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Dying Star TV Jade Goody against the marriage of Britain

LONDON - bald from chemotherapy, and so low that I think the difficulty, the British reality television star Jade Goody bride 21 years old, my favorite, on Sunday - and every tear was caught by the cameras.

The daring extravagance of the wedding 27 years old, now dying of cancer of the cervix, and enthusiastically helped turn Britain from the mouth of the high star Goody loved the rage, you can not hire enough.

Goody Jack Tweed and received applause from the 200 guests, when they were married in Down Hall Country House Hotel in the East of England, the Goody spokesman Max Clifford said after the ceremony.

The bride had the pain hidden in her dress creatively. If he was not able to spend half an hour in the 45 minutes on Saturday, she, her husband on his knees, at his side, and their two young sons in the knees, blurred, "said the spokesman.

"That was a very nice, very touching, said Clifford.

The runup of marriage was one in the British media and photos of kissing in most documents of the front page on Sunday. The coverage is largely positive turning Goody, the poster child for the British boorishness an example of courage, after the cancer diagnosis.

The doctors say Goody has a few weeks to live. She has to film his battle with cancer to win and as far as possible in the time allowed for financing the education of their children.

We now know that most Britons only as "Jade", Goody has been out of the shadows to play on "Big Brother", a British reality show in 2002. His eyes jumped Gaff - ignoble who complains "an escape from the goat" and wondered if English is in the U.S. - they laughed so that her old school, south of London was defended by saying that this is not the typical student .

Goody has a certain notoriety, to familiarize them with the autobiography, videos of fitness and a perfume, but the confrontation with the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during the shooting of "Celebrity Big Brother" in January 2007, she was a racist and designation of the exhibition of shame.

Goody tried their best to claim redress Shetty, a donation to the charity and India provides the Indian version of the broadcast. It was during filming that show in August he learned that the cancer of the cervix.

Photos and videos on their rights at the summit wedding - the helicopters, the cake, and the scandalous misconduct always Goody - have been in the auction to the highest bidder, apparently of a million pounds (about 1.4 million U.S. dollars).

Goody If critics to doubt the willingness of his last days in the limelight, its openness, to a large extent the media won.

"People say that I just want to do to the money" was cited when he said the tabloid newspaper The Sun earlier. "And you're right. But I'm not buying cars or big flash houses. This is for my children" the future ".

Politicians, health professionals and members of the clergy were quick to praise tas Goody.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has his fate, while the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Goody as "a courageous woman."

"May many people say," Well, it's better if they are in peace "," Murphy-O'Connor told Sky News that the remarks on Sunday. "But I think he has made a decision that you want the last months of his life to teach people something."

Others noted that early detection of cancer of the cervix can result in disease if they are easily treatable, enriched in Britain since the condition Goody affected.

Jade Goody has shown that these campaigns in the field of public health were in a position in the past, which is a broad public attention to the issue of choice, the legislature of the United Kingdom, Dr Liam Fox told Sky.

But their fate, also sweetened his heart in Britain, Ministry of Justice, with Tweed at the attackers probation after a teenager with a golf course, a special exception permit for on Sunday evening with his girlfriend.

"This May, their only night together," says Clifford.


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