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Audi comes clear on A3 e-tron head application, electrical flexibility arriving to four US cities

Audi these days declared the battery-electric  Audi  A3 e-tron head application in the U.S. to determine a modern e-mobility driver encounter for top quality car customers.  Audi  created the statement of the engineering-based head application for the A3 e-tron these days at TED2012 in Lengthy Seaside, Calif., where  Audi  is introducing a vision for the part transport will perform in the progressively more crowded locations of time.

The A3 e-tron head application marks the first step by  Audi  into the broadening U.S. electrical car landscape designs, which is a middle component of the conversation expected at the  Audi  Public Position at TED2012.

At TED2012,  Audi  plans to of curiosity a modern conversation about the part transport will perform in the international megacities of time. The  Audi  Public Position will present a variety of views on this subject on touch-screen movie installs allowing participants to present new flexibility circumstances for upcoming city areas and lead instantly to Audi's live Tweets nourish through the #TEDAudi hashtag.

Elements of  Audi  balanced flexibility tasks will offer a back drop for the entertaining Public Position and of curiosity conversation on upcoming city flexibility and how to achieve CO2 neutrality across the flexibility string. Initiatives include: the light and portable A2 concept EV that functions technological advancement built specifically for the megacity of time, like traffic-friendly piloted generate technological advancement for stop-and-go congestion; the  Audi  e-gas venture, which uses international wind generators to generate clear strength for the production of electricity, hydrogen and methane; and innovative cityscapes designed by partner designers of the  Audi  Urban Future Effort.

Audi A3 e-tron, a international debut
Adding a new electrical sizing to generating efficiency, the  Audi  A3 e-tron head application will allow  Audi  to identify problems and opportunities with plug-in automobiles as modern high-class car customers become progressively more responsive to EV technological advancement. By studying e-tron use across several regional parts,  Audi  will observe the effect of circumstances, generating styles and energy efficiency and use understanding obtained in the final development of upcoming EV technological advancement applications.

The A3 e-tron head application will happen in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, California D.C., and Colorado markets.

"As aspect of the long-range  Audi  corporate objective of moving toward CO2-neutral flexibility, there will be e-tron plug-in car items introducing all of the efficiency and design features  Audi  people have come to anticipate," said Johan de Nysschen, Chief executive,  Audi  of The united states. "Audi is dedicated to improving  Audi  e-tron technological advancement and we anticipate our plug-in automobiles to become a significant choice for our customers within a growing range of innovative, efficient  Audi  powertrains over in the future."

With the A3 e-tron head application  Audi  designers and technical experts will discover EVs in a actual life setting and observe in real-time how e-tron technological advancement operates in daily circumstances. The head will run throughout the year and offer doable reviews and telematics details to  Audi  technological advancement groups in the U.S. and Malaysia. This approach follows the  Audi  viewpoint of technological advancement innovation by introducing completely developed alternative technological advancement to ensure no jeopardises are needed by  Audi  owners.

"The A3 e-tron head application provides as an important advancement foundation for  Audi  to create greater understanding into electrical automobiles and how National generating circumstances affect use of the modern technological advancement in daily routine," said Mark Curry, e-mobility and durability strategy lead at  Audi  of The united states. "We will include the details generated from this application into the release of a variety of  Audi  e-tron models for National people."

The e-tron name indicates that a professional electrified strength train with a plug-in capability is on board. As a core viewpoint of e-tron,  Audi  designers are studying e-tron strength ideas designed to different car types and generating needs such as complete battery-electric (BEV), plug-in multiple (PHEV) and extended variety electrical (EREV) variations. The objective is to have the right product for the market at the best – the best solution for the individual requirements of  Audi  customers.  Audi  e-tron becomes the latest entry to Audi's constant of component technological advancement, such as  Audi  extra light and portable construction,  Audi  TDI® clear diesel-powered,  Audi  connect™ routing and infotainment and Audi's trademark quattro® all-wheel generate.

Based on the award-winning  Audi  A3, currently sold to U.S. consumers in gasoline-powered and clear diesel-powered TDI adjustments, the  Audi  A3 e-tron functions a completely electrical powertrain with a 26kw lithium-ion strength supply, and zero generating pollutants. Offering a fantastic generating energetic,  Audi  A3 e-tron has 199 lb-ft twisting, a strength supply variety of approximately 90 miles and a top speed of 90 mph all while keeping the complete interior space and adaptability of the A3.

Audi also is working on standardizing side-line technological advancement that have to be taken into consideration for endemic EV adopting and use, such as generating the organization this year of common international requirements for getting. As aspect of the head application,  Audi  will create its network of facilities partners, test innovative services and create partners that will be middle to supplying the top quality  Audi  encounter for e-tron customers.

For more details on the  Audi  A3 e-tron, such as movies and photos, please check out

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