Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice’s Flooded Bookstore

During the winter months, Venice suffers from bouts of periodic flooding, known as acqua alta, caused by exceptionally high tides that occur in the northern Adriatic Sea. These floods lasts three to four hours, during which water pour from the canals onto the streets and inside buildings. Libreria Acqua Alta, a bookstore in Venice, has come up with a peculiar solution to the problem.

Siq, Petra’s Spectacular Gorge

The ancient city of Petra, located in the heart of the mountainous desert of southern Jordan, had different approaches in the past. One possible route was from the south, across the plain of Petra and around Jabal Haroun or Aaron's Mountain. Another approach was from the high plateau to the north. But modern visitors approach Petra from the east, through a narrow gorge called the Siq, that ends dramatically in front of the elaborate ruins of the “Treasury” or Al-Khazneh in Arabic.


On the off chance that you have ever determined through a large city then you then this short by chief and illustrator Nate Theis will presumably impact you.

Glowworms Transform a New Zealand Cave into an Enchanting Starry Sky

By wandering into the 30-million-year-old limestone caves on New Zealand's North Island, picture taker Joseph Michael had the capacity catch mystical pictures of the glowworms that call this place home. Against the regular background that the cavern gives, it looks just as there are several little, blue-tinted stars, yet this is really the work of glowworms known as Arachnocampa luminosa. Utilizing a long-presentation system, the picture taker had the capacity catch the glowworm hatchlings and their captivating light in a manner that makes the limestone arrangement look just as its an indoor, starry sky. 

World's Longest and Highest Glass Bottom Bridge to Be Unveiled in Chinese National Park

In July of this current year, China's beautiful Zhangjiajie National Park will be opening the first bridge of its kind. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Skywalk is situated to be the world's longest and most elevated glass-bottomed bridge, coming in at 1,410 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 984 feet over the ground. The glass structure is being composed by Israeli-based engineer Haim Dotan and numerous trust that it will turn into a Wonder of the World, particularly since it speaks to interesting structural engineering that tests the points of confinement of human inventiveness. 

Metrolapse: The Beautiful Metro Stations of Naples

Naples is related, principally, with things other than its metro stations. This is scarcely shocking when you consider that this city of very nearly a million people has a just about 3,000 year history. Yet they ought not go unremarked nor are they. Here, Andrea Buonocore goes up against us a voyage through these compositionally rich stations which put those of a great deal more populous cities somewhat to shame!

Dynamite Floor Installations Made of Candy and Other Colorful Objects

Working under the name Pip & Pop, Australian craftsman Tanya Schultz utilizes a blend of vivid sweet, glitter, sand, toys, dots, and other bright objects to make brilliantly fantastic, complicatedly designed floor establishments. 

World's First Carbon-Positive Pre-Fabribated House

This astounding model, took off by green building and assembling firm ArchiBlox, is charged as the first pre-assembled, carbon-positive house. The one room, one washroom unit brilliantly produces more vitality than it employments. The principal model was as of late introduced as a display in an open square in Melbourne, Australia, yet the organization arrangements to make more for resale. 

The Hidden Town of Monemvasia

Monemvasia is a Gibraltar-like rough island off the east bank of the Peloponnese, in Greece, and connected to the territory by a short thoroughfare. The island is around 300 meters wide and a kilometer long, and climbs in a level, a hundred meters above ocean level. On the slant of this level, on the offshore side and avoided the territory, lies a residential area. This surprisingly sentimental walled town, settled under the shadow of the towering rock is a living gallery of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Venetian history going over to the thirteenth century.

Stunning Frozen Bubbles Look Like Elegant Glass Ornaments

Each one winter, when the temperature dunks into the negatives, Washington-based picture taker Angela Kelly exploits the freezing climate and blows bubbles that stop and structure excellent patches of ice precious stones. The stunning results, which she photos for her arrangement Life in a Bubble, look like fragile snow globes and Christmas tree adornments made of glass.

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