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The big banks are ready for the White House, the stress

The Obama prepares for the implementation of "stress tests" in the largest banks in the country to determine whether they can be maintained if the crisis worsen.

Floor plan arrangement for the audit of the financial situation of Citigroup Inc, Bank of America Corp. and more than a dozen others who have billions of dollars in U.S. Treasury 700 billion rescue pot.

The evidence, which is scheduled for Wednesday, will have to decide whether or not the regulators, the banks enough capital - and the combination of itself - to support each new crisis in the economy over the next two years.

The tests also help determine whether the regulators of banks May need additional help to the task of promoting lending to customers, an important component for economic change.

President of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke to Capitol Hill on Wednesday for the second day. This time it is before the House Financial Services Committee, where the probability of difficult questions about the controversy of the efforts of the government to rescue the banking sector.

Statement before the Senate committee on Tuesday, Bernanke calmed the fears of investors that the government is on a path of nationalization of banks in difficulty and occurs on Wall Street a day after a good 12 years.

"We worked with the banks to ensure that they are healthy and stable, and we will work with them. I see no reason to destroy the franchise, or attempt to cause enormous uncertainty nationalization of the bank, if it is not formally necessary" , the Senate, Bernanke said on Tuesday.

"The result of the resistance is not, or not to move," said Bernanke, the body is the main regulator of several major banks in the country. "The result of the test under pressure, c, ie the amount of capital that the bank does not need to meet the needs of borrowers, credit cards in our economy?"

Critics worry that the government rescue measures have the potential to increase the taxpayers' money at risk and the promotion of "moral hazard", where the carrier is easily the high operations and the bet, because the government for her release on bail .

It is worrying for all Stan Eden, 48 years old, Miami.

"If you can not," says Eden firms in search of salvation. "All in the deception and greed overcame common sense in decision-making in the country."

On the economic front, Bernanke said that the legislature of the economy was suffering through a severe recession. "But it planted a seed of hope that the recession could end this year when it took the government to strengthen the banking system at risk.

Speaking before Congress, on Tuesday evening, the president Barack Obama has said, more money was needed to save the banks in difficulty over 700 billion dollars already committed in the past year. Say bailout banks are unpopular, he stressed that it is the only way the credit again for the dismantling of houses and shops. He also urged Congress to quickly on the rules for the revision of the nation on the financial markets.

A report Wednesday, the National Association of Realtors is envisaged that the sale of houses in January to move. The economists predict that the buyers keep the private and other prizes, which the sales. If this happens, could be a sign that the house sales are moving slowly in a long-awaited finale.

But property prices are expected to decline this year. In Balzac's peau de chagrin of the U.S. biggest advantage and an important role in the decisions of consumers to reduce spending, the economy was seriously injured.

Bernanke said the economy can provide for the reduction in the first six months of this year after the publication of its worst in the presentation than a quarter century until the end of 2008.

But the head of the Federal Reserve might be hope for a recession this year, but it is a great risk, as expected. Any change is dependent on the economic success of the Federal Reserve and the Obama for the granting of credit and financial markets to function normally.

The behavior of the consumer also plays a role when in 2010, are as expected, Bernanke.

Consumer confidence, however, is in a free fall in February, giving the new minimum, according to a report published on Tuesday. Loss of jobs and eggs in the nests in autumn.

"I am loyal, it is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I think we do not see the light yet," said Dan Walpole, 28, a teacher of elementary school in Rochester, NY


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