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Luxury Gadgets 50

In the event that you are over one million ...

This is the difficult choice between the mark and the route of the premium supermarket beans with bacon, which is undoubtedly for the same job, but a label with money Hell has a kind of power over you.

About the need to shuffle the gadget in the kingdom, by using our collection of well-Virgin, the technology, your results should improve substantially in the style of the game there was a significant influence on your back pocket.

Kentucky to build Ford Kuga Crossover

By the end of 2008, Ford has once again the tool several factories in North America to build small cars in Europe in the coming years. This is a Louisville, Kentucky Truck Plant is planned that the vehicles used on the European orientation. Louisville television station reported that sources said that one of the vehicles is the work of the Ford Kuga crossover. The Kuga will be available in Europe in the past year is very positive. If the Kuga is available in the U.S., is not sure that the escape will be replaced or supplemented. Anyway, it is a style online small Ford

Rihanna with Chris Brown together in Miami

Word, Rihanna and Chris Brown together.

E! News learned that the R & B Star duo but at a certain time by Sean "Diddy" Combs' Star Iceland Hotel in Miami Beach.

"It is very private, not on the property," said a source Combs' roughly 13,000 square meters directly on the beach house.

Earlier this week, sources said that the couple in contact with Brown, Rihanna on her 21st Birthday on 20 February.

A representative of the "Disturbia" has denied that the singer, she spoke with him on the phone, but ... seemingly around again.

"While Chris was and sad about what happened, is it really to be happy with the woman he loves," says a popular, for the first time the apparent reconciliation.

This seems to be the first meeting of the person in the family, Brown has been since 8 February by the attack and Rihanna with visible injuries. Except for flashes of them in transit (sold separately) from here to there, and some photos of Rihanna appeared only a…

Rage Lamps Chelsea keep the curve upward

Frank Lampard has assured manager Guus Hiddink winning their first domestic league with a victory over Chelsea and Liverpool lifting the second place in the Premier League.

Hiddink led his new victory for Aston Villa and Juventus Luiz Felipe Scolari successfully for a limited period, but the implementation seems to win an end to the series of minutes for Olivier Kapo from 81st reversed pressure on John Terry 25 minutes from the opening goal.

But, as so often in the moving season, it was Lampard came through his side, next to the house in 91 minutes to seven of Chelsea and Manchester United plans to expand its thin in the context of race.

Hiddink had criticized his players after their UEFA Champions League in the middle of the week's victory over Juventus, the accusation of sitting too deep and not on Didier Drogba in the first half of the target.

And it seems that his words were heard in Steve Bruce visiting side fought to try to put pressure on their own hopes of qualification for a …

The unions are trying to heal the wounds of the bitter division

Nearly four years later, a bad dislocation of the division of labor organized union leaders are back on the reunification of a federation unique and powerful, can this year.

12 Keeping the nation's largest unions with rival federation AFL-CIO and Change to Win, were held three meetings since January with a view to introducing their differences and the use of the weather more on the Union's policy in the age of 15.

"We have a very positive discussion, which we refer to some important," said David Bonior, former Michigan member of the discussions into negotiations.

Bonior, but emphasized that obstacles remain as head of the work as a United Work is structured and the goals.

Sept trade unions, the Service Employees International Union, screws AFL-CIO of the 2005th They complained to the association also focuses on the political campaigns and not enough on attracting new members. The fraction reflected the frustration of the fall of membership in a union, with no more than 3…

Philips LCD TV Cinema Display 21:9 first sight test

Films, such as the Director for consultation

T3 was treated to one of the first utterances of the new Philips LCD-TV 21:9, 56 inches TV shows pictures of almost exactly like in the movies. And then we see a relationship - it's unbelievable.

If, in a marathon of films to television, we have become accustomed to change the aspect ratio of the on-screen, allowing the full extent of the vaccine are in the process of losing or black stripes, the top and bottom on the screen. 21:9 But what comes complete with Philips Ambilight Spectra tech light, the films are shown on the screen of your Odéon. If you complete technical Philips TV has a 21:9 aspect ratio and the films have a ratio of 2.39:1.

With a Full HD 2560 x 1080p display with 8.3 megapixel, 21:9 knew this would be a specialist for the purchase (3999 euros for the purchase, if you want to buy the item once in the spring) and wonders whether this kind of society that has never been about amazing concept, and not every time you "…

The Tata Nano on the euro, the specifications for more power?

The sales of the Tata Nano has not yet begun, in his home country India, but the speculation on the export of cars in Europe and America already in the news. Now Ratan Tata, has announced that his company so that the nano with the Old Continent in the coming months, as well as the Geneva Motor Show (car was a success in Geneva in 2008). Mr Tata said that the vehicle was the EuroNCAP crash test, and Euro V legislation against pollution - must be two conditions for the cars sold in Europe. There was no indication of the work produced this model, that prices start at 5000 €. In comparison, you can create a Dacia 1.2 for around 8000 €. Oh, and a US-nano is also in preparation.

Drew Barrymore Direct Third Twilight?

Drew Barrymore knows a thing or two about the foreigners vampires so it should not be a stretch.

The actress is in talks to Eclipse, the third section of the Twilight franchise.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Barrymore is one of the most important options in the footsteps of Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight that out and Chris Weitz, based on the start of filming the first episode of the new moon.

Hardwicke from the exemption because it considers that it is not enough space to breathe to the judiciary. Summit Entertainment and producer of the tight timetable for the release of the new moon is a collection of November 20, 2009 and the liberation of the Eclipse barely six months later, on 30 June 2010 Weitz is in post-production of the new moon, Eclipse is in the shooting.

Barrymore wrapped their main objective, under the direction of his whip, the Star Ellen Page.

A representative Barrymore has refused to the report.

During this time, the day of another major film timeliness:

• Antonio Bander…

Ex-Bulls radio, coach Johnny "Red" Kerr dies

Johnny "Red" Kerr, former Chicago Bulls head coach for more than three decades as a broadcaster for the team, died on Thursday. He was 76th

Kerr has died at his home after a battle with prostate cancer, Bulls Tim Hallam said the spokesman.

"His name is synonymous with basketball, as here in Chicago and in the NBA," said President Jerry Reinsdorf Bulls. "Those who were lucky enough to have Johnny, which of their great compassion for the people the whole life and the passion for playing basketball. We miss you very much."

Kerr, death is a double blow for Bulls after the death Thursday of the state of Van Lier, one of the most popular in Bulls history. Van Lier, 61

"We are very saddened about the course of the events of today," said Hallam.

Bulls made a statue of the Kerr Center during an emotional ceremony this month, the memo from Barack Obama President and Commissioner David Stern and the speech by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Kerr said Pippen C…

Government May to 36 pct. Citigroup

Citigroup Inc said Friday, one agreement, which the government of a stake of 36 percent in the bank battle.

The government, with other investors are a part of the preference shares into ordinary shares at Citi.

Citi exchange offer of 27.5 billion U.S. dollars of its shares owned by private investors, the price for the conversion of $ 3.25 per share, representing a premium of 32 percent to the closing price on Thursday of 2.46 $. The government is in the amount of $ 25 billion of preferred shares, in the moment, the same price.

If the amount for the conversion of preferred shares, common shares will participate in the autumn in the possession of around 26 percent.

The conversion of Citi, the combination allows for the provision of capital for the continued support for the weakening of the economy.

The Government of Singapore Investment SA, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, Capital Research Global Investors, Capital World Investors are among those who have said that private investors to parti…

Anthem Statement amplifiers come in the United Kingdom

Benchmark A / V amplifier across the Atlantic

You will be forgiven if you have not heard the music, that is, from the election or the declaration of A / V processor and amplifiers. Audio and video obsessed grade, based on the latest technology of energy May well see Canadian Manufacturer, May, but not on their ears to this day, because finally bring Anthem is the distance in the United Kingdom government.

To your ear drums pines, the new distribution agreement will be the anthem of the Declaration D2v preamplifier, its beginnings in the United Kingdom. The D2v is a pre-amplifier with a spread in the quality of treatment, the best quality of HD-circuit, 24 bit/192kHz Upsampling, space for the property, and the last section that looks like a little fear that you are familiar with the elderly .

If you are under an obligation to hell with a platform for entertainment at home, that God Himself was proud to own, then you can connect to the Anthem Statement P5 Multi-channel amplifier. 500, wh…

Jerry Seinfeld as a reality series from NBC

Jerry Seinfeld is back on NBC as a producer of a reality TV series funny, where the stars and the struggles of trying to challenge an arbitrator for the couples to peace. This is good news for fans of Seinfeld.

The bad news? Seinfeld has said that he had no plans to step in front of the cameras of "Les Noces Ref" or, in fact, for each star in a TV series again. "It is a young man of the game," said Seinfeld, 54 "Nothing can be more than the experience that I experienced."

That would be "Seinfeld," of course, the comedy ends its nine operations in 1998 in large part from the golden era of NBC. The fourth place in the network in difficult times, and jumped at the opportunity to host one of its big names.

The idea came from personal experience.

Seinfeld and his wife Jessica, not by a day - I can not remember the object - a friend was visiting. The friend is unwell and asks whether you.

"I said, 'You know what, I need help in solving this one. I…

Woods ready for the second round at Accenture

Now that Tiger Woods is back at work, it is ready for the next step.

The World No. 1 player was South African Tim Clark, on Thursday in the second round of the Accenture Match Play Championship. The main question is how new Woods left knee, a day after his first competition since the victory of the USA on the launch eight months ago.

Two years ago, Clark Woods beaten 5 and 4

Woods returns to draw the attention of fans around the world wonders whether it might not be as good as the player who won 65 times on the PGA Tour, including 14 large enterprises.

Quick allayed any doubts about the openness, the mission of the Australian Brendan Jones, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m., on Wednesday. Then Woods, that he did not come to the desert of Arizona benefit temperatures of 80 degrees.

"I'm not an event that I do not think I win," said Woods. "Why? It makes no sense to me. So I came in this case with the intention to all events, since I was a kid, and it is to win."

The 64-man field was f…

Geneva Preview: Rinspeed E2 features fuel

Would not it be wonderful if modern cars have a button added to the magical 100 horses in the event that a bit more pressure is needed? Exactly this Rinspeed was the little Fiat 500 Abarth E2 for its new concept, although in the other direction. The new car is at the Geneva Salon and has a switch with the engine in a "transport" mode reduces the 60 horses and saves a lot of fuel. If more energy is needed, press the button to switch from "route" mode, the entire stability of 160 horses. "We need an intelligent use of fossil resources, especially in the field of energy," says the boss Frank Rinderknecht, Rinspeed. In Sleep mode, the Rinspeed E2 is able to 58 U.S. miles per gallon at full power in the administration of 33 mi / gal See the press release after the break.

Official: the general government deficit of $ 1.75 billion

Barack Obama as President to the Congress a budget on Thursday that the government deficit this year is for $ 1.75 billion, the efforts for the country in a deep recession and a serious financial crisis.

A senior official told the Associated Press that Obama $ 3 billion plan also calls for more in Congress to raise taxes for the rich, in the year 2011 and the cost of health insurance providing health care for non-insured.

The first budget of the President also has the potential to spend $ 250 billion for the financial industry on the additional efforts to save 700 million U.S. dollars, the Congress already has approved such as civil servants who, under the condition of anonymity before the release of the resources.

The official said the administration believes it would be wise to require additional resources to combat the financial crisis of the country most affected by seven decades. He called the request a "space" before a decision by the U.S. Treasury, that additional resour…

Marantz announces M-CR502 CD DAB receiver all in one

The best things come in small packages
Marantz has the veil of his new M-CR502 DAB CD, an all-in-One, the promises, performance and quality of a much more comprehensive.

It is equipped with two stereo amplifiers on board, with music and occasional listeners hear a lot of possibilities. Stereo mode, you can use 2 x 50W power of music - a punch that is a unit the size of a pack of shoes (280 x 111 x 302mm) - audio, while the fans prefer the option of 4 x 25W Bi-amping.

Or, if you distribute their music all over the house, you can create a pair of speakers for multi-room listening. Furthermore, the M-CR502 DAB CD Sport woofer output to considerable shear.

Includes a CD and DAB, as expected, but the CD is for CDR / RW, MP3 and WMA-encoded CDs and FM / AM radio tuner and analogue counseling. Of course, nobody wants their time for the collection from CD to MP3, so there's a USB port on the front with an aux input.

iPod users have the option of the player with the Marantz IS201 and IS301 sp…

Your against Tiger: Woods returns to Match Play

Tiger Woods is back on the street and competition. The use of the trademark white TW golf course and swing with the lightness, the World No. 1 player against the insured Wednesday the Accenture Match Play Championship. His first record found fairway.

It is the first time that has Woods in a tournament since the victory of the United States was in June 2008 in a false left leg. He had reconstructive surgery of the knee, after a week in the open, so that the long break his golf career.

Woods is paired with Brendan Jones of Australia in the first round in adoration before a mass at Dove Mountain.

Woods won the Match Play Championship three times.

Matthews says: "Oh my God" Jindal a speech before

Chris Matthews of MSNBC very calmly, "Oh my God," as the governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal prepared in response to the Republican President Barack Obama speech to the congress.

NBC executive who required anonymity because the network is still the question, known as the Matthews living micro-slip - is so quiet that the majority of the audience unable to make the loudspeaker.

The Huffington Post has a link with the comment, and invited the audience to appreciate, which on Wednesday: 32 percent had guessed Matthews, 35 percent said that he was co-anchor Keith Olbermann, 15 percent said it was a camera operator MSNBC and 18 percent believe it is a producer.

The big banks are ready for the White House, the stress

The Obama prepares for the implementation of "stress tests" in the largest banks in the country to determine whether they can be maintained if the crisis worsen.

Floor plan arrangement for the audit of the financial situation of Citigroup Inc, Bank of America Corp. and more than a dozen others who have billions of dollars in U.S. Treasury 700 billion rescue pot.

The evidence, which is scheduled for Wednesday, will have to decide whether or not the regulators, the banks enough capital - and the combination of itself - to support each new crisis in the economy over the next two years.

The tests also help determine whether the regulators of banks May need additional help to the task of promoting lending to customers, an important component for economic change.

President of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke to Capitol Hill on Wednesday for the second day. This time it is before the House Financial Services Committee, where the probability of difficult questions about the controversy …

Revealed! 720hp, Bi-Turbo V12 R Tramontana

Two years ago, which shows a small, independent producers on the bottom of Geneva has a segment-Busting Super car to those with the Ferraris and Lamborghini. Rapid traverse up to today "and the group apparently Tramontana done well to his promise, with the opening of the first edition of the Tramontana.

R is a development of the standard version of the opening of the wheels to two seats, a Mercedes in original packing 5.5-liter V12 or aspirated, 550 hp or a costume with two 760 hp turbo version of an amazing doll 811 lbs - ft torque. The group requires a 0-100 time of 3.6 seconds and a 10.15-seconds, 200 mph

The wheelbase has been extended by 50 mm to improve the handling and the aerodynamics and the weight of only 202 pounds to 2777 pounds. F 192 tariff ranges from nose to tail is 82 inches wide and 51 cm in height, and weight distribution of 50:50 is a perfect left to right and from front to back 42: 58 Tramontana with 20 inches of carbon fiber and magnesium wheels at each corner…

Apple Safari 4

Public Beta now available

Loyalty to the Web browsers are more important than family ties. Apple Safari has long been trying, on the well-known Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari with 4 - the latest update - things are good for Apple to fulfill his duties to provide "innovation, speed and new open standards in the Web browser.

The Public Beta of Safari 4 has been in California today, for Windows and Mac OS, the key new feature that excited us the Nitro. Apple says that the Javascript 4.2 as fast as Safari 3, almost 3-times faster than Firefox 3, and a huge 30-times faster than IE 7th In addition, Apple is promoting a series of terms of the new features like Top Sites - Preview visited a wall - and Cover Flow, which has been imported into iTunes as a movie easily through bookmarks or browsing history.

You can download the public beta of Safari 4 now on

Everything you need to know, on Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft is for mobile

The recent announcement by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 / 5 release is the word Internet: Is the operating system from Redmond, the group faces the front of the phone package?

We take you through some of the main features of the new operating system - if you cried the inability to navigate through the menus of Windows Mobile phone with touch screen you can create a pleasant surprise.

1. Windows is Windows Mobile phone

The first thing that you consider that Windows Mobile was designed for Windows to be replaced Tél. Technology authors lament change ... WinME is a ring, it's enough, sounds like a waste WinPho website on how successful the phone in the competition.

But this means that all the new logos, buttons, and for a greater integration with the Windows desktop, the brand that is not good for the users. You can also use a greater pressure for the operating system in the shop (also known under the name of business) with WinPho Phones (No, never in the picture…

'Spider-Man' for start in February 2010 Broadway

Spider-Man movie has captured. Now, with a little help from Julie Taymor and U2, it is now on Broadway.

"Spider-Man, shut the Dark" is the 18th February 2010 at the Hilton Theater, the producers have announced on Tuesday.

Preview performances begin 16th January.

The musical, directed by Taymor, with a result of Bono and The Edge, both by U2. Taymor, the creative force behind "The Lion King," "Disney's long musical, now in its second decade of Broadway. She is co-writing" Spider-Man "book with Glen Berger.

The story was of the heroes of Marvel Comics, including the history of their origin, as well as new hardware.

No casting has been.

Other members of the program production designer George Tsypin, before the scenes of "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway, Eiko Ishioka, costumes, Donald Holder, "The Lion King", lighting, Daniel Ezralow, choreographer and sound designer Jonathan Deans, worked for the Cirque du Soleil.

"Spider-Man, Turn…

Phelps is back in May in Charlotte UltraSwim

CHARLOTTE, NC - Michael Phelps swim in a meeting in May in Charlotte, the end of three months has been exposed to photographs from a tube of inhaled marijuana.

Meet officials Tuesday that the Olympic Games were very interested in the Charlotte UltraSwim May 14-17.

The Grand Prix is the first large order in Phelps. TuneUp is the first in July before the world championships in Rome.

Phelps was a record eight gold medals of the Olympic Games in Beijing. A British tabloid newspaper has a photograph of him with a pipe of marijuana at a party in November at the University of South Carolina. It was supported by the United States to swim.

Bernanke: Recession in May el'09; Stocks Rise

NEW YORK - Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke told Congress Wall Street that the recession could end this year.

In his semiannual report to the Committee of the Senate of the banks, Bernanke predicted the economy is possible, contracts in the first six months 2009. But he has also said that there is a reasonable possibility "of a recession will end this year. He warned that the takeover will be necessary, credit and financial markets operate.

Bernanke during the assessment of the economy has increased the pressure on the market, even after days of marketing was the big Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor's 500 index was up almost 12 years, hardly a drop in stocks was not surprising. Stocks selloff attracted cheaper, because the dealers good business. In addition, some better than expected quarterly results from Home Depot Inc. for cooling some concern about the economy.

Stocks even before a speech by President Barack Obama. Suggested that, the investors hope to a…

1350 HP Bugatti Veyron Centenaire leadership in Geneva

May have been only about ten years, the revival of Bugatti, Volkswagen Group, but they all know the history of the car - or the history of the automobile - it means that the vehicle manufacturer was stoïque much more. 100 years to be exact. Although there were periods in which the manufacturer has been deferred for a century the venerable Ettore Bugatti has their business. Bugatti customers within the Volkswagen group is not a miss this opportunity, and to this end they had to work on something special at the Geneva Salon.

Bugatti are special, because they are sufficient, but only a few special Veyron are rare in the nature of things. Bugatti has a seemingly endless sequence of a single output Supercars with painting and the base for the packages. The latest rumors are to believe, but the new Bugatti would be very special special edition. Supposedly called Centenaire edition, the reports show a dramatic increase in energy Veyron - Word on the street was always that the quad-turbo W16 V…

Amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius Recovery

JOHANNESBURG - Double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius should be transferred to care of a few days and can return home soon after because it is based on a treatment of an injury during a boat accident Saturday.

Amelda Swartz, spokesperson for the Johannesburg Milpark Hospital, said on Monday, Pistorius went well and can be moved in a quarter of the rule, each Wednesday.

And "if everything goes well, may be at home at the end of the week," said Swartz.

Pistorius and wounded on the head in an accident of a ship, near Johannesburg, and of surgery in Milpark Sunday.

The sprinter from manager Peet van Zyl said Pistorius still awaited Sunday the competition in the 100 and 400 meters into the race in the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester, England, May - are the subject of a medical certificate. Pistorius is a Paralympic champion in two disciplines, and the 200th

"Oscar is back on the right track, and sooner rather than later," said Van Zyl. "It is not under the leg, arm …

Obama calls for $ 15B Medicaid, responds to criticism

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama for President promised quick help in the appropriate Medicaid programs on Monday, when opponents and advisers to the maintenance of the rights of the explosion of the deficit of the federal government.

Obama in the White House summit, at the end of a session of three days of the governors of the nation was the first of his young presidency forum specifically for the problems that threaten the long-term financial health of the nation. So Obama spread ambitious plans to reduce the deficit by half within four years.

Even before, some of the 130 guests at the White House, before the participants of the conference overinflated expectations.

"It May at a press conference. Or He May is an important event," said Republican Senator Judd Gregg, the Secretary for Trade Obama in New Hampshire, the legislature has rejected. "History tells us that it was the first. We had these meetings before. There are always many people, to emphasize the problem."


Melbourne 2009: FPV F6 and testing of water

The blue oval FPV F6 is again impressive. Colors. Alice Cooper eye makeup. Blisters, six online turbocharger can. If Musclecar fully in a modern Australian performance sedan. We like it, May, but not necessarily for everyone. Ford Performance Vehicles white, F6 and the V8 power of the counterpart, the FPV GT, is a new, lower "E" on the surface. Dark colors. No adhesives. No "black eye" .. It is safer, Aussie muscle machine.

If the space is opened in a few days in Melbourne, FPV host state structures is a very experienced e F6 production for the future "concept." Let her calm and you are not fooled. Under you will find the 415 horses, 416 lb-ft, 4.0-liter turbo six years. Ford Performance gurus say that you get the car F6 E, whether it is an application for a production version. We believe that the decision is clear that this is already done so. After all, why not another PR stating things like the color of choice and the theoretical starting point? Forehea…

'Slumdog' celebrations fill the crowded slums of Mumbai

MUMBAI, India - The children were divided into Bollywood dance numbers and the masses were celebrated in the narrow lanes full of slums in Mumbai on Monday to honor heroes of Hollywood caught.

Two children in "Slumdog Millionaire" have been ripped out from fourth hopelessly poor suburb of Mumbai star in the rich history of the cloth, which is in the Academy Awards.

The players, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and Rubina Ali, 9, were in Los Angeles for the ceremony, while his friends back home to gawk, manga, scream and dance in celebration.

"My eyes could not believe that I Rubina in America," said Saba Qureshi, Rubina's best friend. Saba and her sisters wakes at dawn to catch every minute of this evening of Oscar screams of joy each time Rubina came on the screen. They were one of the few places of television in the area.

"Slumdog" won eight Oscars, including best film, best director, and two for the best music - never hooligans inspiring return of the d…

7 possible for your laptop battery is longer

With the latest laptop computers that work as simple as never before, but the notebook still slaves to the national grid.

You can do everything in a modern laptop, but the functions of the life of the battery, as far as you can for a few hours for your notebook, before it is not to your feet.

Although the battery life is a major reason for the mobile telephony cries, it is possible, significant improvements in best practices and simple software settings. To help you the best of the battery of your mobile phone seven simple longer.

1. Sunday Screen

The screen is very energy-intensive mobile. Serious amounts of battery to the advertisement clearly and research. This energy savings is simply a question about the brightness decreases. The brightness of the screen is the button in a second function of the F-keys and is supported by a small icon with the Sunday and symbols. To use it, simply press the right button, then select the top or bottom.

2. Change the settings

Windows Vista comes with pow…

Audi A5, S5 Cabriolet

With the forthcoming launch in Europe Q2'09 cars, Audi flooded the media for your new page with photos of the Audi A5 Cabrio renowned and S5. The press release online retailers euro market is after the jump. In the pond, the A5 route consists of a 160-hp 1 / 8 TSI, two versions of the 2.0 TFSI (180 hp and 211), 265 hp, 3 / 2 FSI V6 with 240 hp, 3.0 TDI of violence and a 190 -- hp 2 / 7 TDI. The S5 is the new 3.0 V6 engine of 333 hp. Buttons convertible bonds with a guide to heating and leather, in particular, to help the women in your GAMS was hot. Del'09 models in the U.S. in the fall with less choice of engines. Bodywork also tempting, but.

Dying Star TV Jade Goody against the marriage of Britain

LONDON - bald from chemotherapy, and so low that I think the difficulty, the British reality television star Jade Goody bride 21 years old, my favorite, on Sunday - and every tear was caught by the cameras.

The daring extravagance of the wedding 27 years old, now dying of cancer of the cervix, and enthusiastically helped turn Britain from the mouth of the high star Goody loved the rage, you can not hire enough.

Goody Jack Tweed and received applause from the 200 guests, when they were married in Down Hall Country House Hotel in the East of England, the Goody spokesman Max Clifford said after the ceremony.

The bride had the pain hidden in her dress creatively. If he was not able to spend half an hour in the 45 minutes on Saturday, she, her husband on his knees, at his side, and their two young sons in the knees, blurred, "said the spokesman.

"That was a very nice, very touching, said Clifford.

The runup of marriage was one in the British media and photos of kissing in most documen…

English FA, the fans, compared to 20 minutes half time

LONDON - The Football Association said that he intends to oppose the plans to extend the period of waiting 15 to 20 minutes a proposal of assistance by the fans.

The idea of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, the director with an eye on the more advertising income, which at a International Football Association Board meeting in the next week in Belfast.

Responsible positions in the game of the English language seems little consideration to the needs of the faithful, especially in countries with less climate, such as the United Kingdom.

And the idea of the fans are forced to five minutes waiting for the second half does not.

Publicly, the FA is a private address delicate political path, but the idea is difficult to maintain the status quo.

"It is very unlikely, based on the discussions next week," said a spokesman for the FA.

"We are aware that the opinions of our fans and the clubs in the Premier League."

The situation is well accepted by the Premier League, Richard Scudamore the Chief E…

Clinton: United States, China key in leading to the economy

BEIJING - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that Washington and Beijing must work together if the world is the recovery from the financial crisis and the Chinese would like to keep their commitment to America to invest.

"I do not think it realistic to expect that we see in China and around the world, without the cooperation and leadership," he said in an interview on Sunday with the famous talk show "in one."

The Chinese economy is export abhaspelbarer the severe recession in the United States, Bill Clinton is meeting with President Hu Jintao, the Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing to reassure that his massive operation d obligations of the U.S. Treasury Department and other organs of the Public debt remains a solid investment.

Yang said that China hopes that its foreign exchange reserves - the largest $ 1.95 billion U.S. dollars - to invest in safety and working with the United States.

"Of course I am of the opinion t…