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Invoxia shows the AudiOffice, a $299 speaker dock for iDevices

Invoxia have put all its encounter in telephone systems and acoustics into a company new product: The AudiOffice. With its innovative Cortex A8 company, this new program increases the IOS telephone systems capability to such a level that it creates the iPhone/iPad the best workplace cellphone for experts and guarantees to be the greatest sound companion for intelligent businesses this year.

Following the success of the top rated invoxia Smart Office Phone which was recognized by the Consumer Electronics Show with the Best of CES Enhancements prize 2012, invoxia is increasing its selection by establishing a company new program, the AudiOffice at the Cellular Community The legislature. The AudiOffice is devoted to experts who use IOS gadgets when they are in and out of the workplace and is important for effortless day to day interaction. It is individually tailored towards the needs of experts to provide efficiency, simplicity and exceptionally higher sound excellent.

Nowadays, IOS gadgets are progressively more used as the main telephone systems program in professional life. Easy also in addition to accessible smartphone charges are creating Mobile phones such as the iPhone the important tools for interaction for an extremely high number of experts. Programs such as Skype, FaceTime, Bria, The search engines discuss or Viber are extremely used for business interaction and it is necessary to boost the buyer of the iPhone for the best excellent interaction.

AudiOffice by invoxia changes the iPhone into the best workplace cellphone for experts by providing an amazing sound excellent when using the mobile cellphone, in convention method or enjoying songs. The AudiOffice's ultra-innovative style allows experts to participate in convention phone calls with an remarkable sound excellent. It's In Vivo Sound technological innovation, 4 wide-bandwidth sound speakers as well as 2 electronic mics creates the feeling of a physical presence of the individual when in convention method on the call; this is what invoxia phone calls sound spacialization. A special focus has been placed upon the style to be able to duplicate bass appears to be similar to the actual life.

Invoxia has developed innovative methods which allows customers to advantage from the complete prospective of In Vivo Sound technological innovation with an integrated program which gets rid of addresses and qualifications disturbance to encounter top excellent convention phone calls. An additional benefit of invoxia's cutting edge technological innovation allows the individual to pay attention to songs or podcasts in the workplace by providing sound spacialization: a exclusive feeling which feels like the individual is standing in the middle of the band. It will regularly be updated via the invoxia program and they will regularly be developing new solutions.

Automatically put together via Wireless to the IOS gadgets, AudiOffice provides a exclusive effortless remedy. Individuals can also connect any gadgets using Wireless, USB or Port slot machine games to advantage from its amazing sound capability.

Serge Renouard, co-founder of invoxia: "With its sound perception and its Freescale IMX503 company, invoxia provides the most ergonomic and qualitative remedy which is developed particularly for experts. It allows them to boost the comprehensive variety of applications and abilities of the IOS gadgets in day to day business. This is more than just a docking station in addition to a handset; it brings together the encounter of our research and group and our understanding into the needs of experts. This is how we came to create the AudiOffice: by determining specific needs which haven't been met by other gadgets, invoxia provides new technological innovation to the telecommunications industry which is developed to adapt to the ways in which experts communicate."

"Freescale is pleased that its i.MX processing technological innovation plays a key role in the gripping AudiOfficeCompanion products," said Rajeev Kumar, i.MX series manager for Freescale's Multimedia Programs Division. "invoxia's style group has demonstrated how today's high-performance, low-power applications processor chips can be utilized to create gripping products that break new ground in the marketplace."

The AudiOffice with its smooth style, created in partnership with Elium Facilities, is an remarkable program for modern workplace environments which combines with the use of IOS gadgets creating it an important part of any company enterprise professionals' working day.

The products is available to purchase from priced at 300 US$ or 300 € incl. VAT.

Invoxia AudiOffice is created for iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad.

Features of the AudiOffice by invoxia:

Matchless sound excellent and performance
The sound technological innovation provides acoustic relaxation yet remarkable operating enterprise contact cellphone. It shows the simple technicalities of the speakers' voice.

Spacialization of the Sound in convention mode
This can be experienced to its complete prospective in a convention setting, when the cellphone makes comments all around the room. This gives the impression that all of the members on the contact seem to be placed at the same table: interactions are easier to follow, less accurate, more focused on the essentials. The capability to distinguish appears to be, to filter out qualifications disturbance and concentrate on what individuals are saying, even in motion, also helps to optimize hearing relaxation.

The greatest workplace stereo sound for entertainment
Users can use the invoxia phone's cutting edge integrated In Vivo Sound technological innovation to pay attention to sound content from their IOS gadgets whenever they like.

Universal Compatibility
Thanks to its 3.5 jack, its USB slot machine games and Wireless connection, the AudiOffice can be in addition to any gadgets (PC, Mac, IOS, Android etc...) to advantage from its amazing sound abilities.

Automatic setup
The invoxia program - available totally devoid of Apple's App Store - is developed to maximize buyer, by providing application up-dates and enable invoxia to provide effortlessly new capabilities.

A program devoted to intelligent telephone systems applications
In addition to provide the best relaxation using the mobile telephone systems volumes of the iOS gadgets in convention method or with the mobile cellphone, The AudiOffice has been developed to use in the best manner all program offered by Online telephone systems remedy providers such as Skype, Face time, The search engines discuss, Viber, Bria...

A intelligent object
The connected program can perform all application up-dates place. It's an ever-changing appliance, not created outdated by technological innovation, but regularly improved and overflowing with new solutions and applications. It is also a durable program that will change with the individual as it follows the iPhone's own evolutions.

Invoxia does its share in protecting the planet
Particular attention was given to energy usage throughout the style process. For instance, Freescale i.MX503 processor chips were selected for their low strength consumption and speed computation. The use of respectable components such as metal and aluminum motivates recycling. In standby method, the cellphone takes in virtually no strength. Appearance also creates comprehensive use of recycled components.

Technical specs
- Processor Freescale i.MX503
- In Vivo Sound Technology:
- 4 wide-bandwidth sound speakers,
- 2 electronic mics.
- Full duplex hands-free
- Background disturbance cancellation
- Sent mobile cellphone with High-Definition sound
- Bluetooth® 2.1
- Mobile/VIOP phone calls answered in hands-free method or on the wired mobile cellphone.
- Specific corporate/mobile
- 1 USB Master
- 1 USB Slave

1-year guarantee
Designed by invoxia in Paris
Assembled in China

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