The Pseudocraters of Iceland

A pseudocrater looks like a true volcanic crater, but is not. These distinctive landforms are created when flowing hot lava crosses over a wet surface, such as a swamp, a lake, or a pond causing an explosion of steam through the lava. 

Lovely Marshmallow Kitties Drift and Melt Within Coffee Cups

How lovely is this? Think about looking down at your cup of hot chocolate and seeing this! Nagano, Japan-based marshmallow store Yawahada is the designer of CafeCat, an lovely program of sailing marshmallow cats! For 860 yen (that's about $8 US dollars), you get two cats and four cat paw printing, two in chocolate and two in vanilla flavor taste.

Amazing Surf Captured by Courageous Photographer Kenji Croman

Kenji Croman is a Hawaii islands citizen, body visitor, and former aggressive swimmer whose thrill-seeking character allows him to picture unforeseen yet awe-inspiring waves.

Amazing Invisible Barn Decorative mirrors the Surrounding Landscape

In a smooth incorporation of structure and characteristics, New York design practice STPMJ has come up with the Unseen Barn, a site-specific structural folly that shows and combines with the nearby landscapes. 

Wonderful Mild Display Generates Carpeting Along a Church Floor

Magic Carpeting is an intricate set up by Miguel Chevalier in which the France specialist modified a former church area into a enchanting scene of audio and lighting. He used technological innovation to venture a wide range of various colored light styles and mosaics, motivated by Islamic art, across the floor. As audiences stepped throughout the area, the entertaining styles modified and modified in unforeseen motions to create a immediate conversation between individuals and the surrounding space.

Amazing Blue-Green Mineral with Amazing Distinctive Interior

This wonderful mineral was lately marketed for a huge $5,000 by Rob Lavinsky of the Arkenstone. Measuring 9 x 7 x 6 cm, the stunning sample is described as Chalcedony on Chrysocolla stalactites (pocket). With a blue-green chalcedony-crusted external, an uncommon wallet that reveals to expose the extremely textured internal, and various quartz-covered chrysocolla stalactites along with of icy glaciers, the mineral is truly a exclusive vision to look at.

Brilliant Paper Ad Makes Visual Impression of a 3D Kitchen

An average, smooth print out marketing wasn't good enough for Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar. Instead, he wanted to produce an extremely eye-catching design that really separated itself as visitors turned through the pages of a newspaper.

Exclusive Pictures Display What Venice Would Look Like if it was Absolutely Frozen

Has Venice's popular Huge Canal completely freezing over? Not quite. Though it may appear so in these images, they're actually the brilliant perform of art director Robert Jahns (or nois7 on Instagram).

Amazing Spring Images of Cherry Flowers in Japan

Spring is finally here, bringing with it hotter temperature ranges, brighter skies, and fresh green buds. For individuals living in Japan, the appearance of spring represents one more thing: the beginning of cherry flower season. 

Structure of David, the Globe's Tallest Slum

The Structure of David is an discontinued incomplete skyscraper in the middle of Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, that is now home to more than 3,000 squatters, who have converted the 45-story skyscraper into the world’s tallest slum.

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