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Dolby Atmos Is the Upcoming of Enjoyment Sound

CinemaCon 2012-Dolby Labs, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) today declared Dolby® Atmos, a new sound foundation that will change the encounter of sound in entertainment. Establishing in the cinema, Dolby Atmos provides a more natural and genuine sound-field, which conveys individuals into the story with a natural, neurological encounter.

For the first time, Dolby Atmos presents a multiple approach to preparing and redirects sound as powerful things that embrace the audience, along with programs for play-back. Dolby Atmos enables flexible making to ensure that the play-back encounter is as close as possible to the creator's original perspective in any given atmosphere, regardless of the specific presenter settings in the play-back atmosphere.

"Dolby Atmos is our most significant advancement in years and symbolizes the long run to keep things interesting sound in cinema," said Kevin Yeaman, Chief professional and Primary Executive Officer, Dolby Labs. "We have utilized our deep ideas into how individuals hear and encounter sound to encourage filmmakers, companies, and participants with new technology that changes storytelling."

Dolby Atmos is an end-to-end solution that considers the entire articles pipe and brings together appliances, companies, and suppliers to create extraordinary upgrades in the sound encounter. The Dolby Atmos foundation provides articles designers with a new creative independence to tell their testimonies. It shortens movie submission with a single worldwide package to deliver to viewers the full impact of the artists purpose, regardless of cinema settings.

For Content Creators

Dolby Atmos provides a new level of creative management to audio developers and appliances by getting married to present-day familiar channel-based preparing methods with the adaptability of powerful audio object-based preparing. The versatility of object-based preparing provides total management over location and activity of individual appears to be or "objects" anywhere within a cinema environment.

"Dolby Atmos brings a completely new sizing to the film soundtrack. To be able to move appears to be anywhere in the cinema, and to also make conditions that encompass and inspire an viewers, is effective," said Scott Trees, the Academia Award®-winning re-recording machine at Park Road Post Production.

Dolby Atmos works with the same tools that audio developers and appliances currently favor, allowing them to properly make highly powerful content. Using illustrative meta-data about how the audio should be replayed, Dolby Atmos consistently produces history 5.1-and 7.1-channel blends instantly, thus not spend during postproduction. Mixers can observe and modify these editions quickly and quickly switch between them to confirm that everything performs as intended in all cases.

For Studios and Distributors

Dolby Atmos is developed to fit into current features workflows with little effect on the routine. It allows studios to writer once and boost play-back everywhere, removing the need for several list experts. Submission is simple with a single Electronic Theatre Program (DCP) expert, which can then be consistently made at play-back in a way that is separate of route depend or presenter place.

"China Film Team requires a eager interest in the progression of Dolby's new audio foundation," said Chen Fei, CTO, Chinese suppliers Film Team Organization. "Our postproduction features are already well on the way for us to integrate Dolby Atmos into our films, and we plan to generate a film this season using the Dolby Atmos structure."

For Exhibitors

Dolby Atmos uses information about the presenter structure and sound play-back abilities of the cinema to figure out how best to provide the audio, providing constant and enhanced play-back that will audio as close to the unique creative purpose as is possible for that particular atmosphere. Release of the Dolby Atmos foundation to the market provides a powerful, only-in-a-theatre experience to viewers.

"We have been working with Dolby for more than a season on this effort, and we are very satisfied with this new foundation," said Dan Huerta, Vice Chief executive, Electronic Systems, AMC Cinemas. "A solution like Dolby Atmos requires a modern and realistic strategy to cinema audio, rivaling anything the market had been able to achieve in a cinema atmosphere."

"Wanda was among the first to listen to the trial of Dolby Atmos," said Ye Ning, Common Administrator, Amanda Cinemaline Organization. "The impact was fantastic and it is a real cutting-edge. We believe it will carry individuals a company new moviegoing encounter."

"We have been incredibly satisfied with the new Dolby Atmos foundation and the truly gorgeous additional sizing it provides to filmmakers and viewers," said François Ivernel, Film Manufacturer and Chairman, Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé. "For a huge cinema team like Gaumont Pathé, the scalability of the remedy is a considerable phase for the market. With auditoriums of different styles, a structure that can perform with such incredibly organic excellent in any cinema atmosphere is incredibly attractive."

Initially, Dolby will be targeted on setting up Dolby Atmos in a choose variety of top excellent international destinations in the Combined Declares, European countries, Chinese suppliers, and Asia, with programs for a bigger rollout of Dolby Atmos in 2013.

Planning for Dolby Atmos

With the ability to deliver up to 128 multiple and lossless sound information (channels or objects), and the ability to provide from 5.1 all the way up to 64 distinct presenter for, Dolby Atmos presents a completely new sound ability for participants. The built in scalability and customization of Dolby Atmos allows participants to manage their costs and update movies over time, yet improve the encounter for viewers at each step.

To successfully assistance accurate ranking and activity of sound around the theatre, audio speakers must be independently increased and assistance a wide regularity reaction and distribution. To help participants with their improvements, Harman® Expert, a major producer of high-quality sound equipment, has been working with Dolby to style modern and enhanced alternatives to easily simplify implementation of Dolby Atmos.

"After first previewing Dolby Atmos last year, we instantly acknowledged the remarkable potential," said Eileen MacDonald, Professional Vice Us president of Sales and Marketing, Harman Expert. "Dolby Atmos is clearly the next-generation sound foundation and will offer significant performance advantages to our clients in the international theatre market."

Harman's JBL® Expert audio speakers and Title Audio® amps and network technological innovation are the system of choice at many of the biggest and most famous movies and theatre stores. Harman is implementing this encounter and its category-leading technological innovation abilities to style a coordinator of specialised operated audio speakers to utilize the enhancements of Dolby Atmos. In doing so, Harman Expert will enable filmmakers and participants to offer their clients with a more immersive movie encounter.

Learn More About Dolby Atmos

Exhibitors considering planning cinemas for Dolby Atmos can study the PDF bright newspaper's, "Dolby Atmos: Theatre Specialized Guidelines" and "Dolby Atmos Next-Generation Sound for Theatre."

To discover more about Dolby Atmos, check out To discuss an academic movie on Dolby Atmos, visit:

Dolby's CinemaCon 2012 exclusive media kit is available at

About Dolby Laboratories

Dolby Labs (NYSE:DLB) is the world innovator in technological innovation that are important components in the best enjoyment encounters. Established in 1965 and best known for high-quality audio and encompass, Dolby makes enhancements that improve enjoyment at the films, at home, or on the go. For more information about Dolby Labs or Dolby technological innovation, check out

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