Watch an Air Show Turned into an Experimental Art Film

The city of Chișinău in the Republic of Moldova hosts an air show every year which showcases the best avionics innovation on the planet. For the 2014 show, movie producer and photographic artist Alex Stacanov concluded that he would turn the exhibition into an alternate scene. I think he pulls it off – Blue Skies catches the may and superbness of this present century's flying machines and Stacanov figures out how to make a trial workmanship film into the bargain.

My Father, Excalibur and Me

If its all the same to you artists playing quick and detached with greatly cherished mythology then you will discover My Father, Excalibur and Me generally stimulating. Indeed it is likewise the insidious way that it usurps well known movement tropes that make it such a delight to watch. It was made by a gathering of understudies at Isart Digital, something that makes this extremely fulfilled liveliness significantly more extraordinary than it as of now is.

Sprawling Antarctic Port Mimics Jagged Ice Formations Along Frozen Coast

Sergiu-Radu Pop, a construction modeling understudy taught by Zaha Hadid at Studio Hadid Vienna, disclosed advancement plans for the Earth's last outskirts with his proposed Transformable Antarctic Research Facility. The venture imagines a sprawling habitat for crucial research and in addition natural tourism, loaded with spaces like show corridors, activity rooms, settlement, conference chambers, observation decks, and port transportation stations.

In the event that You Have Never Wanted to Visit Arizona, You Will After Watching This

This film by Mike Olbinski is something other than what's expected and something very unique. Potential guests to Arizona may envision it a dry and fruitless spot – after all that is the means by which we regularly see it in the media. Yet there is a rainstorm season and Mr Olbinski perfectly catches the greatness of the Arizona scenes as the downpours descend while even now providing for us the dust storms we may expect as well. Some of these shots are staggering.

The 9/11 Survivor Tree's Story Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg: A True Metaphor for the Human Spirit

This is simply perfect – a story of survival against all the chances. As the Twin Towers fell on 9/11 they covered a pear tree which had thrived at their base. It was not found for a month and after that, gradually, delicately, it was breast fed once more to wellbeing from a scorched stump to a solid tree remaining in excess of thirty foot in height. 

Smooth QUANT E-Sports Sedan is Powered by Salt Water

At this point, we're accustomed to finding out about autos that run off electricity, yet not so much from salt water. The Germany-based QUANT e-sports vehicle by Nano Flow Cell has been being developed for 14 years, and it utilizes an altogether new sort of vitality stockpiling framework where fuel is produced using a salt water result. This smooth auto has great specs, as well. Nano Flow Cell asserts that the vehicle is equipped for arriving at paces of in excess of 215 miles for every hour and can quicken 0 to 60 miles for every hour in only 2.8 seconds. Believe it or not, it can go in excess of 370 miles before needing to refuel.

In the event that You Have Never Wanted to Visit Scotland, You Will After Watching This

Phantom of Scotland: the title of feature is not in reference to the consequence of the late vote in favor of autonomy in the nation despite the fact that for the same number of diminished voters there are just about as numerous who will be frustrated. Rather it alludes to the DJI Phantom Vision 2 + utilized by Sulaiman Sibai to catch the grace and magnificence of the Scottish scene from above. 

365 Postcards for Ants by Lorraine Loots

Commonplace, Cape Town-based craftsman Lorraine Loots makes a small painting for her continuous task "365 Postcards for Ants." Using paint brushes and pencils, Loots draws greatly definite artistic creations of ordinary protests and scenes, that are scarcely bigger than a little coin. The craftsman has been doing this since January 1, 2013. This is the second phase of her anticipate. 

Splendidly Clear Nightscape Photos by Nicholas Roemmelt

For the Austria-based photographic artist and dental specialist Nicholas Roemmelt, motivating nature scenes begin in his terrace - he should simply strap on a rucksack and stroll around the mountains. From it and different voyages, he catches ravishing pictures of quiet, picturesque perspectives. His nightscape photography uncovers an incalculable measure of splendid stars set against a dark, splendidly purple and blue sky.

Urban Connectivity in Qatar

Selected as the main modeler for the Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP) which will stretch out to 60 stations, the outline structures a scaffold in the middle of past and future, drawing impulse from the immense territorial building design dictionary while speaking to a powerful vision of innovation and conservation.

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