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Amazon Clients in the UK Can Now Appreciate Their Music Everywhere With the Release of Amazon Reasoning Gamer for Android operating system, iPhone and iPod Contact, and Web – All Available Starting Today

Amazon expands its popular "Buy Once, Appreciate Everywhere" content environment to the UK these days declared the launch of Amazon Reasoning Gamer, allowing people to safely shop music in the cloud and perform it on any Android operating system phone, Android operating system product, Amazon kindle Flame, Amazon kindle Flame HD, iPhone, iPod Contact, Mac or PC – wherever they happen to be. Clients can get started at, where they can easily transfer their music using Reasoning Gamblers new check out and match technology. Clients' iTunes and Windows Media Gamer music collections are looked at and paths are equalled up to more than 20 million music paths in Amazon's catalog. All equalled up songs are instantly stored in high-quality 256 Killerbytes per second audio. All Amazon MP3 buys – such as music that customers bought previously – are instantly stored to Reasoning Gamer for no cost, which indicates that customers have a secure back-up copy of the MP3s they buy from Amazon, cost-free.
"Millions of US clients are already using Amazon Reasoning Gamer to pay attention to their music everywhere, on their preferred devices, such as Amazon kindle Flame, Android operating system mobile phone devices and pills, iPhones, iPod Variations, Apples and PCs. We're thrilled to bring this same comfort to Amazon music customers in the UK," said Greg Greeley, Vice Chief executive of EU Retail at Amazon. "The launch of Reasoning Gamer in the UK indicates that customers can buy anywhere, perform anywhere, and keep all of their music in one place without the need for continuous software up-dates, or pushes and cords to move and manage their music."

Cloud Gamer is available in a Free level and a Top quality level. Reasoning Gamer Free customers can shop 250 paths from their PC or Mac to Reasoning Gamer, at no cost. Reasoning Gamer Top quality customers can shop 250,000 paths in Reasoning Gamer for an yearly fee of £21.99. Amazon-purchased MP3s do not depend against the 250 or 250,000-track boundaries and are added to both Free and Top quality Reasoning Gamer collections at no cost.

Adding Music to Cloud Player

Amazon scans customers' iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries and matches tracks on their computers to eligible tracks from more than 20 million in Amazon's track catalogue. All matched tracks– even music purchased from iTunes or imported from CDs – are instantly made available in Cloud Player and are upgraded for free to high-quality 256 Kbps audio. Scan and match supports several file types, including MP3, AAC, WMA (Windows only), OGG, WAV, Apple Lossless (MacOS only), AIFF, and FLAC.

Enjoying Music Everywhere

  • Cloud Player for Web

Customers who have a computer with a Web browser can listen to their music. Cloud Player for Web currently supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for Mac and Chrome. Cloud Player for Web enables customers to easily organise their music, and gives both download and streaming options for playback.

  • Cloud Player for Android

Cloud Player for Android is simply included in the new version of the MP3 App, which includes the full Amazon MP3 Store and the mobile version of Cloud Player. Customers can use the app to play music stored on their Cloud Player and music stored locally on their device. Features include the ability to search and browse by artist, album or track, create playlists and download music from Cloud Player to the device for offline playback.

  • Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod Touch

Amazon Cloud Player is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch. The app allows customers to stream or download music stored in Cloud Player to their iPhone or iPod Touch, play music that is already stored on their device, and manage or create playlists. Features include the ability to search and browse by artist, album or track, create playlists and download music from Cloud Player to the iPhone or iPod Touch for offline playback.

  • Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD

The all-new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are coming to the UK, backed by Amazon's Vast Content Ecosystem and Cross-Platform Interoperability. With apps available on the largest number of devices and platforms, Kindle makes it easier than ever for customers to access content anytime, anywhere, including their music with the Amazon Cloud Player.

  • Securely Storing Music in the Cloud

Customers never need to worry about losing their music collection to a hard drive crash again. Files are securely stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Customers can buy Amazon MP3s anywhere and know that their MP3s are safely stored in Cloud Player and accessible from any device.

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