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Clinton: United States, China key in leading to the economy

BEIJING - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that Washington and Beijing must work together if the world is the recovery from the financial crisis and the Chinese would like to keep their commitment to America to invest.

"I do not think it realistic to expect that we see in China and around the world, without the cooperation and leadership," he said in an interview on Sunday with the famous talk show "in one."

The Chinese economy is export abhaspelbarer the severe recession in the United States, Bill Clinton is meeting with President Hu Jintao, the Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing to reassure that his massive operation d obligations of the U.S. Treasury Department and other organs of the Public debt remains a solid investment.

Yang said that China hopes that its foreign exchange reserves - the largest $ 1.95 billion U.S. dollars - to invest in safety and working with the United States.

"Of course I am of the opinion that the Chinese government and central banks do smart decision to invest in treasury bills," Clinton said in an interview shortly before his departure for Washington. "It's an investment. The - Germany has a well-deserved reputation as a financial.

In order to boost the economy, the United States, more debt, he says. "It would not be in the interest of China, if you do not get our economy moving," said Clinton. "It continues to support the U.S. Treasury Department, the Chinese are the recognition of our interdependence. We are either upwards or downwards, at the same time. We are in the same boat, and fortunately we are rowing in the same direction.

"Our economies are closely linked, the Chinese know that to export back to his main market, namely the United States, the United States to take this radical suggestion, which means that longer have to bear the blame."

On their journey in Beijing, Clinton is on the global economy, climate change and security aimed at highlighting the growing importance of Sino-American relations, which often refer to disagreements concerning the rights of man. Beijing authorities a year ago, significant anniversaries - 20 years after the overwriting of Tiananmen Square and the democratic movement as 50 years after the failed uprising of the Tibetans has forced the Dalai Lama into exile.

As she wrapped her trip to China, Clinton met with supporters of women's rights and has worked in the church, a day after talks with Chinese officials.

Sunday of the meeting of the Embassy of the United States met in Beijing women lawyers, scientists, environmental activists, health workers and employers to make the increase in the leading role of women in China.

On Saturday, Clinton said Yang and a regular dialogue on issues of economy, which now also terrorism and other issues of safety. The details to be President Barack Obama and the Chinese president to a London economic summit in April. "We have reason to believe that the U.S. and China work together and help us, the world again," she told journalists at a press conference with Yang.

The future of the talks, China said Clinton controversial of human rights was in large part on the table, foam authorization fear that the rights of groups.

Saturday activists complained that the police was followed Chinese dissidents and systems at home for a visit by Clinton two days. Many of these receivers have the "Charter 08", open, exceptionally for the civil and political reforms.

Overall, the cooperation in the financial crisis, the United States, China's efforts to counter threats of nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea, and the uncertainty of the security situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

With China surpassed the U.S. in the past year as the world's leading producers of greenhouse gases, Clinton said she and the official Chinese have decided to develop technologies for clean energy by using renewable energy sources and storage of emissions from the combustion of coal.

Visit a new natural gas to power plants in Beijing Clinton called on China not to repeat the "mistake" if the Western countries have developed.


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