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No 3D Blu-ray for Avatar ... at least for the moment

James Cameron's Avatar, the 3D movie of the most successful in history, and the film builds its 3D Evangelist Panasonic 3D Blu-ray and the introduction of television on the plans for the year 2010, seems certain to debut on Blu-ray format standard 2D.

Minimizes During a conference on the technology, exclusive to expect the Fox Studios in Los Angeles, Chief Danny Kaye beginning of the 3D-avatar technology, "said HCC:" Do not assume that will be the first 3D avatar Blu - Ray Fox.

The default view Fox Theater on the disc is four months. This avatar is on schedule for launch in April 2010. The first 3D Panasonic Blu-ray and range of televisions unlikely to want to deliver up to the early summer, the blockbuster puts synchronization with a starting material.

A much better bet Fox is yet another 3D blockbuster Ice Age 3D. The 2D version on Blu-ray debut in November last year, so that a respectable (and the development of long products) for ice 3D special issue will be published s…

BMW 335iS coupe to slot in the 335i launch of the new M3 above, below

Now that the twin-turbo BMW 335i with the new double shift replacing, direct injection model, the question everyone was asking - and for all, we refer to Bimmer fans - will happen with the N44 engine performance? The new N55 has the same power and same torque, grunt but with a flat curve that makes it more accessible. But like any BMW tuning is known to have the N44, with a capacity of more than potential. So the answer to reports of the plan by offering a new model than the BMW 335is.

As virtually sDrive35is A-Z4 M and her debut at the Geneva Auto Show in Detroit last week, the 335is for a new tip line revised twin-turbo six, 340 hp and 332 lb-ft torque generated (starting with 369 pound feet overboost). With M-sport package looks like a grid to manually adjust the lighting and mirrors, and a choice of six-speed manual or (for the first time outside the range of M) and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox research already dreiwagen hottest side an M3 . Operation 0 to 60 should be released …