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Koss revamps Porta Pro headsets with iPhone distant, intros 'interlocking' earbuds

Koss Organization, the The usa, Wi centered higher constancy stereophone company and designer of the first SP/3 Stereophone in 1958, has totally modified the internationally well known Porta Pro.

Porta Pro KTC, the most innovative edition of the Porta Pro, characteristics a new technical update which provides audience members better the music they really like. Koss Touching Management (KTC) distant and mic technical innovation, created for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®, gives audience members with extra control in less steps. Now audience members are able to communicate, mix up music and change amount with the film of a swap.

"Today's audience members are merging their music into just one device, more often than not to a cell phone. We wanted to provide audience members the extra mobility of remaining attached while remaining inside the music they really like," Koss Businesses Chief executive and CEO Erina J. Koss said from the organization's Hearing Living room at the 2012 Customer Gadgets Show. "The Porta Pro remains ranked the best on-ear mobile earphone here in the US and internationally. Including KTC was an major step to make one of our best stereophones even better."

Porta Pro KTC characteristics the conventional establishing seem efficiency the unique Porta Pro established more than 25 years ago. The components, designed for those with a enhanced really like of music, are designed from extremely firm Mylar that lowers technical distortions while guaranteeing particularly precise seem imitation.

Comfort is at its high with the Porta Pro KTC. The light and mobile style, combined with Koss Relaxation Location temporary protects, lowers pressure on the hearing to make the utter best fit. "Comfort is always a must with any of our stereophones," Koss mentioned. "Porta Pro KTC really indicates this. They are so light and comfortable, audience members will wear them for hours."

The Porta Pro KTC breaks for simple mobility and is outfitted with a luxurious bag for extra protection.

"We know the Porta Pro KTC is the top quality choice for music fans wanting the impressive seem and pleasure of a live concert, at any time, any place – day or night," said Erina Koss. "Adding the uncomplicated to use multi-tasking abilities of the KTC makes the Porta Pro KTC the most exciting Porta Pro to date. We are dedicated to providing a incredible value to audience members while keeping the amazing Audio of Koss they have come to know and expect."

The Porta Pro KTC will send in beginning Early spring 2012. To discover out more and to become a Legitimate Believer, check out


Las Nevada, NV USA – Jan 11, 2012 – Koss Organization, the The usa, Wi centered higher constancy stereophone company and designer of the first SP/3 Stereophone in 1958, has totally modified the style of the in-ear stereophone with the discharge of the interlocking in-ear stereophones.

"We were especially interested in creating an in-ear earphone that was as opposed to anything else available," mentioned Erina J. Koss, Chief executive and CEO of Koss Organization. "Our goal throughout the style stage was to make an unique products – one that provided a modern style and that also created the genuine Audio of Koss."

Koss makes perfect tranquility between form and function. The interlocking in-ear headsets utilize an brilliant branded style for simple on-the-go storage without compromising thoroughly provided audio through efficiency updated 9mm pushes.

The shape of the new interlocking in-ear headsets is designed from highly enhanced metal and ornamented by versatile, smooth touch content. This modern content increases as a soundproofing cover, designed to deaden any undesirable diversion, enabling the listener's focus to remain on the extra ordinary peaks and sharp levels.

"We have seen so many headphones and in-ear headsets that pass up the level in style, fit and seem," Koss said. "Our style team is dedicated to creating unique stereophones that allow our audience members to become as close as possible to the music they really like."

The interlocking in-ear headsets are available in two options and will also be provided in various color versions throughout the year. The IL100 is the conventional in-ear earphone which characteristics the internationally well known Audio of Koss and the branded interlocking style.

The IL200 KTC, contains Koss Touching Management (KTC) distant and mic technical innovation created for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®. KTC allows audience members to communicate, mix up music and change amount with an simple film of the swap.

"It's really exciting to look at the stereophone market today and evaluate it to the industry my dad assisted to make in the 50's – a lot has modified, but what has continued to be continuous is the genuine and unique style, fit and Audio of Koss," Erina Koss said, "We are really energized to offer an major products according to our groundbreaking launch in 1958."

The IL100 and IL200 KTC interlocking in-ear stereophones will send in beginning Early spring 2012. To discover out more and to become a Legitimate Believer, check out

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