Urban Connectivity in Qatar

Selected as the main modeler for the Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP) which will stretch out to 60 stations, the outline structures a scaffold in the middle of past and future, drawing impulse from the immense territorial building design dictionary while speaking to a powerful vision of innovation and conservation.

Meet The Loneliest Little Robot in the World

L3.0 is separated from everyone else. The roads of Paris have since a long time ago stopped resonating to the clatter of mankind and he is left to his own particular gadgets. He uses his days composing notes on paper planes and discarding them over the city in the trusts that they will pull in some organization for him. Yet one day something happens – he meets a living being and we at last take in the purpose behind Leo's isolation. This enlivened short was made by a gathering of understudies at ISART Digital.

The Lighthouse of Strombolicchio

Strombolicchio (or small Stromboli) is an ocean stack of volcanic beginning found around 2 km to the northeast of the island of Stromboli in the Tyrrhenian Sea, close Italy. Made of hard basalt rock impervious to disintegration, the island climbs 50 meters over the ocean and covers an area of give or take 300 square meters. Strombolicchio is a volcanic attachment and some piece of the same geological stage as the island of Stromboli. It's accepted to have been made by the first well of lava from which the island of Stromboli was developed. Emissions at this site stopped give or take 200,000 years back, and the volcanic action moved around 3 km to the southwest.

In the event that You Have Never Wanted to Visit Amsterdam, You Will After Watching This

Going to Amsterdam ought to dependably be a delight and this time-slip by and hyperlapse by Jack Fisher catches the city perfectly. It was recorded at the end of a year ago and in the film are various displays from the city's yearly Light Festival. I especially like the excursion up the city's canals at night which while normally a more listless experience are caught here at a very nearly stunning pace.

Charming 82-Foot-Tall Rabbit Covers an Old Aircraft Hangar in Taiwan

Dutch craftsman Florentijn Hofman has been caught up with making some of his mark huge scale establishments all through the world. We as of late emphasized Hofman's monster hippopotamus figure drifting along the Thames stream on perspective through September 28, 2014—and now he's again with his goliath establishment, entitled Moon Rabbit, which is as of now laying on an old airplane shed in Taoyuan, Taiwan at the Dayuan Town Naval Base. 

Astonishing Aerial Views Transform Beaches Into Abstract Photos

Flying Views Adria is a gathering of bright photos in which the sandy shores of Europe have been changed into an arrangement of unique shapes and structures. From high above, Germany-based picture taker Bernhard Lang recorded lines and columns of shoreline umbrellas at coastline resorts along the Adriatic coastline in Italy. 

Staggering Wood Facade Appears as Rippling Waves on an Office Building

Damiani-Holz & KO is organization that works in the timber construction field, so it appears to be just fitting that their central command would reflect it. Italian studio Modus Architects did only that by wrapping the Bressanone-spotted building in a dazzling wood surface treatment. It offers an arrangement of vertical plywood fins that blanket the structure and make an exceptional looking front. Each one bit of wood has a particular way that its cut, and when they're put together it creates an undulating impact that swells along the building.

Measured House Design Concept Clings to the Side of a Cliff

Because of various customers looking for alternatives for living on extreme coastal plots, Australian prefab structural engineering firm Modscape made the Cliff House, an outline idea for a home that develops problematically from the side of a precipice. Roused by the way barnacles keep a healthy hang on a ship's structure, the Cliff House sticks to the precipice's edge, giving an exciting perspective of the encompassing landscape and ocean waters.

Monster Hippo Sculpture Playfully Floats Along the Thames River

As a component of Totally Thames, Dutch craftsman Florentijn Hofman as of late introduced a monster hippopotamus form in the Thames waterway. The 70-foot-long wooden animal, energetically titled Hipppothames, was built over a little ship so no doubt half-submerged in the water. Huge googly eyes and hot pink nostrils make this titan creature resemble a great deal of fun. As per the craftsman, the piece was roused by the hippos who used to occupy the stream amid ancient times. 

Don Juan Pond : The Saltiest Body of Water on Earth

Don Juan Pond is a little, lower leg profound lake placed in the Mcmurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, settled in Wright Valley between the Asgard Mountain Range and the Olympus Mountain Range. With a saltiness level of in excess of 40%, it is the saltiest known waterway on earth. The lake is 18 times saltier than the sea, or twice as salty as the Dead Sea in Jordan. Despite the fact that its arranged in one of the coldest district in Antarctica, its salty to the point that it never stops even in temperatures as low as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius.

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