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Natasha Richardson with 45 deaths

Natasha Richardson died.

The winner of a prize after Tony died today from the life in a hospital in New York. She was 45th

"A funeral is planned, according to friends who have spoken previously of E! News, on behalf of the family of the deceased.

Liam Neeson wife and the daughter of Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson, was in Montreal on Monday to the hospital after a fall during a ski lesson. Richardson, accompanied by Neeson, was on Tuesday in New York and Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, where he was brain death.

"Liam Neeson, their children and the whole family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of her beloved Natasha," Alan Nierob Neeson representative said in a statement. "The people are deeply grateful for the help, love and prayers of all, and ask that privacy in this very difficult time."

See our gallery to remember, Natasha Richardson

Although sometimes the shadow of the taxation of several branches of the tree, Richardson, who…

Kelly Clarkson back! Taylor Hicks, not so

Definitely not suck the life of Kelly Clarkson now.

Again his place on the rankings, the first master of American Idol just returned from his last, everything you always wanted, No. 1, selling from 255,000 copies for the week ending on Sunday.

On the back, the Soul Patrol apparently by the mass layoffs as another Idol alum, Taylor Hicks, was the distance, but nothing happens. Champion of the 9000 season, only five copies sold his second album arch No. 58, the largest first week of each field idol. Only two years ago, the gray hairs Idol crooner is the third time the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and 200 cards.

I suppose you were asked last week in an idol?

Clarkson is back on the right track, after the population declined after 2007 is my December. Even if they sold 291,000 copies the first week of the exit No. 2, the album of the total were a part of the flight and in its beginnings in exitosísima, thank you.

The Grammy-winning bird quickly summarized. He said his tour plans, administrator…

Japan intends to make the entire digital TV with the purchase of the former owners of analog TV

In a trial, its economy, the Japanese government is exploring ways of using a future promotion to a change in the countries on all digital television.

Whereas the new digital television equipment for installation in all schools and public places, and one billion yen for the analog TV to buy old games of their respective owners. The participants of the program will receive a coupon redeemable value of 20,000 yen for a new digital. Recycling costs will also be covered.

Japan currently expects digital supplement in July 2011, but the sale of new TVs for the stagnation of the Japanese economy has deteriorated. It is estimated that nearly half owned by the TV in Japan, have their homes in search of date. The drama promotion of digital television, on the right path and help to ensure that the television spot is rapidly growing stocks of unsold.

Smarts battery ups to the radiation

November when we are with Dave Schembri smartuser head of the LA Auto Show, has recognized that a number of persons, by virtue of orders for the small beginning fortwo was canceled prior to shipping. At that time, the rate of cancellations was about thirty per cent, although most cars are from people who wanted an immediate delivery. Apparently, this situation in the past year, the retailer which is not more than a handful of cars in stock, sometimes dozens of others.

The general economic situation and of all sales from November to deteriorate significantly, it is therefore not surprising that the sales. Smart ForTwo many sales were the second or third car, and Bernie Maddoff on the way to prison, even the people who make more money, their options. We asked for a comment about smartuser if you increase the cancellation, or simply less people to buy the strengthening of the "orphaned" but not yet answered. Refresh if we something new.

Phils' Hamel no elbow injury in the output

Clearwater, Florida - Philadelphia Hamele as Cole is back in camp after a medical team found no damage to his left elbow pain.

General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Dr. Michael Ciccotti known structural damage, while searching on the left side from the elbow on Tuesday in Philadelphia.

In the last season the World Series MVP was given an injection to the ignition and should be allowed to start on Thursday.

Hamel on 5 April opener against Atlanta is uncertain. The team monitored, if it is returned to the camp.

Hamel 14-10, in last season with an ERA 3 / 09. He was 4-0 with a 1.80 ERA in five post-season starts.

Natasha Richardson Hospital after the accident at ski

Natasha Richardson is in a critical condition in a Montreal hospital after an accident injured during skiing.

The British actress, member of the Redgrave acting dynasty, and the wife of Liam Neeson, suffered head injuries, but the extent of the damage is not known.

Richardson has his servants within the meaning of publicists Neeson, who said he did not have the information that he was not able to deal with its customers.

The first reports said Richardson suffered severe head injuries in an accident. Later, Richardson knows that he is about his overthrow at the beginning of the slope and fell ill with headaches, for about an hour later. Apparently aware of the discharge from the hospital.

Richardson, 45 years old, it was in the hospital Sacré-Coeur de Montréal, about 5 hours after the clinic was in the Laurentides, near the tony ski resort Mont Tremblant, Quebec, by the people. The accident was first reported by the news site

How to: speed of the laptop

Most laptops that each newcomer with a large number of preinstalled software - a large number of procedures only, and for many applications that you can not use. The new software you install, there is still some time to make your laptop, but with a third-party application is a simple, things are faster.

Use autoruns, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here, you can use the programs on your computer, the annulment that are not often used to stuff.

You will find many applications automatically - Microsoft Office software, DVD - and this is really just a case of tic-tac-those who do not want to run. Should there be a big difference in your laptop in the notification area - the screen shows all active programs. If you have a software that is automatically disabled, simply select the Start menu.

Only marking program, autoruns recognize, however, and make sure, from any Windows file system and applications as they are.

Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson Done for the wedding

Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson are costar preproduction for a long life.

See That'70s star, 33 years old, came to the question Havoc hottie, 28, on the weekend.

"They are obliged, on Saturday," she said Masterson, Jenni Weinman, says E! News.

Young thesp into the joint declaration of the three films this year, indie, Alarm Clock, Made for Each Other and the bridge that leads nowhere. The model, and sometimes, sometimes, DJ Mom Jeans were selected from more than three years.

Phillips, whose godfather was Andy Warhol once dated Sean Lennon.

Yoga Pocket Lenovo Netbook breaks cover

If P Sony Vaio

Let us be honest, Lenovo is a name that easily with an innovative design. But that could be in the near future with the launch of the Pocket Lenovo Netbook yoga.

Last week we had a rather vague of espionage, this week we have a professional photo gallery, giving us an idea of what is in a "push", described as "murderers of the Sony Vaio P '. Even though the specification is that the representation, Lenovo may terminate this year "must be" on the PC.

Unfortunately, we do not know if this is the case, as this glossy photos, while we can not tell the complete story on the final product. But they also have some interesting ideas, especially the images of a super-slim (and pockets) PC with a QWERTY keyboard, a leather bag and the most impressive of all, a convertible design back flips, if you want that as a touchpad. Investment in a type TrackPoint controller, USB and web-cam, and there is a way to talk with Ian Botham was at its height.

Two Lil 'Men Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has two young children in the nursery last night.

The woman Sheen, Brooke Mueller Sheen, there were two healthy children, Max and Bob, according to the spokesperson of the actor, Stan Rosenfield. Brooke Hospital was founded in February with premature contractions.

Baby boys are the first two children. Charlie has three daughters: Cassandra, 24 years old, with the former girlfriend Paula Profitt, and Saturday, 5, and Lola, 3, with his ex-wife, Dancing with the Stars fighters Denise Richards.

Thor, Captain America, Avengers Battle After Newspapers

Thor, thunder in the cinema a bit later than planned. The same is true for some of its franchisees to crime fighting friends.

Marvel Entertainment has on the data outputs of the albums booms Thor, The Avengers and The First Avenger: Captain America, delaying the film up to a year.

About the reasons why ... well, everything is "Buzz" to build.

While the hammer Norseman was originally scheduled for the 16th July 2010, Roar now next summer in theaters June 17, 2011.

The Avengers, however, is still far from being realized, nixing his 15th Release Project July 2011 (and a confrontation with Harry Potter) for 4 May 2012 instead.

Captain America Fans of the shortest waiting time, with the release of the film to a close delay of several months. Avenger is the first step, a date for the release of the 6th May 2011 at the 22nd July this year.

Reasons were no data for the schedule change, even though studies Marvel president David Maisel said that the Switcheroo "optimizes the visibilit…

If speculation on the still-new Audi A4

The speculation about the fact that Audi will be the beginning of a new engine in the middle of the call R4 was omnipresent at least the last two years. Despite the fact that Audi has a year ago that the R4 is not in their plans, the conversation continues. Besides the rumors, now we have some speculation about what the R4, because the Czech Republic independent magazine Autocar Kamenistiak January.

You do not know exactly in the middle R4 motors can be found in the Audi model, agree on the TT and among others. Others have to provide a platform, with a possible production version of Volkswagen's Blue sports concept, debuted this year, the Motor Show in Detroit. Known for his ability to skin a car eight channels and the public that buying something completely unique, Audi is probably due to the VW / Audi parts bin for R4 and the transmission power of bits, there are many decent four engines - diesel and gas engines - and with a double clutch gearbox to choose.

Until official word has…

Google: The show does not follow Big Brother

The behavior of the ads in the wrong direction

Google has ads, but said he expects tech radar transparency, and a withdrawal to avoid accusations of Big Brother tactics.

Behavioral advertising - the track on the websites of the users in their ads associated with their use - is one of the questions on the controversial Phorm since the Internet was in ignorance.

Although the CCI guidelines on how companies must be in behavioral advertising, the whole issue was welcomed like an Orwellian nightmare.

But Google, which describes his interest in the services on the basis of advertising believes other companies have settled the question the wrong way. Is ready to be in a transparent way, the advertising server.


"Google believes that other companies have the wrong path, not transparent enough, with the users, what happens to their data and information," said a spokesperson from Google Tech Radar.

"Our preference Ad Manager allows users not only to define what the issues of …

Despite outcry, Chris Brown is also Nickelodeon's Choice

Some parents think May Chris Brown is the mud, but it is Nickelodeon, the children decide for themselves.

Despite a flood of criticism from the cable network said that he does not foresee the Embattled R & B singer as a competitor 2009 Kids' Choice Awards to be confirmed by the alleged successes Rihanna.

"The man of the vote and ultimately decide who wins in the category" Nickelodeon said on Tuesday.

Brown, 19, is a favorite for both men and singer favorite song "Kiss Kiss".

But it is the bang bang two crimes of aggression, last Thursday, with the power can be many successes and criminal threats and violations in the course of more than 8 February, that the confrontation to criticize Nickelodeon.

The reaction burned a day later, when a message is on her MySpace blog lobbying young fans vote for Brown. A group called Twittermoms now a petition to the online network Brown nix vote.

"We are appalled [sic] that Rhianna and Chris Brown [sic] still on the list as …

One or XFR XKR will receive free training the new Jaguar R Performance Academy

With models like the new XKR XFR Pouncing powerful place, a Jaguar is always more than one player of energy in the luxury performance market. And to this end, the British manufacturer was planning to open new facilities for the training of drivers on the best of your cat cut-braids of the machine performance.

After the first bus, a new academy for research into the company to test the former subsidiary Aston Martin has its headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England. Mentoring in schools is in the price of the new XKR or XFR (and probably the future results and Jaguar), and could be open to the public for a charge. In addition, however, Jaguar has also said that he could establish a similar Mercedes Brooklands of the World, where guests can try the different models with different configurations to help them to decide what the specifications of its new vehicles. The largest plant, which will probably need in one place available in the United Kingdom, while the estimated cost of 5 poun…

UPS requires 300 natural gas trucks in four states that are now 800 in the world

UPS has the deployment of 300 new trucks in North America natural gas energy. The trucks were in the last few months in Denver (43 units), Atlanta (46), Oklahoma City (100) and four cities in California: Sacramento (21), San Ramon (63), Los Angeles (9) Ontario (18) . This UPS offers a total of 800 vehicles in the fleet of the company in the world burn natural gas, a total of 1819 vehicles using alternative fuels UPS. GNC, the alt-energy, natural gas, propane, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany (photo), France, Brazil, Chile, Korea and Great Britain Great Britain. These transporters are converted 300 vehicles, but for the ability of natural gas since the beginning.

Denon Link digital interface updated

Give your ears a deligh

Sometimes the smallest things can mean the difference of the most important, as the fourth generation of the Denon Link digital interface, for example.

It is the tone with the new Denon link promising "in the first transmission bandwidth of digital audio in conjunction with its HDMI connection. What does this mean in real terms? Well, if you plug in to the last Denon DVD-Blu - ray Universal A1UD (the first to the last feature Denon Link) to a Denon surround amp, your ears hear what he called "the best sound quality possible, and if you have paid in cash, to the seriousness and the soup good vision, which also to a good thing.

If you want technical details, that the Denon link protects the signal from noise in the open, while a reduction of function in each "jig" for the openness in your audio. End result? Nirvana Audio, Denon claims. Current owner of the AVC-and AVP amps A1HDA can update their products through the network for all future devices…

He works malice Bachelor milk, cereals Reaper

Tuesday big winner of the TV in more than Olivia Newton-John: Nathaniel Marshall headed Simon Cowell as a model for the name of the "physics" of the singer has his things to do before American Idol, the great mass of the night: 26 1 million U.S. dollar against Nielsen estimates. Felicia Barton half a second and with high probability fiving Scott MacIntyre also displayed on the overview of the segment looks at the 9 p.m. to 9:30 pm

Other winners Tuesday TV: ABC, the expected two hours idol, then in another post-finale special nature, and found 10.9 million people to hear Jason Mesnick.

As Reaper? It is what it is, not necessarily a small thing in those days. The second season of the best first played with the boys and almost even when things improved, the average of the last season in total viewers (2.4 million versus 2.3 million euros).

Etc.. Natchez Idol dominates, but the examination of all samples, especially NCIS and psychological, which are more than just controlled. He wa…

Geneva 2009: Koenigsegg What NLV

Cars created by Christian von Koenigsegg is not known about the environment. The car has today in Geneva by Koenigsegg is in many ways in contrast to the CCX and its variants. Instead of burning fuel to produce quantities can develop what is a peace operation in the electrons. The amount was revealed in the living room is a kind of ball four passengers, gull wing coupe with electric altars leadership of each rear wheel. The output is for 512 hp and 527 lb-ft torque.

Koenigsegg is NLV Solar AG for the storage of electrical energy from the chalice. As the name suggests NLV was the main activity of the company's solar cells and have been in the bonnet and the roof cover. Christian von Koenigsegg and Nunzio La Vecchia NLV that solar is not enough energy supply to the accessories like the radio or the air and unable to make the whole battery. This battery is the big unknown for the reference.

Man Utd aims to shave Offer

Manchester United may be a further step to a scan before five trophies in a season with a victory in the Premier League is on Wednesday in Newcastle.

Sir Alex Ferguson has already identified the FIFA Club of the repeal of FIFA and UEFA Champions League against Tottenham at Wembley on Sunday, what a dream to win all the competitions in which they can more and more.

While Ferguson continues to play the chance to sweep the States, Scot knows too well that the seven days, set your team in an even stronger.

A victory at St James' Park could be 10 points ahead when Chelsea FC in the second and third Liverpool, not in their game on Tuesday against Portsmouth and Sunderland are.

After his trip to Newcastle United against Fulham in the quarterfinals of the FIFA, on Saturday and place Inter Milan in the Champions League last 16 rounds in the next week.

Nations, the 15 on a word game unbeaten, won five of their last six visits to St James' Park, marked 20 goals in the process.

Ferguson may aga…

The global stocks hit rate China hopes to stimulate

Stock markets in Europe and Asia Wednesday clashed in the middle of mounting hopes that China will soon announce a major stimulus package to limit the duration and depth of the recession in industrialized countries.

A meeting of Parliament on Thursday in China and at the top of the agenda, what the government can do to the growth in the wake of the global economic downturn. As one of the few major countries still in the growth, China is aware of in the middle of the request and hopes that trade may be the world of the global economic downturn worst in decades.

Chinese side, in advance Wednesday, with the Shanghai index to skip more than 6 per cent to close 2198.11.

"Of course not so uncommon, that investors are too optimistic in relation to what is determined by the legislature. They believe that the government is spending only about the economy," said Peng Yunliang, analyst at Shanghai Securities in Shanghai.

Elsewhere in Asia, Japan Nikkei 225 population average 61.24 points o…

Asus notebook section shows the double

Who needs an e-book?

One day is certainly a long time in the technology. Yesterday, it was like the idea of a cell BeBook, but today it seems that the history with the advent of the laptop two.

Let us something clear from the outset, although this is not an e-book - twice panel would like to replace your laptop. But with a book as "the form and the possibility of the sides, without a doubt the best book on the newspapers. And if you do not have a great desire of the culture, you can use it as a laptop, a screen that displays your favorite sites with a doubling of the other as a virtual keyboard and touchpad. Windows 7 and operation of the performance, you can still catch up some work and e-mail also - or simply a movie or some songs.

Can it really be a disadvantage? In fact can not - the two cellphone is now just a concept, not a word about the project is finished or when a finished product than ever before are displayed. Say, if the people who doubt a treacherous bet on this year.…

Ready for Britney Circus "spectacular"

Tonight all of Britney Spears' back round opener. Tomorrow, it is fairly certain that all criticism of the response. Today, however, is all about advertising.

Fortunately for the "Gimme More" singer and manager Larry Rudolph is a master of the race Svengali difficult to sell. Describe in Star Britney Spears Circus Tour 2009, the first exit in less than five years with good nor hyperbolic-Merriam-Webster still penalized.

"You can großartig," he told E! News' Ryan Seacrest. "Is that a word? This is great.

"It is an issue, the real Britney Spears show. It is a piece of pop. That is what everyone expected of him and more."

Yesterday, the Star, the excitement is starting tonight in New Orleans by the release of the hit Popballaden serious light in your playlist to add website.

The fans can look forward to Rudolph said Spears, which was at the hearing in a video on the Star no one other than Perez Hilton gossip-dog, because it is "interesting and c…

Geneva 2009: Intelligent Light car EDAG Open Source "is how the television for the safety Tailgate

EDAG's new "Light Car - Open Source" in the concept at the Geneva Salon, and by the outside seems a different berne electric car, there is a lot of innovative content to call, within the attention.

It is difficult to know where to begin: The use of (O) as a driver-configurable LED technology and lighting units, such as televisions, as a safety net that the warnings issued by the road and its 100 cent recyclable chassis basalt fiber (I said that both lighter and cheaper than carbon fiber or aluminum) or the fact that it is an open source printing with EDAG at the top, but released on the opening of the Auto-developer of technologies aimed at improving and change.
In any case, that the engine of lithium-ion battery in the wheel of the car compact engines that are used to maximize the interior is a simple, but we are really fascinated by the majority (O) of LED technology, the light, Car egg smooth exterior. On the back, the (O) LED is used to the vehicles not only LCOS behin…

The coast of the Gulf of survivors discovered half a mile away

The Coast Guard said user based on the survivors of a boat capsized off the coast of Florida about a half mile away, and the man who has himself in a small rescue boat.

Lieutenant-Commander and coordinator for the procedures in which the Coast Guard punctata Nick Schuyler said Monday that the 24 years old, ex-University of South Florida players are the crew.

The ocean research for the other three inmates is in its third day Tuesday. Oakland Raiders Lineback Marquis Cooper, NFL free line of defense by Corey Smith and former player for the Southern Florida William Bleakley missing Saturday evening.

Schuyler was dried and sub-cooling, if it is detected. But the improvement of their position to secure the hospital on Tuesday.

$ 200B Fed Program Consumer Credit Act

The Federal Reserve has a long program Tuesday is expected to increase the availability of credit for consumers and small businesses.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is up to 200 million U.S. dollars to loan to - for cars, education, credit cards and other consumer debt. The money will be used to provide financing for investors to purchase the debt.

The bold, the term asset-backed securities, the marginal lending facility, was the first time last year and was originally to begin in February.

Participants - companies and investors to include guarantees for the loan - loans for the new government on 17 March. The Fed will be granted loans of three years on 25 March.

The Fed said the program has the potential to provide up to $ 1 trillion of loans to businesses and households.

"This is the catalyst for TALF securitization markets, providing finance to investors, their purchases of certain securities AAA asset-backed securities, the Fed and the U.S. Treasury, in a joint statement." The lend…

Microsoft car revolution of the media in the car and surfing the Web

Microsoft makes cars for the cloud with a new version of its software platform from Microsoft AutoUpdate, supports Intel processors, are the standards for radio and CD player, a better information and entertainment.

Microsoft Auto 4.0 provides functions for the head with a standard radio and support for reading and copying of CDs.

Microsoft alleges that the developers to create multi-function devices to reduce complexity, lower costs and faster to the market.

Microsoft Auto 4.0 extended hardware support, and the ARM processor SH support for Intel processors, including the recent elections for the Intel Atom Z5xx series of chips.

Netbook cars around the corner?

"The last atom processor is ideal for vehicle infotainment platform with its high performance, low power and features to support industrial temperature," said Staci Palmer, director, In-Vehicle Infotainment Intel.

At CeBIT, Microsoft will also auto current Microsoft applications, including Saturday NAV EB complex recognize v…

Microsoft Surface in the United Kingdom officially

Coasters and other periodicals

Well, we had hands with Microsoft Surface in January, and now you can too, as the region was officially launched in the UK and 11 other European markets. But there is one drawback - you have the best part of £ 10,000 for a bag of spare parts.

That can we guarantee that you have the best table on the road without access to the computer as a touchscreen, you can watch TV and drink your beer. Microsoft hopes, without a doubt that the region covered by the "center" of the area of family that is capable of a certain number of people at the opportunity to "catch" the information on the screen that these or the music, movies and media. And not just your hands - you can even update your cell phone or MP3 player simply by pointing to the table. "And, as for gambling ... monopoly ... and we will never the same.

Price £ 10,000, probably as rules for the purchase of most of us now, but that does not mean that you are not a bit. Microsoft has …

Jennifer Aniston is the fight against the war in divorce

Oh look, another interview with Jennifer Aniston coming for us all the way to England. But that is too far in the United Kingdom, which you Jen has a little warning:

"No matter what I say, things are always out of context and misunderstood, it has always turned around as if I do not do something, or simply to keep talking and over time.

Duly noted. And now, in any case, Brad Pitt!

"I do not, I have nothing to person. I'm not someone on my side, I have in history. No parties! There is no evil and there is a good guy. There is no bad and the heroine of this story. It is simply not the case. "

Ok, enough of this team Aniston vs. Team Brangelina stuff in the comments and Oscar breaks. Jen will make sure that everyone is very happy and glad, despite the rejection of the Hamburg itself:

"I'm realistic," he says. "I know if I eat nothing but burgers and fries, I will not be used to the parts that normally would. This is maybe one day but not now."

It has …

Magna launches a new concept EV

Auto supplier Magna Steyr is the Geneva Motor Show, to his new vehicle mila maybe you remember May Magna is currently with Ford on a production of the approach that the blue oval is planned electric car, a model of production in 2011. As a proof of concept Magna EV we have an opportunity to the Detroit Auto Show, uses all-mila a lithium-ion batteries, a distance of about 100 miles (150 km) to an approximately 2, 5 hours.

Although it is possible, of course, a gas guzzler for an electric machine that ev mila shows the advantages for the design of an electric vehicle built for this purpose with a spacious five-door hatchback and build the capacity of the host gas, hydrogen or hybrid batteries fuel cells can, in addition to the full-electric version will appear. Roof integrated solar panels, extra energy and vibration could be an air conditioning that does not pass no batteries.

Magna mila concept said that everything is ready for production and meet the vehicle manufacturers flexibility in…

2010 Prius Overload detail you will get the 49 mpg highway opinion; 100,000 sales in 2009

There are reasons why the Toyota Prius Hybird is the best selling vehicles in the world. Extremely easy to use, increase the mileage of almost nothing, easily accessible and can lead to a shuttle craft when required. But everything that the user lots of work, seriously. During a press conference in Napa, California, last week, Toyota has given us the details of what and how the third generation of the Prius came after four years and thousands of encounters. Indeed, the chief engineer Prius Akihiko Otsuka TMC joked by saying that it is not for Toyota Motor Company, but the meeting Toyota. An old chestnut trees, a joke, perhaps, but entirely in this situation.

Bob Carter, Group Vice President and General Manager of the Division of Toyota, has told us that the official mileage 2010 Prius is 50 mpg city and 49 mpg highway. I knew that 50 mpg combined figure of the opening of Detroit, but these almost identical city / highway numbers are new. The difference between the city and the highway …

Lawyer: invoice without star receiver

A disorder of the Rules for the Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall was rejected in a court in Atlanta to Denver on attorney Harvey Steinberg.

Before that the indictment was filed on Monday, Pro Bowl, the receiver is due to the possibility of an NFL suspension for violating the league personal code.

Marshall became a game from last year repeated run-ins with the law. " Perhaps it is the search for a suspension or eight games.

Marshall was in Atlanta on Sunday morning, after a fight and five hours in the prison of the city of Atlanta before you deposit $ 300.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Associated Press Monday, was the league the last investigation of the incident.

The government extended AIG helps

The government presented Monday a new rescue plan for insurance giant American International Group and the companies in trouble in another 30 billion U.S. dollars in a "necessary".

The new package is that the company was burning cash and not in a position to buyers for parts of the company she hopes the government in its current assistance amounting to around 150 billion U.S. dollars.

In an interview on the NBC "Today" show Monday, AIG President and CEO Edward Liddy, said: "We are in a position to reimburse the Federal Reserve. The new $ 30 million one of the. It is not necessarily something that we believe that we are now. "

The announcement was made that AIG, once the largest insurer in the world, said Monday it lost 61.7 billion U.S. dollars in the fourth quarter, the biggest quarterly loss in the history of American business.

Under the new package, the Fed ended its involvement in two international units.

Instead, pay 38 billion U.S. dollars in cash with i…

Among the Greens, charger to the next level

The GSM Association had last week announced that in three years, all new phones by the same interface, is a great victory for the environment as well as the manufacturers and owners.

The move will save manufacturers millions of dollars in the cost of consumables and accessories, which are primarily useful when the original function, but possibly countless tons of toxic waste found in landfills and life much easier for users of mobile phones .

In a charger, especially in an industry as important as mobile phones, has also undergone a great change with a universal use in other electronic products that are long in the queue in the greenery of computer science and the environment. Although there is some kind of gadget is omnipresent, that the mobile phone, flexible, universal power supply for the electronics for all types of economic recovery and the economic environment.

The GSMA show was also a little means a great victory for Green Plug, the manufacturer of intelligent power supplies for …

Jonas Brothers: they are, uh, No. 2

A funny thing on the way to world domination Jonas Brothers: a second job.
Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, plus an estimated 12.7 million U.S. dollars from Friday to Sunday, when a life in the fashion media, and not easily Tyler Perry Madea is like in prison No. 1 film at the weekend box office office.

Surprisingly, the Jonas movie is not only not on the level of initial projections, do not live down, expenditure underwhelming reviews Friday after its inception.

What happened?

"It is the nature of what we are trying to see," Relations with the exhibitors Jeff Bock said today.

Relations with the exhibitors and other Box Office was the release of Disney dominated the weekend with 30 million U.S. dollars from Friday to Sunday in gross figures. Well, most of the studies are out of the way a sign of Jonas, which they believed also that the band from the movie would be great.

Then it was the opening day. The film is increased an estimated 4.8 billion U.S. dollars at the helm for …

Gurria said the OECD forecast cut by March 31

PORTO, Portugal - The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has in the world of the projected increase in gross domestic product March 31, the Secretary-General Angel Gurría said on Sunday.

"We expect for 2010 is positive, but small," said Gurria. "If we forecast in our March 31, we have reduced our forecasts."

Gurria also said that the financial crisis has shown that no country has achieved along the United States.

(Reporting by Sergio Goncalves, written by Paul on the issue by Axel Bugge)

Trading funds Kassel Pats Brady feels well

New England Patriots, Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs, and a message to her fans: do not worry about Tom Brady in the knee.

One question remained, however.

How the Patriots could be a second round of the project, the choice of a solid, young people and a quarter of a veteran leader under 12 years of age, Mike Lineback Vrábel?

Saturday secrecy after the Patriots trade the selection of the 34th in the project this year, which brought to the forefront with a franchise-record of 2-14.

Kassel, which have not yet begun, the seven years in southern California and the Patriots, the New England, this led to a 11-5 record, but not the auszutra Kai, according to Brady, a late-season knee injury to open up - a Kansas City Bernard Pollard, who said that it was an "accident".

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2009 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Hybrid Hybrid

In 2009 editions of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra hybrid only with the dealer to broadcasts throughout the country, has decided that it would be a good idea of ourselves, the steering wheel of the belt to fuel duo that improving energy efficiency in the city, we can the leadership of some scenarios. In addition, there are all kinds of techno-magic in the game as soon as the rider pedals the button on the right vagus-go, so much interested in whether the rule has been able to use the energy of three different energy sources (a gasoline - engine, two electric motors), while gently and when a truck of $ 40,000.