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Obama calls for $ 15B Medicaid, responds to criticism

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama for President promised quick help in the appropriate Medicaid programs on Monday, when opponents and advisers to the maintenance of the rights of the explosion of the deficit of the federal government.

Obama in the White House summit, at the end of a session of three days of the governors of the nation was the first of his young presidency forum specifically for the problems that threaten the long-term financial health of the nation. So Obama spread ambitious plans to reduce the deficit by half within four years.

Even before, some of the 130 guests at the White House, before the participants of the conference overinflated expectations.

"It May at a press conference. Or He May is an important event," said Republican Senator Judd Gregg, the Secretary for Trade Obama in New Hampshire, the legislature has rejected. "History tells us that it was the first. We had these meetings before. There are always many people, to emphasize the problem."

However, he says, hardly anyone is willing to take tough decisions, to solve these problems.

As the economy of the country of their downward spiral, Obama advisers are available on the broader the tax issues, from which millions of dollars for the unemployment. In their context, the summit is only one part of the White House for the next two weeks on the priorities for a first mandate, Obama, including a State of the European Union on Tuesday, the style.

This discourse is not likely, even plans for dealing with long crumbling right of the programs.

Obama, the first order of business at the front of the inside on Monday was the room with the President on the funding - and a clear warning to the criticism of the $ 787 million.

Obama has shown that the administration release 15 billion U.S. dollars on Wednesday to help the President of the Medicaid payments for poor Americans. And he took the opportunity also to concerns about the aid of a handful of ECB, the Republicans have a plan too big and wasteful.

The issue is a project to expand unemployment benefits for the employees of the state and other part-time, if they do not already qualify for financing. Some ECB-GOP - some with a view to the presidential elections 2012, including the brand Sanford of South Carolina and Louisiana, Bobby Jindal - say they can not accept that the funding must be an increase in the tax on employers, if the suggestion short of money.

Obama, that criticism directly and warned against the considerations, the policy of blurring discussions to promote the program.

"I think there are some very legitimate concerns about the sustainability of the expansion of unemployment insurance. What has been ignored, it is $ 7 billion U.S. dollars for a program of $ 787 billion U.S. dollars. And there is not much from the extension of unemployment insurance, "said Obama.

He added: "If we agree on 90 percent of this material, and spending any time on TV talking, 1, 2, 3 per cent of expenditure in this case, mainly in and around the brush like a waste, which starts the right in politics. And this is what we do not have time for that. "

On the general question of the increase in the deficit, the leading Senate Republican Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, said that the solution in the law written by Gregg and democratic on the budget of the Committee, Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota.

Its location would be at the Bipartisan Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The right of the program in terms of a possible bankruptcy, although the experts on how each threat is urgent.

Many Democrats rooms, however, against a commission, including the President, Nancy Pelosi believes that any change must be made by the committees of the Congress. Obama was the idea - and many others - as a way to find a solution.

McConnell said that any attempt would be a step to a point on the liability side is not capitalized.

Obama plans to the federal deficit in half at the end of his first term, mainly due to the reduction of the cost of the war in Iraq, raising taxes on the rich and the streamlining of the administration. The goal is to halve the Federal deficit of 533 million USD at the time of his first term ends in 2013.

He inherited a deficit of around 1.3 billion U.S. dollars from his predecessor, President George W. Bush.


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