Source : Autographer

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