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Everything you need to know, on Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft is for mobile

The recent announcement by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 / 5 release is the word Internet: Is the operating system from Redmond, the group faces the front of the phone package?

We take you through some of the main features of the new operating system - if you cried the inability to navigate through the menus of Windows Mobile phone with touch screen you can create a pleasant surprise.

1. Windows is Windows Mobile phone

The first thing that you consider that Windows Mobile was designed for Windows to be replaced Tél. Technology authors lament change ... WinME is a ring, it's enough, sounds like a waste WinPho website on how successful the phone in the competition.

But this means that all the new logos, buttons, and for a greater integration with the Windows desktop, the brand that is not good for the users. You can also use a greater pressure for the operating system in the shop (also known under the name of business) with WinPho Phones (No, never in the picture), where appropriate.

2. All new menus

Arrogance boring Windows Mobile menus were changed in a nest of bees plateau looking touchscreen ... the size of the finger buttons just replace the stylus from the above options, it's much easier access to all your favorite programs.

It is sufficient to push the screen from top to bottom, you have access to new applications that are begging to be the proof that Microsoft finally cotton to take advantage of working with touchscreen

3. Flick Gestures

Press the improvements are not only on the startup screen, which is everywhere. Berne, that the list of the menus are much easier to use and the things like the calendar, you can film through their appointments, with no windows.

It also includes the media, things also with the opportunity to get into the miniatures in the menu before you open the browser.

4. Best Browser

One of the things that frustration over the previous operating system Microsoft has worked with the Mobile Internet browser, including ... is simply not good enough for a lot less.

But all this has changed with the launch of Internet Explorer Mobile 6, including the phone with Windows 6 / 5, which can deal with most websites, without any time passing. Or fail. It's the little things that make a difference.

Touch gestures are the primary means to address the new demand, and there is the size of the finger keys to help you with the nuts and bolts work. Microsoft claimed that he had a genuine effort to compete with and beat the inclusion of the improvement of Ajax and Flash components for the proposals, which could be the case.

5. Back to all MyPhone

Wi-Pho (now more than one ring, the ... Why decide-FO, but not Wiff) extends over the administration and in the clouds with the new MyPhone. On the Start menu nests of bees, you can make backup copies of all your contacts, photos and text messages over the Internet and a site visit, staff, everything.

This means that you can contact the search text and change, without any problems over the phone if they are lost or deleted. We have no word on the amount of storage to be, but it helps the user the impression that life is not a phone, which is nice and futuristic.

6. Updates

A problem with Wi-PHO is that this would have announced Mobile World Congress in fact is not yet available. There are rumors which are not affected until November. This means that all costs, which broke cover of mobile phones, Toshiba TG01, do not come with the last iteration.

But do not worry, if you want to discuss whether your hands on the latest phone, the update for Wi-Pho 6 / 5 and is provided free of charge. So, you have May in the fight with Windows Mobile 6 / 1 for a few months, you know that every tap brings you to much to the new version.

7. Better to look at the screen lock

May it something stupid, a "Everything You Need to Know" feature, but as a phone with more than half the time caught in the standby mode, you want easy access to the functions when they pick up.

Wi-PHO 6-5 shows, if you have missed and received calls, texts or e-mails and other important information. But not only that, there are buttons for linking directly to them, which not only contribute to improving productivity, but also the entire process feel polished, with a simple drag and drop button to get to the action.

8. Strengthening of the e-mail and messaging

Most packages for Windows Mobile applications have been examined, and the e-mail and e-mail clients have cooled a touch screen to good use.

Now you can get the messages with the key, and a look at the headers of messages you can easily surf their way into the labyrinth of correspondence difficult. There is also a greater integration with the new operating system itself ... You can get almost everything with the stylus (though we do not recommend to you).

9. Microsoft, Apple App Store

Includes standard in all phones Wi-PHO press release, the market as a full application link the experience of other transactions, which are very popular. It is a simple display to verify the compatibility and safety, which is likely similar to Apple's test process, but with 20,000 applications for Windows phones leading to a critical mass quickly.

Microsoft is also famous for its community of Windows Live, as the user name and password, users can download the applications, either by telephone or via a PC.

10. This is only the beginning

It's, Wi-Pho is not the singing, dancing, all the OS, the mobile to change the world after Microsoft, we are less than a year over the phone from Windows 7th

Although the details of the new operating system is at best incomplete, contracts were signed with a new logo and new internet rumors as the work is for the administration of the cloud.

And in the eyes of people like LG, Motorola and other big names have once again pledged loyalty to the Microsoft Mobile operating system has something exciting to come in this way.


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