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Solar Car Team Xof1 theft victims in New Orlean

Marcelo da Luz and his team, owner of record of the distance with the car with the sun, have their share of ups and downs in their journey across North America Xof1 ( "Power of One") solar car. At a time when the car was also used in a flying saucer with little green men on board. Unfortunately, after it all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana, Marcelo da Luz was the driver of stolen passports, laptops, credit cards, cash, a digital camera and a hard disk.

The loot was from the crew of the van support, which broke a window and pushed the door in flight. A total of approximately $ 10,000. In its creditworthiness, da Luz in the decline in access. "I hope nothing bad comes to those who are doing this or nothing," he says. "I just hope that their lives will be better that there is no need for someone else." The team plans further east along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Florida.

GM exec said 1600 jobs are deleted in the next few days

Over 1600 employees of General Motors Corp. lost their jobs over the next few days that the vehicle manufacturer in difficulty to accelerate the reduction of costs in order to benefit from further support of the government.

GM North America President Troy Clarke said on Monday in an e-mail to employees on foot are necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability.

"In these times of unprecedented GM has to reinvent all areas of our business, including our size and organizational structure to create a lightweight and portable," Clarke wrote in the e-mail by the Associated Press.

Clarke said that in the next week is "a very tough time for the entire team of GM, but especially for workers who are directly from these actions."

GM lives in 13.4 billion U.S. dollars of loans from the government. The manufacturer is having a maturity of 1 June to reduce the receipt of the licenses of the parties to continue supporting the government.

Last month, GM 3400 USA began cutting jobs a…

Spyker announced V12 falls Beijing-Paris-V8 SUV

One might wonder whether this is the right time to run free on their $ 300,000 Spyker Peking to Paris SSUV machine in the world, but as recent photos Spyware, a new influx of money in Russia means that the project is apparently still in the works. In the reports issued by a V12 engine was officially established by the difference for a V8.

We are not the feeding of the Spyker D8. Currently, the Dutch automobile manufacturer Audi draws its power, including the 400-HP 4.2L V8 care of C8, but the past rumors have suggested that instead could be a Spyker 'ol American V8 seen in the production. If Auto, is the United Kingdom law D8 an 8-cylinder engines poweplant with a minimum of 550 hp can be excellent opportunities for Spyker. We need to know soon enough - is Spyker D8 reports for the start of the fair in Frankfurt in September.

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker to marry

Andy Roddick is to marry his fiancée, Brooklyn Decker, a sunset at the ceremony in Austin, Texas, on Friday confirmed PEOPLE.

Tennis Pro, 26, and the swimsuit model, 21, exchanged opinions in an intimate ceremony by candlelight in front of a group of friends and family.

"They're perfect for each other," says a friend of the family PEOPLE. "I think they knew from the time they met, they were ideal for the others."

During the ceremony, the ladies wore braces, the chocolate brown blouse, and was decorated with bright tropical flowers. The Wedding Dress by Vera Wang was. Customers - including tennis great Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi - were on a musical performance from Roddick of old friend, Sir Elton John.

The marriage was by a dinner at the local Roddick.

Roddick and Decker, which since 2007, have indicated their commitment in March 2008. The couple met for the first time Roddick has his agents, a number of Decker, in the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated.

Legway - DIY Segway human energy

Of course, the Segway Human Transporter is cool and everything, with its own technology and the lack of balance in the emissions from vehicles, but there is a possibility of more green? At least one inventor believe, yes, subtraction and electric motors, computers, batteries and all the bits of technology, apparently successfully. The invention is Legway.

We should not be a real means of transport, but it is undeniably cool. The bicycles have long been considered the most effective means to move, sometimes even more than walking. To combine the other side of the wheel with Segway on the pedal itself a kind of bicycle that is a winning idea. Best of all, you're free to do so.

Click here for all instructions Legway in Instractables. This is apparently not too difficult, it is from parts that are typically in the Home Depot on the spot and there are only 8 steps. What, you?

For more information on the Ford two lithium-ion battery plant in Michigan

Battery Partner Ford, Johnson Controls-Saft announced plans to build a factory for lithium-ion battery in Holland, Michigan. EV battery energy next Ford and all plug-in hybrid models: the batteries are purely commercial van Transit Connect in 2010, a car EV together with Magna International in 2011 and a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and the next generation of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) 2012. Johnson Controls-Saft has a combination of incentives and tax credits to the State of Michigan, a total of $ 148.5 million EUR for the construction of the factory. The capacity of the plant is expected that 15 million lithium-ion cells.

One Tree Hill speaks Innocent skills fraudulent false statements

Looks like some mad skillz skills have a major problem.

Antwone Tanner, One Tree Hill Antwone "Skills" Taylor pleaded not guilty before a federal court in New York to take part in the social security fraud.

The 34-year-old actor, which means for Coach Carter with Samuel L. Jackson and lurid "Da Da Da" trading Volkswagen was an operation in which the sale of 16-points of social security and the three cards between December 2005 and July.

Tanner was pronounced and registered his plea yesterday in Brooklyn Federal Court. He was released after $ 250,000 bail.

If he is found guilty, it may take up to five years in prison.

In California, which had the wrong numbers and cards to a person not be identified, in turn, on the sale to one of the Immigration and Customs (ICE).

After one of the two leaders, Tanner has two social security numbers, and draw the life and death, and also adopted, without a face to face with the dealer. All letters were sent by post.

The federal government …

WIN: Toshiba External Hard Drive

Backup your personal files on an external hard drive is one of the most important things you can do to protect against disasters like theft or damage to your laptop. Toshiba makes it easier than ever with its elegant series of external hard drives.

Available in 500 GB, 320 GB, 250 GB and 160 GB capacity, this elegant unit is ideal to store and share your important files. The robust and compact design makes it easy to transport in your pocket so you, your photos, MP3 files and enjoy movies and friends, without regard to the damage that you travel.

The high speeds and storage are also ideal for use as a tool to restore the system. You can simply copy the entire contents of your notebook on the hard drive and quickly get up and running again in case of a serious breakdown of the system, making it a fantastic all in one backup and recovery solution.

The support for remaining in the mass out, everyone has an impressive falls drawings and colors, including white ice, charcoal gray, Hot Rod Red…

BBC HD is iPlay

BBC iPlay is a High Definition (HD) streaming and downloads of programs.

This means that improving the quality of the images in Web browsers.

For many users will be his first chance for the HD-TV with Doctor Who, and Kerwhizz Dragons' Den expected for all the HD.

The iPlay was a great success, with more than 387 million requests to transfer or download since its launch on Christmas Day the 2007th

BBC head of digital media technology, Anthony Rose, for providing the next generation iPlay BBC said that the launch of an HD iPlay was a milestone in the improvement of image quality.

"The introduction of HD workflow users to benefit from the programs from BBC HD without a set-top box," he said.

IPlay The update is also a diagnostic tool for the analysis of users of Internet connection and automatically switches to streaming options for better image quality.

User Defined

The player now allow users to customize the size of the window, the developers say, are now almost twice as good a…

The X-Men trilogy Superheroic creates a new level of "X-cellence" for Blu-ray Boxset

As difficult as this can be understood in less than a decade, there is the idea of a Hollywood adaptation of the comic book was a great danger. The entire film industry was still shaken by the horrors of the camp Joel Schumacher Batman Turkey Neon Color & Robin, a film that for a certain period of time apparently killed a film career, the Dark Knight and George Clooney.

Given this situation, it is difficult to imagine what happens in the minds of studio executives Fox (a Hollywood that is not synonymous with risk in those days) when the fire Green to $ 75million Marvel adaptation "X-Men. Of course, comic book has all the types of marketing records in the BD speculator boom of the mid-90s. The famous animation series was killed in 1997. Even in foreign countries was the fact that Fox hopes this summer blockbuster $ 75million from Hotshot filmmaker Bryan Singer whose last job was the access of the public, the usual suspects and students Apt. None of them has no evidence that it …

Toyota A-BAT remains a ... at the moment

Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales USA Vice President and General Manager, said our man Mike Levine of, the Toyota A-BAT is pending. According to Carter: "We have many priorities at this time, and A-BAT is not one of them."

While the new A-BAT transport the upcoming February Toyota has decided that the project is no surprise. With the sale of cars in general - and pick-ups are particularly affected during the year - the company in a compact hybrid truck would be difficult to justify.

First, he has the A-BAT could be sold as a Scion, but with the "youth" of the mark once again to focus on smaller vehicles (ala the Scion iQ concept, which made his debut at New York Auto Show), a pick-up is unlike the rest of the route.

"The market has deteriorated dramatically in the last 12 months." Carter said: "We always have priority - in economic terms or times of recession - that's our plan. [At the time of the A-BAT is] on the plat…

Express Scripts for the purchase of units of WellPoint $ 4.68B

Prescription benefits managers Express Scripts Inc. said Monday that the purchase of health insurance subsidiaries of WellPoint Inc. NextRX in the management of pharmacy benefits for less than $ 4.68 billion U.S. Dollar in cash and shares.

The convention is in Saint-Louis-based Express Scripts, the third largest pharmacy has around 506 million Regulations in 2008, another 265 million U.S. dollars. For him, almost the No. 1 independent Medco Health Solutions Inc., to Mai and Express Scripts, the purchase prices of medicines.

CVS Care Mark, who was also the shops and pharmacies, over 633 million Regulations in 2008, at the No. 3 position after the transaction.

The companies expect the transaction for the second half of 2009. Express Scripts use the liquidity and debt financing committed U.S. $ 1.4 billion U.S. dollars in shares to pay for the operation, said David Myers, Vice President of Investor Relations.

Investors welcomed the news. Express Scripts shares by more than 9 percent, or $ 4.…

Puppy Love: Dog Obama presidential election Welcome

Bo knows the White House.

Barack Obama President and the family has the first 6 months of age, the Portuguese water dog, on Saturday.

Girls Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, the name of the dog Bo president, according to the Washington Post, as the father of Michelle Obama has the nickname Diddley, like Bo Diddley, and because his cousin has a cat named Bo.

The curly braces, black hair, without allergens puppy is a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. He is the first dog company for Obama.

Bo official opening on Tuesday.

AP IMPACT: drywall China poses risks

At the height of the U.S. housing boom, where the materials were rare, construction companies use millions of pounds of products produced in China, the walls are dry, because it was plentiful and cheap.

Well, the decision is alarming, hundreds of houses and flats, based on the residents of the wall there, the vapors, the corrosion of copper tubes, jewelry in silver and black, and perhaps ill people.

Shipment of the material supplied by the Associated Press indicates that imports of Chinese building materials potentially tainted more than 500 million pounds over a period of four years of rising real estate prices. Drywall in May, more than 100,000 households estimated to be, even the houses rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

"It is an extraordinary stress disorder," said U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, a Democrat from Florida has a bill in the Chamber of Deputies, the temporary ban on the production in China, which imports more as long as you know, by the chemical composition. A similar …

How casual game abzulichten silence the world

Peggle on Minesweeper - how do you play this?
Casual Games. It is a horrible, snobby record. There is something paternalistic about this topic - as is so lonely, because he is 70 hours in history, or a hundred rendering scenes, which is slightly less than a game.

He ignores the fact that many people may be more hours of recording time on your business, every player in World of Warcraft, and even less to a serious player in a direct competition.

The biggest problem with the "casual" as a definition that it means nothing. You can enter up to 3 filming preamble to regen at a breakfast, but it does not matter. The lack of complexity may not play more that an informal complicated, like the fact that you can learn on a computer to play chess champion, but now we have not a prayer, a good game Go On.

Collect and play?

Quake Live, you can jump into the game directly from the Web browser, but no one will be your opportunity tic Deathmatch traffic good time killer. However, it can happen…

How about the movie special effects

West World of WALL-E, the film has CGI
For the production of high quality films that we expect, special effects houses have to take all things in the book, the green screen technology to the traditional systems of artificial intelligence altogether. It is no surprise that names such as Industrial Light and Magic is as important as any manufacturer and developer of Hollywood.

There is no doubt that you need to have software developed Hollywood is more than necessary on the gross energy content. Many of the tools, everyday life in the industry are the main applications for the fans and small studies.

Companies such as Autodesk and Softimage title on the road with the consequences for the entire screen, the image of the green and animation, lip sync and lighting.


These applications are responsible for the important, but the large amount of time actually in the software as in the artistic side, writing code for the treatment and a new meaning in life.

Sometimes they are products in the…

Why Patrick Dempsey says each company?

I have no evidence that Dempsey was in the same financial hole Nic Cage, the sale of the German castle, since, in the cage with his own words, "the difficult economic situation". (The horror of living in a simple house, without turrets or barbican of the flame or in the form of flags or anything. I come to pray can cage the size of him in his mansion in New Orleans Ghost Rider II to hits screens in 2011. )

What Dempsey, yes, it is the voice of State Farm ad. But go, son. Not recognized that other names Hunky-er,-voice, in the national campaigns in the coming days?

Man wants to be with him in the Applebee's salad bar. Seriously. I suppose that one ...

John Corbett. Really.

If you are a fan Dude, you have probably the link between the Duracell batteries and El Gran Lebowski available. If not, then I will write: Jeff Bridges.

Also: Queen Latifah is the voice of Pizza Hut, and George Clooney has pimp Arthur Andersen, AT & T, Budweiser and Aquafin, with nothing more than the l…

Mercedes says that he has 50,000 orders for the new E-Class

Mercedes Benz has beaten, and all others in the current recession in the automotive world, but it seems that the aid is on its way in the form of the new E-Class. Mercedes luxury class in the last journey has 50,000 advance orders in Germany Q1 double the turnover in the same period 2008.

Daimler knows, much is at stake when it comes to the new E-Class, Mercedes and was armed with a package of tools for success. The new E-Class is available in coupe, sedan, convertible and wagon variants, during the respiration with fire E63 AMG just presented in New York. The new E-Class is also available with a 3.0-liter BlueTec diesel 211 hp.

The last E-class sold more than 1.5 million vehicles in the course of their lives by the year 2010 on lofty goal in the coming years. With 50,000 orders for books, the E-class will be at least a promising start.

Premier League - Liverpool unhappy destroy Blackburn

Liverpool crushed Blackburn 4-0 with a superb display of attacking football in their Premier League encounter at Anfield.

A first half Fernando Torres brace the guests in the control against Blackburn upgrade an action before the end of the strike by Daniel Agger N'Gog David and the team did a victory.

Blackburn much done everything, but quite outplayed by a house of high quality, has shown that transient and transport - even if it has lost many opportunities, which they buried their visitors before half-time.

The feeling of the evening began with a minute's silence to commemorate the victims of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, Anfield, the atmosphere was very pronounced since the beginning.

And a part inspired by Liverpool has control over the game from the opening of the transition and the free movement of players who Blackburn whistlewith shooting in the shade in the sun Merseyside.

The first payment in its domain came only four minutes in the game when a long ball from Jamie …

China's foreign exchange reserves of 1954 billion U.S. dollars

The Central Bank of China said Saturday that the foreign exchange reserves by 16 percent in the year to 1.9537 trillion U.S. dollars by the end of March.

The reserves in China and the world, with an increase of $ 7.7 billion in the first quarter - $ 146.2 million U.S. dollars less than the same period last year, the People's Bank of China, said an opinion on its website .

This increase was significantly lower in the fourth quarter by nearly 45 million U.S. dollars, according to official news agency Xinhua and China shows the impact of the slowdown of exports due to the financial crisis.

In March, the reserves increased $ 41.7 million U.S. dollars, 6.7 billion more than during the same period last year.

Analysts believe that China is up to 70 percent of its foreign exchange reserves in currencies other than the U.S. Dollar assets, including securities of the Ministry of Finance.

China has reserves of the balloons that the central bank buys dollars from the company and its huge influx of…

What Lauren: Your Speidi to occur in the hills

Lo Bosworth May not want his best friend Lauren Conrad from the hills, but I do not think the series can survive without them.

In fact, I think Heidi Spencer Pratt Monday and probably replace Ms. Conrad MTV reality show of the Act of the car.

"They have a strong pressure on their own, so it is still the possibility that the spectacle can be very good with them as parties," Bosworth said tonight in the Information Society organized by the opening of new Hollywood Halo Vodka Night.

We believe, however, that five of the season does not end, all signs of LC in the mountains ...

"[Lauren] is not filmed in the coming weeks and is very interested in this subject," said Lo. "I think that we are once again on special occasions and other things, but do not know how many episodes to change or there will be another season. It really is in the air."

If Speidi, not the main attraction, a permit may be issued in the order. Forget the hills! Divorce Court Can not cree Sounds …

Sony Xplod car route presented

Only in the groove to your music collection

Any person with a long common or work in style, as is well known the importance of appropriate music to be considered. But what have your entire collection with you all the time? It should be possible by car from Sony Xplod series.

It goes to "only" or a USB port for the iPod, via a USB cable for 1-which means more than separate terminals for different portable players. Therefore, any device (USB memory player, iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player brand) to connect via the USB port and, where necessary, provide support. You can even control all the major units. If only everything was this possibility.

All offer playback CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Sony Advanced Digital Music Plus (+ Advanced DEM), quick references to Zappin technology, recommendations for care to your mood and the quality of reproduction of the digital formats.

More precisely, the CDX-GT930UI a flip-down detachable and with a large 4-line fluorescent. Or you have to integrate the Blu…

Farrah Fawcett released from hospital

Farrah Fawcett is the cottage.

The 62-year-old Charlie's Angels star, on Thursday afternoon was loaded from a hospital in Los Angeles, where he maintained to internal bleeding after an alternative cancer.

"It is a great and spirits and waiting eagerly awaiting the celebration of Easter at home, doctor, Laurent Piro said the landlord." His house was saved his favorite food and tea, and ready to benefit. "

Fawcett has been in hospital since April 2 bleeding in the muscles of your abdomen, a condition that the doctor said before E! News is not directly related to the colon cancer was diagnosed for the first time since 2006 and has resumed, and on his liver.

By contrast, the blood clot was caused, what he has is called a "pin-up of the 70s has it in a clinic in Germany. The bleeding during the period of nine hours back in Los Angeles

"The pain of the bruise has improved a lot," said Piro, and that Fawcett was accompanied by his house for a long time for love, …

Cadillac placed their hopes on the "sub-model of the CTS sedan and the new lighthouse

Cadillac is legitimate competitor in the hands of the CTS. The luxury sedan that sells very well in light of the declining market, and soon reached and wagon variants cut in the not too distant future. About the CTS, but the car Cadillac offers had less success.

According to the office in Detroit, Cadillac is the hope of improving their position for the CTS with less bookending BMW 3-Series combat and a new flagship. Website quoted Cadillac Steve Shannon, Marketing Director, in the sense that the sub-CTS is 24-30 months. Cadillac, of course, the designer, in the saloons, hatches, wagons and convertibles variants, but it is difficult to assess the markets with the options. Shannon believes that the small Caddy May is the worldwide leader in sales of Cadillac, diesel and electric available in May, at home and abroad. The question remains whether the CTS-under to come into the GM RWD Alpha platform to work, according to the rumor, or a platform for the TA in the form of the concept of &qu…

French cycling chief attacks test Armstrong

The head of world cycling on Friday accused France's Anti-Doping Agency and a little "disturbing" behavior after the publication of a report that Lance Armstrong is not cooperating fully with a tester of medicines.

The French agency, known as the AFLD, said he punished the seven times Tour de France does not remain with regard to the implementation of a medical examination at his hair, urine and blood at the 17th March.

We have no prohibited substances and Armstrong has denied guilt, that he was authorized, a shower with 20 minutes delay.

Although the evidence from the Union Cycliste Internationale in the jurisdiction, Armstrong was approved by the organization on Friday.

"The fact (s) of the test was and is a fact announced by Lance Armstrong on Twitter, the UCI president Pat McQuaid told the BBC." The French authorities have decided to present a report on the audit made to the UCI - the knowledge, that the UCI has no competence in this case - and so the report wa…

Japanese leader announces a new impulse Plan

The new Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso made a new stimulus package Friday calling 15 billion yen ($ 150 million) in public expenditure to rise the second largest economy into a painful recession.

The package, which is about 3 percent in Japan, the gross domestic product, is to avoid worsening the economic situation of others, the protection of people's lives and to promote future growth, Aso said in a national televised address.

It belongs also to the global effort to promote a broad basis for the restoration, "he said.

Japan was beaten by an unprecedented slump in global demand and is now with his deep recession since the Second World War. The GDP of the country at an alarming annual rate of 12.1 percent in the quarter October to December.

Since Aso began work in September, the legislators have two stimulus packages worth 12 billion yen fiscal spending.

"The rapid deterioration of the Japanese economy is on the decline in exports and production," he said. "The la…