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Koss Presents STRIVA: Globe's First Wi-Fi Earphone Program to Receive Songs Immediately from the Internet

Koss Organization (NASDAQ SYMBOL: KOSS), the U.S.- centered designer of the first SP3 Stereophone in 1958, has revealed STRIVA, a modern new headphone and in-ear observe system with Wi-Fi technical innovation that gets music from the Online without cables.

"54 decades ago my father totally changed individual hearing with the first Koss SP3 stereophone," Eileen J. Koss, Chief executive and CEO said. "Today, thanks to the Online, the trend is in the air. Now all of songs can be streaming from the Online to our new earphones and in-ear screens without cables using Koss STRIVA technical innovation."

Michael J. Koss described that the STRIVA development project started nearly four decades ago and produced three significant technical improvements. They are STRIVA Primary, MyKOSS online hosting server and STRIVA CAP.

First, the STRIVA Primary is a small battery-powered pc that functions as a web hosting server in addition to an variety of Wi-Fi elements powerful enough to make any system wifi. The STRIVA Core's Wi-Fi engine and micro-processor elements are small enough to colony on the surface of a U.S. penny. The STRIVA Primary is built into all STRIVA items, such as the Koss STRIVA PRO earphones and in-ear Koss STRIVA TAPs being launched these days.

The second cutting-edge is the MyKOSS hosting server, developed to link easily with STRIVA items and hook up them to remote Online delivering sites. The MyKOSS foundation includes exclusive application developed to check out the Online for thousands of free channels and programs that produce music and audio articles. The MyKOSS hosting server functions as a change to immediate the STRIVA earphones to the proper river according to "listener-customized" music programs. The STRIVA-enabled headphone gets these unique address guidelines from the MyKOSS hosting server and links the headphone straight to music channels using available wifi accessibility factors.

Finally, all STRIVA items involve the STRIVA CAP or Content Access Factor. This matchbook- scaled wifi accessibility point transforms music from a mobile phone, ipod or pc into a electronic TCP/IP collection and sends it straight to STRIVA-enabled earphones or in-ear screens using Wi-Fi. The STRIVA CAP can be used along with a wifi wireless router for electronic relationships throughout the Online, or it can be used to make a immediate regional wifi relationship whenever a Wi-Fi wireless router or hot spot is inaccessible.

"The Online has been publishing music for over 10 decades," Michael J. Koss ongoing. "Now our STRIVA Wi-Fi technical innovation will free music fans who can lastly cut the cable and enjoy their recommended music anywhere, at any time, without cables."

STRIVA TAP in-ear screens and STRIVA PRO full-sized earphones are the first STRIVA items being presented by Koss.

STRIVA TAP is a tiny in-ear observe calculating only 1.5 inches wide in length. As opposed to other in-ear wireless solutions, each pair of stereo system STRIVA TAPs does not require cables hidden in a scarf to hook up the left and right earpieces together. Instead, micro-processors in each ear piece constantly connect the music to ensure excellent stereo system audio is regenerated constantly in both hearing.

STRIVA TAP allows users to management their hearing experience using modern capacitive contact manages on the face of it. Its ultra-compact dimension and state-of-the-art style make it ideal for those on the go.

For those that desire an over-the-ear headphone model, Koss has presented STRIVA PRO, which includes superior audio excellent with stylish style. STRIVA PRO features gesture-based manages on the ear cup, enabling audience members to manage both route and amount choices with the film of a option or run of a kids finger. STRIVA PRO also collapses flat for storage and mobility.

Both STRIVA PRO and STRIVA TAP involve a STRIVA CAP that attaches into any headphone port. STRIVA CAP makes an additional regional music route for those who desire enjoying their own individual music collections or music applications like The planet pandora or Spotify. The STRIVA CAP attaches into any mobile phone, pc, radio programs or MP3 gamer with a headphone port.

"We developed the STRIVA system with a specific focus on customization," Michael J. Koss said.
"We developed a foundation that allows audience members to make their own music programs, according to their choices, using MyKOSS alternatives to narrow music by category, specialist, or several years. Once the route is set up, audience members can simply press a option or contact a indicator to send a thumbs up or thumbs down back to the MyKOSS hosting server to slightly 'fine tune' the articles sent to their customized programs. Both models feature a new capacitive contact management style that allows the audience to change amount, change programs or jump channels with a simple run or tap."

All STRIVA items involve accessibility the MyKOSS music management system moving out in Try out form at plenty of duration of the affiliate marketing.

The MyKOSS site can be utilized with any standard Technique like Traveler, Firefox or Opera using any mobile phone, item, or pc that has accessibility the Online. Once an consideration is developed, the STRIVA items are mated to the individual consideration and sent unique guidelines on recommended wifi accessibility factors close by when away from house or the office.

Custom programs are developed depending on the listener's choices and continue to be updated
and enhanced whenever the audience music in. Koss has also developed a selection of alternatives for the headphone fall and option manages that the individual can slightly change on the item itself through the MyKOSS website. Improved firmware for the new configurations is given through Wi-Fi to the STRIVA items.

"There have been many statements about house systems and items that use the same radio programs indication band as Wi-Fi," Koss ongoing. "The Koss STRIVA item is the first wifi Wi-Fi system of its kind in the world. STRIVA-enabled earphones and in-ear screens are the first items to make a immediate relationship to the Online without devoting a pc, mobile phone, ipod or item to the task of collecting and offering music to you. STRIVA Primary is the first Wi-Fi permitted pc that you wear on your head, and the MyKOSS hosting server application is the first operator system of its type to exist in the reasoning. It is not reliant on an individualized link, sending system or pre-determined limited unique network. It operates on the current Online central source. This means
you can take your Koss STRIVA earphones - all on their own - to any public Wi-Fi hot spot and keep in touch to the music you love. Nsa. The Revolution is in the air."

Koss STRIVA items are being produced at the Koss manufacturer in the U.S. and are available
exclusively at

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