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TDK develops optical disk 1 TB, so that a feeling emasculated optical storage media

We heard an optical disk surface of tuberculosis in the past, but TDK has a 1 TB monster of his own pointed at the CEATEC. Unlike Blu-ray with four recording layers In addition, TDK 16 layers on both sides of the disc, each created to store up to 32 GB each. If you do not lose sight of the arms race, optical storage media, seven more than 400 gigabytes per layer Pioneer GB and 500 GB of benefits in 2008. TDK's prototype has the ability to use, technology Blu-ray because it consists of a material that already exists do so under the DS and the actions of the opening on the same. On the negative side, the current version recording layer 260μm measurement - this is more than twice the thickness of your counterpart Blu-ray - causes and changes in the fatty layer hate lenses today. Apart from its main losers notes, however, said TDK "marketing depends record companies." Looking to sell the company led to a further 10 to the layers 320 GB discs at CEATEC 2009, howev…