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XS-1 Bridge Fujifilm 26x Optical Zoom, EXR Sensor, 699 Pounds In The UK (video)

The X series cameras Fujifilm has a bonus third model, the X-S1, due to launch in the UK in February 2012. The XS-1 represents a new type of bridge. With a 26x optical zoom Fujinon lens technology with EXR sensor in the X10, the X-S1 is the photographer in control.

The S1-X is ideal for the photographer and safari trips - which offers excellent picture quality, zoom wide coverage and increased maneuverability.

Versatility optical

The centerpiece of the X-S1 is the Fujinon 26x optical zoom incredible. Offers a 24-624mm (35mm equivalent), it fits perfectly with all photographic needs and has a bright f/2.8 maximum aperture at wide angle.

The optical range is powered by Fujifilm intelligent digital zoom capability, which effectively doubles the zoom range without the drop in image quality tradititionally seen in older computer models Consequently, the X-S1 offers users incredible 52x zoom range 24-1248mm (35mm equivalent).

Optically, the lens is a Fujinon lens elements 17, including four aspherical lenses and two ED lenses, images and deliver excellent edge to edge sharpness and quality. The structure of the lens is also the highest, where the smooth metal camera zoom control, and fast, precise plan.

X-S1 is also ideal for capturing close subjects. In normal mode, zoom, focus distance of 30cm, but select the Super Macro mode, users can focus to just under 1 cm fill-ups. Furthermore, the aperture blades consists of nine excellent photography bokeh effect.

Great results every shot scenarios

X-S1 has the same 2/3-inch EXR 12 megapixel CMOS sensor, X10, which ensures high quality images regardless of lighting conditions.

A single EXR, Fujifilm pioneered the CMOS technology allows the user to change the three modes - high-resolution, dynamic range and high sensitivity / low noise - depending on light conditions - or leaving the camera to make their EXR Auto mode choices.

Along with the CMOS sensor Fujifilm EXR EXR is a high-speed processor, which provides a shutter lag of 0.01 s, and a minimum capacity high-speed burst mode

X-S1 also high-quality movies. Capture full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) video with stereo sound at 30 frames per second.

Image composition and review

X-S1 offers a powerful combination of high quality electronic viewfinder and the LCD rear with 0.47-inch electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 1.44 million pixels for superb picture clarity with a viewing area of ​​26 degrees to reduce eyestrain.

The rear screen, high quality, three-inch tilt LCD with 460,000 pixels to make it easier for users to scroll through menus, to evaluate the accuracy of the images of the exhibition and point of view. The display also includes a way of useful daylight overcomes the problem of viewing the screen in bright conditions.

Full user control and shooting versatility

X-S1 provides an incredible level of functionality, if users want to take pictures as simple as using a compact or as involved as a fully manual SLR.

For simplicity, the X-S1 evaluate the topic, then select the appropriate scene mode for perfect results, automatically switching CMOS EXR sensor accordingly. The XS-1 can also be calculated if an image contains a person has a backlight or other movement of the subject. ISO settings are also supported by ISO Auto.

Photographers, after Plain is well satisfied with the X-S1. The camera offers a full description of the traditional functions (program / aperture / shutter priority / manual), most users can also fine-tune color levels, clarity of picture and sound.

In addition, X-S1 offers four options for auto exposure bracketing, eight simulation film and features white balance and RAW file format.

Which will be released in February 2012 in the United Kingdom, the X-S1 has an estimated retail price of £ 699.

Fujifilm S1-X Features
• High quality Fujinon 26x optical zoom covering 24 624mm (35mm equivalent) with Intelligent digital zoom up to 1248mm increase
• Excellent build quality and finish with a rubber coating and metal brand
• EXR 12 megapixel CMOS sensor
• Up to 10 frames per second shooting
• Large viewfinder with 1.44 million pixels and 26-degree viewing angle
• Three-inch tilt back to the method of Sunny Day
• Full HD Video
• PASM modes
• RAW File Format
• Film Simulation mode
• Macro 1 cm down to focus
• Lithium battery provides up to 500 shots per charge
• Optical Image Stabilization
• 360 ° of movement mode

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