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Mazda Motor Corp.: World Premiere Of Mazda I-ELOOP 'capacitor-based Regenerative Brakes For Cars

HIROSHIMA, Japan-Mazda Motor Corporation has developed the first passenger vehicle braking regeneration system that uses a capacitor. The revolutionary, calling Mazda i-'begin ELOOP appear on Mazda vehicles in 2012. In the real world driving conditions with frequent acceleration and braking, i-ELOOP 'improves fuel economy by about 10 percent.

Mazda regenerative braking system is unique because it uses a capacitor, an electrical component that temporarily stores large amounts of electricity. Compared to batteries, capacitors can be loaded and unloaded quickly and are resistant to deterioration from prolonged use. 'I-ELOOP' efficiently converts kinetic energy into electricity vehicle as it slows, and uses electricity to power the climate control, audio system and many other electrical components.

Regenerative braking system is growing in popularity as a fuel saving technology. They use an electric motor or the battery charger to generate electricity as the vehicle slows down, recovering the kinetic energy of the vehicle. Regenerative braking systems for hybrid cars typically use an electric motor and a large dedicated battery.

Mazda has examined the car speeds up and slows down mechanisms, and developed an efficient regenerative braking system recovers quickly a large amount of electricity every time the vehicle slows. Unlike hybrids, the Mazda also avoids the need for a separate electric motor and battery.

"I ELOOP" equipped with a new 12-25V variable voltage generator, a low resistance electrical double layer capacitor and a DC / DC converter. 'I ELOOP' begins to recover kinetic energy when the driver release the accelerator and the car begins to fall. The variable voltage generator produces electricity up to 25V for maximum efficiency, before sending it to the electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) for storage. Condenser, especially developed for use in a vehicle can be fully charged in seconds. stage DC / DC 25V low power from 12V before it is distributed directly to the electrical components of the car. The system can also recharge the car battery if necessary. 'I ELOOP' works when the car decelerates, reducing the need for the engine to burn additional fuel to generate electricity. Consequently, the "stop-and-go" fuel economy improved driving about 10 percent.

The name "i-ELOOP" is an adaptation of the "Intelligent Energy Loop" and is intended to Mazda to energy efficient in the cycle in an intelligent manner.

'I-ELOOP' also works with the unique technology for Mazda i-stop 'stop idling to prolong the period during which the engine can be stopped.

Mazda is working to maximize the efficiency of internal combustion engine vehicles with SKYACTIV revolutionary technology. Combining this with i-stop, I ELOOP and other electrical devices that improve fuel economy by eliminating the unnecessary consumption of fuel, Mazda focused on delivering cars with excellent characteristics of the environment , and a walk Zoom-Zoom to all its customers.

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